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11 Best Cryptocurrency Apps in 2022

Are you thinking of trading with cryptocurrency? If yes then it is one of the beneficial steps at present time.

Crypto trading has become one of the trending businesses all over the world. It has served lot many benefits also the payment is secured.

This is the main reason why it is on the way to replace the traditional currency in the coming time.

We all know modern problem have their modern solutions and so as with cryptocurrency. But to start with cryptocurrency trading you need to understand it well. 

It is one of the new concepts and transacting in it requires you to have prior knowledge.

Yes, people are going with the trading because of its good return scheme.

Here you need to know that unlike trading in shares and debentures as it is governed by RBI and SEBI it safeguards the interest of investors.

But when it comes tocryptocurrency trading it is free from any third-party control.

All the transactions and operations are governed by the crypto market and by the community. When there is the return on investment it is relatively high as compared to another trading.

But to beginning with trading, you need to own an app. Yes, there are lot many cryptocurrency trading apps that can help you to get all transactions done. You can download the app and perform digital currency transactions.

Cryptocurrency is the form of payment that can be used to exchange goods and services. The transaction is secured in a digital ledge and is secured. There are lot many companies which have issued their currencies and it is called as tokens. Cryptocurrency works using a technology called bitcoin.

Therefore, to begin with trading you need to download an app. But before letting you know what are the different cryptocurrency apps are let us tell you how they work?

What Does Cryptocurrency Exchange App Do?

With the help of cryptocurrency apps, you will be able to have quick access to various cryptos available in the market.

It helps you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and with the help of suitable apps.

These app helps you to facilitate transactions and enter into the world of decentralised digital currency networks.

The entire process is very simple and begins with sign up. All of the apps which we will be mentioned can be easily downloaded from the Google play store or the Apple store.

Therefore, these app runs on both android and iOS.

Now here are the top 10 cryptocurrency trading app available. You can download them and begin with your cryptocurrency trading.

Top 11 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps That One Should Be Aware Of

There are lot many cryptocurrency trading apps in the market. With the help of any one of those, you can begin with your digital transactions.

On the other hand, as we stated earlier more and more businesses are coming up with their plan in crypto.

Therefore, this has led to the rise of cryptocurrency app development . With the help of a team of experts, organisations are coming up with their needs and developing trading apps.

This has made them gain huge returns and also be a part of the crypto world.


One of the simple ways of investing in crypto is by trading bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. IMX allows you to trade more easily and securely. To start trading you need to own a safe crypto wallet. Hence with IMX app you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies with many benefits. There are lot many cryptocurrency wallets to start with trading. But when it comes to safety, security and features, IMX serves to be the best. Yes, you can easily keep an eye on the crypto market even without performing trading. In this way, you can get all the insights into the crypto world. IMX app comes with high protection and encrypted form. Once you get registered your entire data is protected and safe.

CoinDCX Go

CoinDCX Go among all the app is known for its versatility.

It helps you to sell and buy 200+ coins. You can register the app with the help of a one-time password. Later you can register all of your details to complete the process (mobile number and email ID).

To learn more about how, to begin with, trading you can visit the setting. The tab helps you to know information about cryptocurrencies and how they operate in the virtual world.

The fee you have to pay is around 0. 1%.

There is also a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs, 1000 without any charge on it.

Also, you need to keep in mind the app support only INR.

You can deposit money using RTGS, NEFT, UPI.

Later you can begin with your trading smoothly and efficiently.


WazirX is one of the popular names among cryptocurrency trading apps. It has widely rolled out in social media and has made its impact among traders all over.

The app allows you to invest in INR, US dollar, BTC and P2P.

Also, the app has a coin called WRX that can be easily bought using INR. When you have managed to buy the coin then you can easily invest in other cryptocurrencies as well. Also, the app has many features but the one is that you can earn coins with many contests as well.

All of the information you can get on the info section of the app.

