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Challenges and Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development

Advantages of Offshore Software Development

Lower Costs

When you begin to develop any software project, cost reduction will be on top consideration. For the US-based firm, most of the offshore nations like India, China, Ukraine, and Vietnam have low-cost labor than the US designers.

Hence, an offshore software Development Company can charge you less than the same service in your country. Implying to say, by opting for offshore software development, you will spend small without sacrificing your project quality or level of expertise.

These cost-savings can be additional practical and play a more significant part in the company than ever this year due to the impact of COVID-19.

Indeed, the effect of the pandemic has changed the market and the way it operates. It raises the demand for any companies and brand businesses to leverage technology; in which they can handle and maintain their company and competitive edge in the market.

Demand Access to Knowledge and Expertise workforce

Technology is constantly on the move for something more significant and better. Yet, it is also on-demand for IT professionals. Many technology areas (including data science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps engineers, and some other latest programming languages) are in lack IT experts.

While hiring IT professionals becomes challenging in your country, resorting to offshore development teams will become an excellent solution. It will allow you to resolve the problems of lacking IT professionals. Moreover, it can remove the stress of keeping and staffing in-house development teams when the project ends.

The offshore development units with world-class expertise and knowledge in these occupations can provide knowledge-intensive services based on offshore outsourcing contracts.

Yet, people still wonder about the quality of offshore software developers. The truth will never make you down. Thousands of well-educated software innovators graduate every year. The famous offshore software development lifecycle evolution countries (such as Vietnam, Ukraine, India, and China) are strongly invested in education, particularly in the IT industry. Many technical programs have been taught in many schools and educational institutions. The goal is to increase the quantity and the quality of software developers.

This investment will be aiming for increasing the number of IT experts in the field. Hence, decoding the IT shortage situation within the country. Then, delivering high-quality ones for the international market.

Time Savings

No one predicts that the project is behind the deadlines. The first cause would be the competitive market. The longer your task takes, the more you lose in the market area. The second one might be because of the cost problems. The longer the assignment takes, the more cost you have to pay.

Building assignments from scratch by yourself is not an uncomplicated job. It takes time to hire personnel, create and deploy. Sometimes it can lead you to stress due to the stress of time and lacking resources.

Offshore Software Development companies that have experienced different projects can speed up the growth strategies and provide the task by schedule. They have a good introspection on the development strategies that combine with the Agile methodology and all other connected software development tools. These will provide the project is delivered on time with continual advancement and flexible answers to vary.

Besides that, the benefit of working offshore software Development Company is that you will perform with a company in a distinct time zone. The overlap of time in the time zones can be a benefit that helps your task to reduce time-to-market.

Shared responsibility

When you sign the contract with the offshore software development company, you will step into a win-win relationship. All responsibility will be shared for the best quality of your development. This way also provides your company a possibility to change and evolve continuously.

There are hundreds to thousands of offshore software development companies. Just like any company, they always want to deliver the best quality services to the customers. In words of offshore software development, the organizations will prioritize the quality of the software projects.

Indicating to say, you are not only the one who manages the effects of the projects. The offshore team will do its best to mitigate all the risks, bugs, and threats related to the task. It will help them to deliver the work of a higher quality.


Reliable offshore software development companies have cooperated with several customers and members. It also suggests they have performed numerous tasks in many enterprises. Hence, offshore software development companies have achieved strong knowledge in the field. They are getting their technical know-how.

The experience causes them to get more familiar with using suitable, adaptable, and trending technologies for the project. The regular training to enhance the talents of their software developers would be another benefit of offshore. It will help to deliver continuous skillful professionals for your task. Therefore, they can assist you with cutting-edge technology and deliver a high-quality development that makes you stand out from the crowd in the competitive world.

Scaling the IT development team

In the evolution journey of any company, you will require to scale up/down your resources. Your company or software project may not require the same resources all the time. There are some phases in which you require a great number of IT professionals to work on and create your project. Yet, when your task comes to a particular level, you might require to shrink your development team.

However, the price spends for scaling up and down the development team would be costlier. And the way to handle an IT team would not be comfortable as it sounds. Empowering all this stuff in your offshore software development center would enable you to save lots of time, money, and energy in creating the development team. How? Once you make a partnership with them, the creative team will be yours. Yet, the offshore software development company will take accountability for the development team. Indicating they will allow you to ask for more staff or cut down a specific number of resources relying on your demand and needs.


This benefit might bring doubt to many people. However, dependability can be a guarantee of a trustworthy business. Most of the tasks will depend on legal contracts like agreements, and NDA. These documents will ensure that your project is under security and can deploy on time. Moreover, this can help to make trust between them better.

Challenges of offshore software development

Language Barrier

English has become the global language, particularly in terms of trade transactions. Communicating in the ordinary language can allow us to exchange thoughts. Yet, sometimes communication will not go as we wish. Meaning miscommunication might be a problem you need to think about during the working procedure. It can slow down your task and cost you more time, money, and other severe situations.

There are different forms of communication such as email, instant messages, video calls, and virtual meetings. Yet, sometimes the needed instructions and requirements are just being ignored. Beyond that, in some cases, what you desire cannot be comprehended as its meaning.

Hence, you should spend more time creating a plan and strategy in which your outcome team can understand the needs and documents described.

Different mindset

The cultural distinction will get you into some undesirable conditions. Understanding this can help you calculate the way and have the goal to create your project nicely based on the needs.

These differences might be found in gender problems, religion, culture, traditions, and so on. It also means the mindset and works standards. Some businesses that have been in the enterprise for several years, particularly in the international markets, might not be a big deal for you. Yet, reviewing their portfolios and acquiring more data or feedback from the one who has united with them would help you fill the gap of this problem.

Data Security

Offshore outsourcing might be a great way for organizations to achieve company objectives. Yet, when you have to share sensitive information, you should sign a legal document with your partner to protect your data. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Security Protocols, and other safety documents would be a reference for you to apply on.

Yet, things can reach in a way we don't like. Although you sign the legal security documentation, some personal data could leak with cyberattacks. This leaking is an incredible situation for both side parties.

Hence, before signing the contract with the software outsourcing provider, however of onshore/offshore/nearshore, you should spend time consulting with your company team and create a plan with clear procedures and landmarks in which you can protect your data. In that way, you can choose what can share with software providers and what data must be kept confidential.

Wrap Up

In this current business world, outsourcing software projects to an offshore software development company would be a smart strategic move for any business that desires to scale up the company and achieve long-term advantages.

Building your in-house product team or outsourcing your project to an offshore business always has its drawbacks. Yet, the benefits of operating with an offshore software Development Company would simply control costs to spend and improve productivity or scale up your company to a higher level. Their knowledge, expertise, and profession in technology would promise that your project is using the latest and trending technologies.

Moreover, you have a chance to stay focused on your core business while the technology parts can be optimized by your offshore software development partner or you can Contact PerfectionGeeks Technologies.

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