Managing Offshore Development Teams

The Golden Key to Managing Offshore Development Teams Effectively

August 16, 2022 12:22 PM

Offshore Development Teams

Offshore software development teams are not only a popular option for IT leaders, but they are also becoming more common. They are a way to quickly access talent, solve technical problems, and run projects efficiently and smoothly. It is important to learn how to manage remote employees to make the collaboration productive and valuable before you decide to hire an offshore development team.

This article will discuss the perspectives of hiring and managing offshore workers, as well as provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively manage offshore workers.

Best practices for overseeing an offshore software development team

Although managing an offshore team can present challenges, the rewards are well-deserved and undeniable. We have compiled research-based strategies for managing offshore development teams. This allows you to bridge the geographic distance and bring together your workforce. It makes this collaboration more effective and satisfying.

Dedicated to communication and collaboration

It is possible to communicate with offshore developers without difficulty. Making good use of these suggestions will bring you many benefits.

Schedule "golden hours" meetings

The first step to solving the problem of time zones that can interrupt communication and exchange is to not worry too much but to take advantage of them to get "round-the-clock" efficiency.

A schedule that is convenient for both parties, with "golden hours," should be established. This could include daily face-to-face meetings and weekly or monthly progress reports. Importantly, keep to the schedule, don't cancel appointments, and make sure to take notes or record meetings so that everyone doesn't miss anything. If you're unable to meet regularly due to a lack of golden time, make sure you communicate via email and text daily. Also, hold conference calls.

You can quickly identify and solve any bottlenecks that may arise and track the work and productivity of your teams. These meetings can be used to allow members to freely communicate their thoughts and ideas, increasing engagement and connection.

Establish a common development culture

Cultural diversity within a team can lead to different ways of communicating with each other and managing work. To avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts, create a cohesive development environment. To keep the conversations on track, ensure that members communicate clearly in a variety of ways. To make it easier for members to track issues and send reports, you can also set clear guidelines.

Most importantly, make sure there is no discrimination between the remote and internal teams. promote a culture that values openness, fairness, and transparency. To foster trust, it is important to establish a culture of trust. This includes trust between the team and the company they work remotely for, trust between the members and the leader; and trust between the team members. Harvard Business Review states that studies have shown that virtual teams can be accelerated and maintained with the help of a leader, even if they are assembled quickly by employees scattered around the world.

Use communication tools to encourage collaboration

Technology makes it almost impossible to work beyond borders. The best way to communicate and collaborate with Offshore Development Services developers is by using the right tools.

Building clear work procedures

Establish priorities and goals

It is important to set clear and achievable goals before you start work. It is crucial to make sure everyone understands the goals and how they will be achieved in the end. This will ensure that all members of the team have clear expectations and a commitment to the overall organization's goals.

To maintain high productivity, members must have clear goals and personal objectives. You, as a manager, must be better at setting goals and developing orientations for your entire team. This will make offshore team management more efficient and easier.

Make sure there is a clear division of duties for each

To ensure fair and positive teamwork, it is important to establish clear roles and responsibilities among the members of the team. Avoid overlaps and abuse of power, as this can lead to work conflicts. Each member of the team should be given clear authority and tasks based on their strengths and interests.

Create a process

There are many ways to build a project management system into software development workflows. You need to decide which approach is best for your team's performance.

Strong leadership

People are the most important factor in determining the success of any project. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in people and make them feel valued. This includes the leadership qualities and talents that are required for the project's dedicated development team.


The leader's ability to inspire and motivate is an indicator of the team's productivity and effectiveness. Although managing a remote team can be difficult, it is possible with an exceptional manager to guide the team.

A recent survey found that 95% of IT leaders are more attentive to employees than ever since COVID-19 was started. Qualtrics stated, "Listening to feedback and taking immediate action has never been more crucial." Even without a pandemic, it is crucial to listen to employees' thoughts and concerns, as well as their stress levels.

Hiring talented offshore developers with the right attitude and commitment

Before you decide to work with an offshore team, make sure you know everything about them. They are highly skilled engineers and have a positive outlook. Can they be responsible, motivated, and have a strong work ethic? Are they able to align with the company culture? Set expectations from the beginning of interviews.

To give a pre-evaluation of the potential of the team, prepare for interviews in many ways. Review feedback from customers to see if they can deliver on your expectations. Learn about the company that will provide an outsourced development team.

It is important to ask questions and approach candidates during interviews to assess their potential and determine their suitability for the job. Trust them if you decide to work with an offshore team of developers.

Recognition Rewards

Your employees will be more productive and motivated if they are given the praise and recognition they deserve.

Encourage positivity in meetings and reward team members for their achievements throughout the project. Remote workers can benefit from even the smallest gestures of appreciation. It can boost their morale, relieve stress, and help them feel more connected. You can show appreciation by giving away a badge, t-shirt, or cash bonus. Believe it or not, this is a great way to show your appreciation.

Closing thoughts

Although there are some challenges to managing an offshore team of software developers, these can be easily overcome. You should not miss out on the amazing benefits that an offshore team can bring to your business. We hope that you can establish a productive and healthy collaboration with an offshore development team by using the well-planned strategies we have discussed above.

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