How Much Does it Cost to Develop Pharmacy Management Software?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Pharmacy Management Software?

Nov 17, 2023 03:07 PM

Pharmacy Management Software Development

Do you plan to open a new pharmacy, or are you looking to renovate the one that is already there? Pharmacy management software is handy for the management of a pharmacy. Pharma companies invest heavily in developing pharmacy management software to streamline pharmacy systems.

It is, therefore, a wise decision to invest in developing pharmacy management software. These pharmacy management systems are now an integral part of any pharmacy that wants to remain competitive and believes in providing better care to customers via an automated, efficient process. A pharmacy management system can be customized and streamlined to increase efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Implementing pharmacy management software can be beneficial in many ways. It will streamline work, run the pharmacy smoothly, provide prompts and correct reports when needed, help centralize data storage with security, and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.

Let's first define a pharmacy system before we discuss the modules that will be used in developing pharmacy software.

What is Pharmacy Management Software or System?

It's a simple answer. The pharmacy management system is an online software that tracks, supports, and allows functionality to maintain and organize the use of medications in pharmacies. These systems can be easily integrated with the hospital's computerized physician operator to keep track of medicines used.

The essential features of a pharmacy management system include the user interface, data entry, retention, and security limitations to protect patient information.

This page shows the modules that are part of the development of pharmacy management software.

Pharmacy Management Software Market Overview

  • In 2020, global pharmacy management software is estimated to have a value of $15.6 billion. With its expected cyclone growth, the market will reach $35.4 billion by 2026.

  • This industry has seen a growth rate of 14.60% per year.

  • The key players in the pharmacy software industry include ACG Infotech Ltd. and Allscripts Healthcare Solution Inc.

  • Solutions the market companies have offered include pharmacy inventory management systems, pharmacy data management systems, pharmacy compounding software systems, pharmacy benefit software management systems, and others.

  • According to the American College of Pharmacy, around 5 billion prescriptions are expected to be discarded in 2021 due to the popularity of automated software for pharmacy in the USA.

  • Humira Eliquid and Revlimid are also among the most popular online pharmaceutical products. Oncologics, a drug sold in high volumes globally, is the most popular drug.

Pharmacy Management System Development: Top Modules

Different modules are included in the digital pharmacy system. Its operation must take into account the following:

  • Software that is Customizable and Can Generate Reports: This pharmacy management software can be easily customized and also generates various reports.

  • Order and Purchase of Medicine: This page manages all the orders and purchase requests for medicines.

  • Billing and Drug Issue to Patients: Maintain the records of the drugs that were issued to patients as well as the billing for the day, month, or year.

  • Physical stock verification and adjustment: The module of any pharmacy computer system responsible for the verification and decision about the adjustments (if necessary) can be made.

  • Supplier and Manufacturer Information: It is again vital, as this keeps a record of the supplier or manufacturer information from whom you buy the medicines or who is responsible for the manufacturing of those medicines.

  • Stock-in-Hand Reports and Complete Medicine Details: This report gives information on the medicine stock in hand.

  • Maintaining Medicine Stocks: You can make future decisions based on the information you have by maintaining your medicine stock.

  • Destructions of expired items: Again, you must have the information regarding expired items that must be destroyed to hold the process timely within the pharmacy management system.

  • Returning Items Close to Expiration: The items are listed and can be returned in time.

  • Minimum Stock Setting/Automatic Reorder Level: In pharmacy inventory management, the module of minimum stock can be activated simply by mentioning the stock level. The automatic reorder levels refer to a quantity threshold your software will use when automatically placing a new stock order.

You must ensure that you don't leave any points untouched when developing the pharmacy management system. You could have severe problems if you make even the slightest mistake.

Let's look at how developers can create a pharmacy management system.

Examples of Features in Pharmacy Management System Development

Pharmacy Management Software Development

The company developing the software wants it to be robust and complex. It should be able to track inventory, create several reports, manage workflows, adjudicate complex billing in real time, track comprehensive dispensing information, and much more. Let's look at the dozens of features that are essential.

  • Easy-to-use Record System:The pharmacy management system allows you to easily input and recall information about patients, drugs, and prescriptions. This system is very user-friendly and can store patient, drug, and prescription data, which will be helpful for future purchases.

  • HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance:The pharmacy system has to be in line with the legal requirements of the field. Therefore, it must comply with HIPAA and regulated compliance (consisting of FDA-required MedGuides and DEA reporting).

  • Complete Prescription Management:The system, integrated with ePrescriptions, allows you to manage all prescriptions doctors give. The system would help you find the best drug combinations for your condition and meet your needs with no errors.

  • Automated Claim Processing: The system must have automated claim processing systems. It also keeps a complete record of all claims, including adjudication.

  • Accuracy and Safety:Online pharmacy software has fail-safe features to ensure accuracy and safety.

