Mobile App Market Research importance

Why Mobile App Market Research is Important and How to Conduct It?

July 18, 2022 14:27 PM

Mobile App Market Research

Why Mobile App Market Research is Important and How to Conduct It?

Before creating anything that will be of public use, it is still advisable to conduct thorough research and go about it. In the same way, as the mobile technology business has largely flourished, a lot of applications have been developed in the last few years. App developers have been regularly making different apps and launching them. But the sad truth remains that only a few hundred have become successful. The mobile market industry has developed in leaps and bounds, indicating that not only have possibilities been raised but also the amount of rivalry has grown. There have also been hybrid monetization technologies, such as in-app purchases and advertisements, and there has been no turning back since.

There has been a huge distinction in the framework in the design of the apps, and there have been statistics that the mobile app development industry will stand at a full valuation of $188.9 by the year 2020. Thus, we see that the stakes are extremely high, and to get that far, one must optimize their growth to the requirements of people. How else does one prevail in this extremely competitive market? Thus, the absolute solution lies in the fact that user analysis will teach you to make better applications for people. This will assist you with innovative concepts for the application too.

By "user research," we do not mean standard usability testing; we suggest deeper details. Making a trial version and letting other people test it is much more second-choice. Before that comes the part of user research — and here the person tries to understand the market and the requirements of the market. This concept is further explained below.

How can market research assist with successful mobile app development?

"In the long run, curiosity-driven research just performs better. "Real breakthroughs come from people concentrating on what they’re enthusiastic about. " Psychologist and computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton.

The business of mobile app development is very active and it purely relies on the changing requirements and desires of the clients. Doing market research is very essential to building your incredible mobile app. They continue to be at the top of their game in terms of understanding current market trends.

Due to its ever-changing nature, creating a mobile app is a very difficult nut to break. And without good market research, the whole procedure can become directionless in no time. Companies would not know who their target audience was, which market was best suited for their mobile application, and, most importantly, the set of elements would be divided into must-haves and features to be counted later as optional.

In addition, full-throttle market research also assists in maintaining the app development project within budget. It also helps the marketing team come up with exceptional ideas and improve the mobile application’s popularity.

A thorough study of the market for your company's app will give you beneficial insights and prevent you from making terrible mistakes. Moreover, as you will comprehend the clients’ pain points, you wouldn’t cram the mobile app with disproportionate elements.

With an expansion in the number of choices available, the patience levels of users are falling at a rapid rate. They will immediately discard the mobile app if it saves them from having to wait to do essential duties.

The in-depth market research also allows you to evolve as a pioneer in your industry by using mobile apps as the platform to support your company to reach more amazing heights.

The advantages of market research

The companies' earnings from market research for getting a cutting-edge mobile app developed are huge. We have detailed some of the top benefits below:

Faster information gathering

Market research for mobile apps enables more rapid data collection. This is one of the prominent answers to the question, "Why is app market research suggested as a must-do strategy? " As the new generation of clients uses their smartphones more than any other device, it is simpler to get more immediate responses through an app.

Better Insights

While accomplishing in-depth research, the insights are not confined just to text-based queries. You can gauge the client’s behavior from different touch points like their social media platform, audio, photos, videos, etc. The market research provides you with a more varied data set for further analysis.

It improves the brand value

The requirements and wishes of the customers are continuously modified. Thus, it becomes hard for companies to see who their core audience is to target or which sections of a market will be more interested in their mobile applications. Market research assists in fostering the customer-brand relationship and ultimately enhances the brand value.

Better outcomes

Through stoic mobile app market research, you can improve the usability of your mobile app. Different market research demonstrates that 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Thus, the more you interact with your clients on the mobile app, the more options you will increase your company.

The procedure to conduct mobile app market research

It is unavoidable for company houses to have a precise picture of how to execute their market research. Moreover, there is no explicit template that describes ways to conduct market research. In the search for a way to stand out from its peers, each company conducts its research in its way.

The procedure of market research is categorized into two main categories: Primary Research: In the primary research, the company must determine the actual demand for the app in the market. After this, they must create an optimal business plan to support the app's appropriate market position. Once the company model is completed, optimizing the marketing plan for the app becomes the next step. A marketing strategy carries much more value in the current market as consumers are more prone to personalized services.

Second Research:

Secondary research primarily concentrates on the main power of the mobile app. When you determine the core power of the mobile app, bifurcating your target audience becomes comfortable. In addition, the business can optimize its social media plan and cater to each of its targeted buyers individually. How to complete market research for a mobile application? In the modern-day corporate world, the shelf life of mobile apps is very explosive. Thus, start-ups have to make sure that they are doing everything right when it comes to understanding customers’ requirements. Mobile app marketing helps companies to stay put in their decisions and make more profitable conclusions according to the situation. There are numerous ways to conduct market research. We have listed some of the top picks for your comfort.

Compared to the app, thoughts

Search engines and different research tools can come in handy here. It can help companies find out more about the market demand. Companies can examine if there’s a real demand for mobile apps with the elements that they have chosen. You can use tools like Google Trends and search relative periods to make your application famous.

Business model creation

It is an unwritten law to have a stoic company model, and that will be a critical part of your mobile app market research techniques. Every industry and its place will be different and will have a separate set of principles to pursue. Hence, drafting a foolproof.

A proof business model is important to get past the very competitive genre of apps. The company representative can also act as a focus during the process of app launch.

You can choose if you wish to go with the:

Freemium model—the elements are restricted, whereas the app is free.

In-app purchase model—the app would have advertisements within its functions.

Subscription model—the users would subscribe to other parts/activities.

Everything will depend on the type of mobile app you wish to create and the kind of target audience you wish to cater to.

Defining the target audience

Along with understanding what the issues of your users are, you must determine who your actual users are. Moreover, determining a target audience will also allow you to rearrange your revenue model.

Once you understand what your target audience likes, you will only include those elements that are most suitable for the app. Because, in today’s highly competitive scenario, being complacent about anything is not an option.

Understand what your prospects are doing

Once you have figured out the company model and your target audience, don’t forget to keep an eye on what your peers are doing

This will assist you in two ways"

You will get to understand what your target customer is looking for. Where are your competitors conducting or lagging?

By understanding the above-mentioned things, you can make the required changes in your company's process.

Keeping a watch on the App Store trends

Proper scrutiny of the App Store is important as it allows decoding of the customers’ purchasing patterns. App developers should always match the rage charts to understand what functions in the app world and create their apps accordingly.

Keep a close watches on the trends for both free and paid apps. Trends in free apps will give you an idea of what people are doing with their mobile apps. On the other hand, movements in paid apps will make you discover when it is worth paying the money.

Be essential to your ideas

You should not shy away from looking at your concepts from a critical angle. It will allow you to know its actual possibility. Moreover, it will further clear the air about the credibility of the idea at the app store. The importance of mobile app market research can be realized from the fact that it will allow you to solve issues linked to the credibility of the idea.


The process of mobile app development and mobile app marketing would be directionless without good mobile app market research techniques. Thus, companies should create a definite plan for market research as it will assist in making a strong base to create a mobile app for a particular audience. Moreover, through app market research approaches, the quality of the end-product improves immensely.

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