To secure and to move with all safety users have the step to protect their account as well. There is a 2FA or called an app code that can be enabled from the phone setting.

The app has a charging fee of 0.2% which applies to taker and maker.

To begin with, you can deposit even 100 Rs, from NEFT or UPI.


Known for its simple user interface and also support a wide range of cryptocurrencies. To proceed with the app users have to sign up for the account.

It works like all other app and also you do have to fill your KYC. One of the smart features of the app is the schedule sale feature which helps you to auto sell from the app.

Here as a user, you will be charged a fee of 0.7% when you have to buy or sell the asset. The rate is applicable on minimum usage of 60 days. Later on, if you want to upgrade your app with a gold membership then you have to pay a 0.5% of the fee.


The next cryptocurrency trading app is known as Zebpay. Also, it is one of the oldest apps among all of them.

With the help of your mobile number, you can register for the app. Also, make sure not to forgot to update your KYC.

Besides this how about if you refer and earn. Yes, the app has one of its features.

Hence if you are bringing the users and they sign up you will get 50% of the trading fees made via the link for one year.

It has membership fees of around 0.0001 BTC/month. Also, if you want to avoid the fees you can have the chance by regularly investing in the app.

CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber has been seen in the IPL recently. The funding arises from one of the popular investors and VC firm called Sequoia.

 With the help of the app, you can trade more than 100 cryptos. Also in turn you can get better returns and gains.

You can sign up for the app with the help of your mobile number. Also, you do have to complete your KYC here as well.

Once you have registered the app you will get 4 digit pin to secure the app. The app has been known because of its simple user interface. The exchange offers deposits in various forms such as NEFT, bank transfer, and UPI.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum , Ripple are now way easier to trade with .

The app is very easy to use with the help of live chats and in real-time.

You can easily buy and sell digital assets and without even going through centralized exchanges.

Also, here there is no need to sign up you can begin with your process simple.


Here in this app, allows diverse classes for millions of crypto traders and over 200 countries.

You can trade with many categories of cryptocurrencies where you can sell and buy globally.

There is a secure and reliable digital asset management service.


CoinSwitch is known as another cryptocurrency trading app that is safe and secured. Herewith the app you can trade 100+ cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and at the best rate.

As a user, you can also access the pool liquidity of the leading cryptocurrency exchange in India.

You once have complete your sign up and KYC process can start using the app.


ECOS is safe, secured and help you to manage cryptocurrency trading simply. There are lot many options of crypt such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, USDT.

You can store them in the multi-currency crypto wallet. There are lot many crypto apps but you do have to select the one which is simple for you to handle.

The app helps you to diversify your investment. Now you must be wondering how?

It is with the help of portfolios of the most promising coin made by the company analyst.

Besides this, the main tool for long term investment is BTC cloud mining.

The app is suitable for new users. It helps you to understand all strategies for long and short terms as well.


Trust is yet another crypto trading app which many has undergone with.

Yes, there are lot many companies all best blockchain app development over who can help you to get the app the way you want.

Therefore, if you want to be in crypto trading then you can get your app developed by experts.

Perhaps trust is an official crypto wallet.

With the help of the app, users can send, receive, store all kinds of cryptocurrencies in digital form.

It is very fast, safe and secured with Binance DEX support.

It also offers a secured system that can help you to deals with multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin ERC20, BEP20.


There are many such cryptocurrency apps through which you can buy and sell cryptos. But all of the above mentioned are the best ones.

To begin with them all you need is to get yourself registered and complete your KYC, to begin with, the trading.

There are a large number of organisations that all are coming up with the idea of a crypto app. It is all because of the increased demand for cryptocurrency trading.

Therefore, here you can connect with the cryptocurrency app development company that can give their hands to work with your project.

Hence here the role of PerfectionGeeks comes to play. Dealing with cryptocurrency app development we have delivered results across the globe.

Our team of experts are well versed in all of the advanced technologies to serve you with the best result.

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