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10 Mobile KPIs For Every App Developers

10 Mobile KPIs Every App Developer Needs to Measure

April 19, 2023 17:20 PM

Mobile KPIs For App Developers

By 2015, the mobile app market will have a revenue of 36.7 billion dollars. There is so much at stake, and competition is quickly evolving into a fierce struggle to win users' attention.

How can you gauge the success of your efforts in app store development? Mobile app development is more than just about downloading apps. To understand the process, you need to have more precise KPIs.

Downloads are, without a doubt, the most important key performance metric a company will examine. These numbers tell you how many people have downloaded your app and whether your launch strategy was successful. However, as with all marketing fields, a single number is not enough.

In years past, app stores were less competitive, and installing your app was a huge accomplishment. However, it is only the beginning of the mobile customer journey. This does not guarantee long-term success. Too many people install apps that are quickly forgotten about or abandoned by their customers.

An app that connects the mobile and online experiences is essential for any business development plan in the Age of the Customer. However, the number of downloaded apps does not necessarily indicate if a campaign for mobile apps has been successful.

App developers often focus on this KPI and spend all their budgets on one-shot advertising campaigns, sometimes even using traditional media, rather than planning a long-term customer interaction strategy.

According to a new study by eMarketer, mobile advertising spending in the United States will exceed 28.72 billion dollars in 2015. Three billion of those will be mobile app install ads, an increase of 80 percent over 2014.

A well-designed app can be a great way to increase your digital marketing strategy. It will also help you to instil the idea that you are a cutting-edge brand. This will allow you to unlock the power of an amazing digital customer experience.

Although a mobile-friendly website remains the most important business card in the world, it is no longer a priority. Mobile apps now consume 86% of all time on mobile devices. As a result, they have replaced web browsers as the main doorway to the Internet.

An app should not be considered a porting of an official website in a world where smartphones have become extensions of the body.

Your brand will be available to users virtually every day; they will have access to your products and services at their fingertips in seconds. This is a great opportunity that you shouldn't miss. Your app must be innovative and engaging to ensure its success. It should also enhance the mobile customer experience and encourage an emotional connection with the brand.

Other disruptive mobile devices, such as the launch of other disruptive mobile devices (i.e.,)

This trend requires marketers and developers to adapt their output to meet the demands of tech-savvy customers. Unfortunately, as the sole mobile KPI for measuring engagement and loyalty, it is not enough to count downloads.

You need more to optimise your app's reach. What? What? Each app is unique, so no 'one size fits all solution' exists. A set of key performance indicators that work without distinctions is not the best.

Pick the best ones for your app. First, you should choose the ones that best fit your business goals. Then, you can measure them over some time.

We share PerfectionGeeks top 10 KPIs for measuring mobile app development success

Mobile KPIs For App Developers

It's easy to download an app, especially when it's free. Next, finding out how many people use your app is crucial. Finally, you can find out how much the world loves your app by looking at the daily and monthly active users.


How often do users open your app and interact with it? It doesn't matter if the app is installed on their phone. Instead, monitor the frequency; the app's use during the first week can indicate what is to come.


You should consider the length of one session as a performance indicator. This is in conjunction with the number and depth of visits. This is especially true regarding gaming apps and sections that deal with gamification dynamics.

Depth of visit

This is an important engagement metric. The number of pages or screens visited during a single session is called the depth of visit. This information will give you two crucial insights: how engaging and helpful your content is, and how seamless and smooth the experience that you deliver is.


Suppose your app's primary goal is to convert or sell e.g., you should track conversions over some time if your app's primary objective is to sell or convert (i.e., depending on your identity, a conversion could be a purchase or subscription). Remember that lifetime value is more than just a sale.

Revenue per user

A metric that is often forgotten is revenue per user. This demonstrates the potential for a loyal user base. This number shows the total value of an individual to your business. It does not include in-app purchases, the holy grail of mobile marketing today, and app spend across all digital channels.


In-app purchases may not be the only KPI you should monitor if your app is content-oriented. Most mobile customers connect their apps with their social media accounts. Social shares are a sign of interest in your content and can be used to build trust and increase word-of-mouth.


One sale is insufficient for repeat sales when you have a loyalty program. Although customer retention is more affordable than acquisition, it's also harder to achieve. In a mobile market where 65% of users quit within three months of installing an app, the retention rate is a great indicator of how engaged your customers are.


You need to know where your existing customers found your app to determine the customer acquisition cost. App stores are only one channel to promote your app. Many tools are available at different prices: search engine advertising, organic searches, in-app referrals, and social networks. This metric will show you which method is most effective for reaching your target audience.


It doesn't matter if you have the most popular app on the Internet. But it is customer happiness that will ultimately determine your success. Happiness is directly tied to the user experience. Users will not use a product with bugs, crashes, or a bad user interface. Always check ratings and reviews to understand customers' opinions and feedback and determine what needs fine-tuning.

Loyal users are the key to success. They explore the various sections, convert, make purchases, and play with the app. The app installation is just the beginning of the mobile engagement. Partner with the right person and create a long-term strategy for an omnichannel customer experience.

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