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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Job Portal Like Glassdoor?

April 27, 2023 15:28 PM

Job Portal Like Glassdoor.

The recruiting industry underwent a radical change after the COVID-19 epidemic. Many organisations have lost their projects, and many businesses have shut down. This has led to many employees losing their jobs worldwide. Finding a job that suits you or the right talent is one of the biggest challenges for millions of people worldwide.

Online job portals such as Glassdoor have revolutionized recruitment and job-hunting processes. They have also successfully bridged the gaps between recruiters, candidates, and people interested in finding a job.

This article will examine the costs and processes of creating a job portal like Glassdoor.

Cost of Developing a Job Portal like Glassdoor

The cost of building a job portal such as Glassdoor can vary significantly depending on factors such as the location of the developers, the technology they use, and the number of features integrated. However, based on all these factors, the average cost of developing a job portal such as Glassdoor can be between $50,000 and $100,000.

The app cost includes designing and developing software, integrating required features, testing, and releasing the portal. Therefore, any increase in complexity will reflect on the development costs of a job site.

A job portal such as Glassdoor requires careful planning and systematic implementation. Partnering with an app development company that specialises in creating custom job portals similar to Glassdoor is, therefore, imperative.

A team of experienced developers will provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs based on the specific requirements for your project and be there to support you from design through development.

Factors that affect the overall cost of building a job portal

Developing a job portal such as Glassdoor is estimated to cost between $50,000 and $100,000. However, this is only a rough estimate. The actual cost will depend on factors like the number of users.

Features and Functionalities

You will pay more if you add more features to your application. Some must-have features include advanced filters, registrations, saving profiles of candidates, payment integration, the creation of profiles, etc. increase job portal development costs and user engagement.

Technology Stack

The stack you choose to develop job portal software significantly determines the total mobile app development cost. The cost of a job portal application built with the latest technology will be higher than one developed using older technologies.

Development Team Location

The geographic location of the company that develops the application for the job portal has a significant impact on the cost. For example, a company based in the US charges between $200 and $250 per hour, while companies in Europe or other nearby areas charge between $125 and $150 per hour. You can easily find services to develop job portals in India for between $20 and $50 per hour.

Regular Updates and Maintenance
Job Portal Like Glassdoor.

Regular maintenance and updates are included in the ongoing costs. This is a crucial phase to ensure the success of your application.

We now know how much it will cost to develop a job site like Glassdoor. So let's look at the features that influence development costs.

The Essentials of Creating a Job Portal Like Glassdoor

When evaluating Glassdoor's job portal costs, focus your attention on the features of the app that you would like to incorporate into the software. Features improve your application's chances of success in the recruitment market by making it easier to scale. Therefore, you must have these features for your software job portal development.

Create a profile

This is a must-have for any recruitment app. Users can create their unique identity by adding their name, contact details, profile photo, resume, and other relevant data. The registration process is step-by-step for the Glassdoor job portal app.

Data Security

A successful job portal software must have a secured database that stores all sensitive user information. A robust database of security is essential to protect users' information from cyber theft and ensure the trustworthiness of the portal. Secure database integration is, therefore, the critical feature for handling sensitive data seamlessly.

Job Search

This is the heart of any software that allows job seekers to search for relevant openings according to their preferences and skills. Job seekers should be able to filter results using specific criteria. We recommend integrating a feature that suggests the best options for applicants when they enter the first letter of the company or job title in the search box.

Document and CV Upload

Uploading documents to a job board like Glassdoor is a feature that must be included. This feature will save your users time by allowing them to repeatedly fill out the same information. For example, users can upload resumes, certificates of academic achievement, photos from conferences, and other impressive achievements that showcase their skills. It is important to provide several options for adding a document. These include uploading directly from the system, importing from another source, or creating one within the portal.

The resume builder

Self-praising is something only some can do, whether it's on paper or verbally. However, many professionals, particularly those who are inexperienced, need help drafting a professional resume that will attract the attention of employers. You should therefore consider providing tips, virtual assistance, or a simple resume-building service on your job portal.

In-App chat

This is one of the critical features of job portal apps that helps to ensure smooth communication between employers and job seekers. Employers and employees can communicate in the app chat to exchange information and set up an interview session.

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Reviews of companies.

Glassdoor's Company Review section allows employees to share their experience working at a specific company. In addition, it allows job seekers to make informed decisions based on a company's culture, salary bracket, and employee satisfaction.


Often, an applicant may need clarification about their selected company or job. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to offer the option for the user to save the job post so they can apply later. This will allow the user to apply for the job later without worrying about forgetting any details. Furthermore, this feature is also helpful for employers, as it allows them to save candidate profiles.

Job Alerts

This feature lets candidates be notified when an employer posts a new job that matches their preferences. Glassdoor, for example, notifies users via email when they enter information about their profile or area preferences. This relieves applicants from the burden of searching for a job independently. In addition, this feature should allow users to customise the type and frequency of push notifications they receive.

Salary Insights

Glassdoor, a job portal, provides salary information for different roles, industries, and businesses. As a result, job seekers can negotiate higher salaries and better benefits. This feature is handy for those searching for their first job or considering a career change.

Interview Tips

Glassdoor provides insight into possible interview questions for different roles across several industries. This information helps prospective employees prepare better for their interviews and negotiate confidently with new employers.

Career Advice

Job portals offer helpful resources and advice for career development. Glassdoor, in particular, offers valuable information on resume-writing and job-search strategies.

User Interface

A visually appealing and easy-to-navigate interface is a critical feature that will attract and retain new applicants. In addition, the job portal must be responsive and user-friendly to ensure it works seamlessly on multiple devices.

The Conclusion of the Article is:

The key to creating a job portal such as Glassdoor is to have an appealing and user-friendly concept. Glassdoor's huge success can be partly attributed to its revolutionary idea to create transparency in the recruiting process. This appealed to users and resulted in its massive popularity. You need to have a groundbreaking idea to create a job portal similar to Glassdoor. Reach us today for mobile app development services!

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