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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Diabetes Management App Like MySugr?

April 4, 202302:21 PM

MySugr-Like Diabetes Management App Cost

Everyone understands that glucose is a source of energy for the human body. We take glucose from the food we eat, and our worldly in-body biochemical plant converts it into the power we ought to drive and live. Glucose is given to the target cells of our bodies by a body-wide transport system, which is the blood. That’s why glucose is also understood as blood sugar.

The essential part of the glucose delivery method is insulin, a hormone made by our pancreas, as it aids in transporting glucose to the cells that require it. And sometimes it occurs that the pancreas builds an insufficient amount of, or does not produce at all, insulin, and glucose stays and gets in the blood. When too much glucose has collected, we start suffering health issues. This insulin-lack-associated health issue is known as diabetes, one of the most typical diseases in the world.

MySugr Diabetes Management App

It’s a contemporary solution for people with diabetes to track and handle glucose levels in their blood. Vienna, Austria-based mySugr was established in 2012 with a mission to make managing diabetes "suck less." So, to conclude its mission, mySugr founders took the benefit of digital products and took the pressure out of aggregating diabetes-related health data. Not to mention facilitating the control of the chronic condition.

Moreover, mySugr presents diabetes management apps for iOS and Android and even web-based educational tools. Besides, it contains some gamification features and daily goals. Such elements engage users and allow them to stay inspired to comply with diabetes therapy compliance.

Furthermore, its built-in optical character recognition app lets users pull data from existing and non-connected blood monitors into their smartphones. Once the data is fetched, users can use it for their own purposes.

Did I forget to mention the user command of this coolest diabetes-managing app? Well, mySugr recorded over 3 million registered customers online across 79 countries worldwide. And that also persists and keeps on rising.

Must-Have Features for Diabetes Tracker App Development

  1. Customised Tracking Screen:

    After registering, users may shuffle, add, or terminate app areas to display the most important data.

  2. Seamless connection with the blood glucose metre:

    Authorise users to connect the app to their blood glucose metre and allow automatic data transmission into the app through Bluetooth.

  3. Smart Search:

    After registering, users may shuffle, add, or terminate the app domains that are most important to them.

  4. Blood Glucose Chart:

    Deliver customers with a fast overview of their blood glucose levels while they are on the go.

  5. Estimated HbA1c:

    It uses a user’s data on everyday blood sugar tasks to give an estimate of their HbA1c at the top of the front page.

  6. Precise reports:

    This one lets your clients create PDF, Excel, or CSV reports straight from the app to show to their doctor at their next appointment.

  7. Daily challenges:

    Create it delightful and motivating to enable users to stay on track to conquer the diabetic beast.

  8. Compliance with Data Security:

    To appear like a trustworthy medium, assure that your app complies with your intended location's encryption and security rules and that it fulfils the most elevated security needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Diabetes Control App Like MySugr?

   MySugr-Like Diabetes Management App Cost

The approximate expense you must spend for mySugr diabetes logbook app development will start at USD 150,000 and depend on a lot of aspects.

First of all, you need to decide the medium your app will run on: whether you are to create a diabetes management app for Android, whether you would like to begin a diabetes management app for iOS, or whether you intend to create an app capable of running on both media. Other apps for Android and iOS will cost more than the one that operates on both platforms.

Here are the hourly rates of iOS, Android, and React Native (one app for both iOS and Android platforms) inventors:

Basic iOS Developer: USD 15–30 per hour

This rate guarantees basic iOS products such as wireframing and storyboarding, Swift and/or Objective-C, and the Xcode IDE.

Middle iOS Developer: USD 25–70 per hour
Middle-level developers can go above the basics and have talents in more than one framework and API.
Senior iOS Developer: USD 50-80+ per hour

Senior developers go far above the fundamentals and are experienced in performing with numerous frameworks such as UIKit, Foundation, Cocoa, and others. These creators are experienced in bug tracking and fixing and have vast hands-on experience with version management systems and other highly specialised tools.

Considering the above figures, you must plan the funding you are ready to pay to make an insulin calculator app for the iPhone.

Basic/Middle Android Developer: USD 12–60 per hour

This rate delivers learning and skills in the Android SDK, Java, Android Studio IDE, and at least one of such frameworks as Cordova, Ionic, or Material Foundation. It also predicts components of various bug tracking and version control techniques like Jira, Github, etc.

Senior Android Developer: USD 40-100+

Senior Android innovators can complete the whole SDLC using numerous frameworks, tools, and systems. They can also guide development groups, tutor junior innovators, and, sometimes, act as project leaders if required.

React Native Developer: USD 35-100+

The hourly rate of React Native developers differs immensely depending on the location, project type, duration, etc.

When calculating what it can cost you to create a mySugr-like diabetes app, you need to take into account not only the mobile app but also its back-end, i.e., the server domain where the databases are kept, calculations are performed, and analytics and statistics are gathered.

Like in the case of front-end developers, back-end developers’ hourly rates may vary depending on a developer’s knowledge and location, project type and timing, etc.

The approximate hourly rate field will be from USD 15 to USD 100+.

You also need to consider the price of UI/UX designer work, which begins at USD 20 and runs as high as you are ready to pay.

And the final chord: do not forget about potential integration with external medical appliances if you intend to execute such abilities. It will require some special expertise and mastery, which are charged on a case-by-case basis.


  1. How do I create a mobile app like MySugr?

    To make an app like MySugr, you need to hire a reputed diabetes tracking app development company that can deliver unique, customised diabetes app solutions. Follow these step-by-step instructions to build an app like MySugr:

    • Research and ideation

    • Platform selection

    • Features and functionalities shortlisting

    • Choice of UI/UX design

    • App development

    • App testing

    • Final deployment and launch

  2. How much does the development of the MySugr app cost?

    The diabetes management app's development costs around $48,000 to $150,000. To estimate the right app development cost, you need to consider several factors, like the implementation of features and functionalities of the app and its design, the chosen tech stack, third-party integrations, and the development team’s rates.

  3. How long does it take to develop an app like MySugr?

    The timeframe or duration for building an app like MySugr can vary depending on multiple factors. A simple diabetes management application with basic features and functionalities could be built in 4-5 months, while a more complex app with advanced MySugr app features could take 7-8 months to develop and launch.

  4. How do I monetize a diabetes app?

    You may use one of the available healthcare app monetization strategies. For example, you can offer premium content or leverage in-app advertising.

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