  • Complete and accurate drug interactions and other databases :The pharmacy database management software can detect drug-drug interactions. This reduces the risk of ADEs. It also preserves patient safety and prevents medical and legal issues.

  • A/R management: Accounts receivables are essential in healthcare for a smooth and successful operation. It is also vital to ensure the amount owed is returned in the shortest possible time. It reopens denied claims to get maximum reimbursement.

  • Online Reconciliation: It is a feature that can increase cash flow and reduce costs and write-offs. This feature is essential to the pharmacy management software to increase profits and revenues.

  • Updates on Drug Files:The system contains all the latest updates about new drugs that have been introduced to the market, as well as other information related to drugs.

  • Auto-Dr. Fax:This feature allows the doctor to fax or call the refill request to the pharmacy, saving you the trip to the pharmacy.

  • Customized Labels:Using this feature, you can create customized labels for prescription drugs.

  • Wholesaler Electronic Ordering:Ensures accurate costing and inventory. This feature is tied to margin reporting, inventory valuations, and reliable margin reports. Reporting: At the end of the month, you should be able to add up the revenue generated by stock movements. It is essential to keep track of all inventory items, including those sold and damaged. You can be sure that you won't lose a single penny if you keep track of everything.

Let's look at the features of the pharmacy management system that could be added to the system to make it more valuable.

Our Pharmacy Management Software Benefits

You will be able to provide the best possible care for your patients while also maximizing profits. This will allow you to focus more on generating new business. Pharmacy management software has many benefits. Let's look at some of them:

  • Low Cost of Ownership

  • It helps to increase productivity and profitability.

  • This is a flexible and customizable system.

  • A wide range of modules have been created with all requirements in mind, and a separate login has been set up for employees and pharmacy administrators.

  • This software offers smart user management. Different privileges are assigned to different users. It can also manually set parameters for users.

  • It is integrated with a barcode scanner, which allows it to record information and speed up the sales process quickly.

  • This is more than a simple pharmacy management system. It also handles supply chain management.

  • The system offers several valuable features, including an expiration date alert and a minimum stock alert.

  • The system can provide information and analysis about the company quickly, which helps in making better decisions.

  • This software offers centralized data storage and easy interactive retrieval of data.

  • The system has been designed to be reliable and secure. All significant threats have been considered during its development, as well as all prevention measures.

  • The system has a user-friendly and efficient interface design. All the essential elements have been taken into consideration during the development of the software.

Why do you Require Training to use the Pharmacy Management System?

It is essential to learn how to properly use your system to get the most out of it. Most owners and operators use only a few software features, not utilizing the system's full potential. There are also times when users transfer or convert the wrong data from one application to another and end up with precisely the same problems as they had with their previous data.

To make the most of the functionality of pharmacy management software, you must use it correctly, teach your staff how to use it, and select a software development company that can create the system for you. Ensure that the firm offers training to keep you updated with the software's features and provide insights on using the program efficiently. We offer you a pharmacy management system project document where you can review the details and eliminate any confusion.

Technology Stack to Develop Pharmacy Management Solutions

The technology stack we use has a significant impact on the price of pharmacy software. Our experts are familiar with various technologies for web and mobile apps and can assist you in developing pharmacy management software.

  • Front End Technology: Java, Swift, Angular, HTML, CSS, React

  • Back End Technology: Node.js, Laravel, Python

  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, API, Braintree SDK, Stripe API

  • Location Tracking: MapKit Framework, Google Maps

  • Push Notifications: SMS and In-App Messaging

  • Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB

  • Analytics: Google Analytics

  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google Cloud

  • Social Login: Facebook Mobile SDKs and Twitter APIs

Pharmacy Management Software Development Cost

What is the cost of developing a pharmacy management software solution?

The price of pharmacy software depends on who you hire as a third party. In some countries, the cost of developing software is lower because the resources are readily available, while in others, the cost is higher due to the limited resources.

  • Developers at the US rate of $150-$250 per hour

  • Developers in Europe: $120-$180 an hour

  • Developers in Asia: $40-$80 an hour

Reach out to a reputable medical software company and have our pharmacy management system developed. A strong team is needed to develop a pharmacy management system that will be rewarding.

Members of an ideal Pharmacy Management Software Product Engineering Team

  • Project manager:A project manager's primary responsibility is to manage the development process and to communicate with clients and team members.

  • Developers:We need developers to work on our product and create an application that is intuitive, well-planned, and engaging.

  • UI/UX Design: The UI/UX designer must make it easier for development teams to provide solutions that are interesting and easy.

  • Quality analysts and Testers: are always at your service. They check all process elements and are responsible for the features and functions.

The team will be informed if any of the above fails to produce the desired results. Modifications are then made.

You can have an exciting solution for the market if you have a strong team.


With the right system, you can make better decisions and gain an advantage in the pharmacy industry. A financial model can also be used to evaluate the financial impact that pharmacy management software will have on your business. Choose a healthcare IT expert service provider for the best results.

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