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How to Build an Online Auction App

March 03, 2023 04:58 PM

Online Auction App Development

Have you ever gone to the market and bargained with a vendor to get their products at an affordable price? If you recall that moment, think about bringing it to the internet with a higher level of sophistication.

The advantages of online auction apps

Investment in auctions on the internet has a variety of benefits that make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs to establish their ventures.

More reach: Online auction platforms allow companies to reach a worldwide market.

The bidding window is long, and bidding remains open for a prolonged period, which gives sellers a better chance of getting buyers.

There is no cost for logistics because the items are displayed online, and it is not necessary to store them in an office or go through the supply chain.

Let's rethink the solution by taking a top-down perspective on how much the development of an online auction app costs and how we came to the numbers.

What's the cost to develop an online auction site?

The price range for a non-complex auction application development cost could range from $30,000 and $45,000. When we talk about non-complex, we are referring to an application with no next-generation tech integrations such as blockchain-based smart contracts or AI automation.

You may be wondering why we're providing an hourly breakdown for those who require details about the amount. The time required to create an auction website is multiplied by the average developer's time to calculate the final price range.

How do we evaluate the efforts of developers to build an online auction application? The answer lies in a variety of factors.

Features of Online Auction Apps

Features are the most important and costly factor to consider when creating an auction site. Let's take a look at some MVP-level features to help understand the development effort.

A crucial point to be noted is that the entire development of the online auction app will be split into three sections, namely buyers, sellers, and administrators.

Apps for mobile auctions that are geared towards seller development include

Sellers need to be aware of what their listed products are doing. Auction bidding applications make the process easier by providing an in-depth overview. With the help of the dashboard, users can see a summarised and in-depth view of sales, revenue, ratings, traffic, and other information that came from their auctions and make subsequent business decisions.

Online auctions that are focused on buyers include

Apart from the normal registration and sign-in where users can complete the steps using their phone, email, or even their social profiles and more, there are plenty of other features essential to auction websites for buyers.

Search for products

A website auction application lets customers search for items they want to purchase after adding different filters such as the condition of the item's price, category seller rating, buying form, and shipping options.

Product page

This section of the auction site allows buyers to view the items in greater detail. It includes information such as images of the item, its name, description, and condition price; bidding details; delivery and shipping details; accepted payment methods; seller information; and the structure of returns. These details help instil confidence in buyers regarding their purchase.

Cart of shopping

In many ways, when you build an online auction platform, it's like creating an eCommerce application with a few additional features. With the shopping cart, customers can choose many items from different shops and then purchase the items in one transaction. In this regard, it is essential to include options to change the number of products and manage the items that are in the cart.

Integration of payments

Incorporating payment modules into the development of an online auction app can be done in two ways: A. sellers can choose their preferred method of payment on auctions, and B. buyers can pay using the method they prefer. For businesses, you can opt to also have an option where you provide specific payment options for buyers and sellers to choose from. Based on your choice, you'll be able to choose between two integration options: off-site integration, which redirects the user to the payment site, or API integration in-app.

Reviews and ratings

The advantage of auctions on the internet mobile apps helps in establishing credibility within the system. Buyers can decide whether or not they want to purchase from a seller based on previous ratings and reviews. On the contrary, the sellers can modify their methods in response to the feedback they receive.

Chat on-app

There ought to be a feature on the auction bidding application that allows buyers to communicate with sellers in case they are unsure about the product or want to learn more about the bidding procedure.

The auction mobile app for administrators is designed to be user-friendly.

Online Auction App Development
Management of Users

Administrators can alter, edit, and remove users' profiles as needed.

Bidding management

The administrator of the app should have the ability to edit and erase auction bids that do not conform to the rules of the auction system.

Content management system

The auction app's online administrator can handle the content of the listings in a way that allows them to be capable of editing or deleting the listings if they're found to not comply with the rules of the platform.

Tracking progress

Another aspect an administrator needs to be aware of when creating an auction website is keeping track of the app's progress in terms of traffic, the number of transactions, the product's sales overview, etc.

After these features, the third aspect that affects the online auction app development cost is the number of platforms you're planning to launch your app on. In general, businesses prefer the option of launching their auction services via mobile applications and websites. While the features are similar, however, there are a few distinct elements to be added when you design an auction site online.

Online auction app design

After you've decided on the features and platforms, the next thing that is a concern when you are trying to figure out how to build an online auction platform is the UI and UX of the solution. The app should be simple for both novices and regular bidders to use, an effort that is more difficult to make than to do.

At PerfectionGeeks Technologies, when we create an online auction application, we put ourselves in the user's shoes to determine what makes them want to visit. In addition, conduct a thorough analysis of competitors to pinpoint the areas they're lacking and gain an advantage. The extensive analysis of design and UI/UX analysis are additional costs to create an auction online application.

How do you build an auction website?

The process of creating an auction site online is a multi-step procedure. Being clear on aspects like user roles, features, and the technology stack can assist in starting the process on the right foot. Once you have that information, let's move on to the specifics.

Select the auction type

The auction's finalisation will help you set up your application to succeed right from the start. Here are some choices to choose from:

  • English auctions: The bidding starts at a fixed reserve and proceeds in ascending order, after which the item is auctioned off to the highest bidder.
  • The Vickrey auction model:In this model of auction, goods are awarded to the bidder with the highest price, but they have to pay the highest bidding amount. For instance, if the winning bid is between $10 and $30, the one with the highest bid of $30 will win; however, they will only have to pay $10.
  • A double auction is where buyers and sellers provide a bid to an auctioneer, who selects the bid that will make the marketplace. Sellers who have a lower asking price than the one determined by the auctioneer are in a position to sell, while buyers who bid over the set price will be able to purchase at the price determined by the auctioneer.
  • Sealed-bid auctions The bidders can only bid once before it is sealed. When the bidding is complete, the sealed bids are opened, and, based on the rules, only the highest bidder is the winner.
  • Auctions for a penny: The type of auction is set at a certain minimal amount. Bidders can bid in fixed increments for as long as they want. If there aren't any bidders at all, the auction is over, and the last bidder to place a bid becomes the winner.

UI/UX design

After the auction type has been established, the designers begin working to create user-friendly journeys through the online auction application. Every icon or element that clicks, scrolls, or clicks is designed to provide users with an uncomplicated, natural experience with a minimal learning curve.

The final product produced by this method is a wireframe and prototype, which can be used by developers to construct the application.

Frontend and backend development

When your design framework is in place, it is time for the backend and frontend development work to begin. In the backend, servers and APIs are set up to make the application more scalable and secure. On the front end, it is all about creating an app that is suitable for user-friendly navigation within the app. This is done by working on all design components.

App testing

Once the development has been completed and the code is ready, the app goes into automated and manual testing. This is where the effectiveness of the application is evaluated against security risks or glitches, as well as a poor user experience within a simulated environment. At PerfectionGeeks Technologies, we take this one step further by adhering to a strict acceptance testing method that involves working with actual potential users and soliciting feedback about your app.

App launch

After the app has been evaluated, we move on to the stage of launch, when the app is launched on the platforms it was developed for: mobile and the web. When the app is released after ensuring that the stores' requirements and guidelines are met, the app development firm monitors the feedback the app is receiving to assess the adoption rate.

Where does PerfectionGeeks Technologies fit in?

We are PerfectionGeeks Technologies, and we answer the issue of how to build an online auction platform using a solution that's an amalgamation of extensive market research and innovative thinking.

In the auction sites online we have been working on (both B2C and B2B), we have kept the core to be in line with eCommerce because that's what customers are most receptive to, and we have also added flexibility and creativity by incorporating smart features and design.

The thing that distinguishes us from an eCommerce business that operates similarly to an online auction application development company is our ability to design an online auction application according to the audience we intend to target. The amount of work we put into the platform is what makes us trustworthy for business and government clients.

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