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Guide to Managed Blockchain Solution

January 30, 2023 4:39 PM

Managed Blockchain Solution

According to a report by Markets, the global market for managed blockchain is predicted to increase to $705.7 million as of 2023 and reach $9.7 billion by 2025 with an annual compound growth percentage (CAGR) of 81.3 per cent. Different industries benefit from managed blockchain services, such as healthcare, financial services, supply chain management, and government.

The major firms in this managed blockchain service market are IBM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, 59% of companies are currently using or contemplating using blockchain technology. Of these 40%, 40% are in the trial or experimentation stage, and 19% are already using a ready-for-production blockchain solution.

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized database that uses a computer network to track transactions and confirm them. It is commonly utilized to create a secure permanent, transparent, and mutable database of transactions, for example, financial transactions or transactions involving the exchange of property. However, establishing and maintaining a blockchain-based platform requires a substantial amount of technical knowledge, which includes the knowledge of cryptography, networking, and management of databases.

Managed blockchain solutions provide an opportunity for companies to take advantage of the advantages of blockchain technology without investing in the required infrastructure and know-how.

Instead, managed services are in charge of the blockchain platform's setup, maintenance, and management so that users can concentrate only on using it to meet their specific requirements. Managed blockchain services are especially beneficial for companies or organizations that require additional capabilities or resources to establish the blockchain platform and keep it running.

How is blockchain managed?

With a managed blockchain service, organizations and businesses can use an integrated blockchain platform without creating or maintaining the infrastructure. Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed database that tracks transactions via a network of computers. It is often utilized to create a secure, open, transparent, and irrevocable transaction database, including assets or funds transfers.

Multiple parties can safely and efficiently transfer and update data without a central authority. This is among the main benefits of using blockchain. Due to this, it is especially useful for applications such as the financial sector, tracking of assets as well as supply chain management.

Managed blockchain services could prove beneficial in this case. Organizations or companies that concentrate on establishing, maintaining, and administering blockchain platforms offer these services. They handle all the technical aspects involved in maintaining the blockchain platform, allowing the user to focus on using it to meet specific requirements.

Managed blockchain solutions can be extremely beneficial to companies and organizations that need more funds or the knowledge required to construct and maintain their blockchain infrastructure. With a managed service, companies can profit from blockchain technologies' improved security effectiveness, transparency, and security. Managed blockchain solutions come in a variety of forms.

Overall, managed blockchain services offer enterprises and businesses a viable and affordable way to use blockchain technology without spending funds on infrastructure or know-how. Organizations and businesses can use Blockchain technology to encourage the development of new ideas and improve operational efficiency using outsourcing services for the technical elements of the blockchain platform.

The benefits of a blockchain-managed solution

Managed Blockchain Solution

As we know, a managed blockchain is a form of blockchain technology controlled by a third-party provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is characterized by several advantages that make it a desirable choice for companies and organizations seeking to incorporate blockchain technology.

Easy to use

One of the major advantages of blockchain management is that it is simple to set up and utilize. The service handles the basic technical and infrastructure details, which allows users to concentrate on the development and deployment of their applications.


The managed blockchain platform is designed to be extremely flexible, allowing them to manage large amounts of data and transactions. This is especially important for companies that manage many transactions or have large amounts of data to handle.


Managed blockchain platforms provide solid security measures against data breaches and cyber-attacks. This includes security measures, encryption and authentication, and access control.


A managed blockchain could be less expensive than constructing or maintaining an entire blockchain platform within the company. The company handles the upfront expenses and maintenance regularly, allowing customers to purchase a monthly platform cost.


Managed blockchain platforms provide extensive flexibility and allow users to tailor their blockchains to suit the needs of their particular requirements. This includes the capability to select the type of consensus algorithm and the number of nodes, and the security level.


Blockchain platforms managed by Managed Blockchain can be seamlessly integrated with other applications and systems, allowing businesses to benefit from the potential that blockchain technologies offer without needing to revamp their infrastructure completely.

A controlled blockchain can be a powerful and versatile tool providing numerous advantages for companies and organizations considering implementing blockchain technology. It is simple to use, flexible and secure, cost-effective and flexible and can connect to other applications and systems.

What makes a managed Blockchain solution superior to a conventional blockchain solution?

A managed solution for blockchain is a type of service that allows companies to establish and manage a blockchain network without worrying about technical issues.

Contrary to a traditional blockchain solution requires that organizations handle the setup and management of the network by themselves. This article will discuss how a managed blockchain may be better than an unmanaged, traditional solution in certain circumstances.


One of the major advantages of managed blockchain solutions is their simplicity of usage. Managed solutions have an intuitive interface that allows companies to establish and run a blockchain-based network without requiring a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that are brand novices to the blockchain and need to start up quickly.

Cost savings

Another benefit of a managed system for blockchain is its possibility to save money. Setting up and maintaining an autonomous blockchain network could be costly as it requires equipment, software, and the time and resources needed to run the network. Blockchain solutions that are managed can assist organizations in cutting expenses by providing the infrastructure and assistance required to establish and manage a blockchain-based network.

How can managed blockchain solutions transform industries across the globe?

In this section, we'll examine the ways managed blockchain solutions could transform many industries across the globe:

Management of the supply chain

One area where the management of supply chains could transform blockchain technology. Within the supply chain sector, blockchain technology can monitor the flow of products from the factory to the consumer, improving transparency and lowering the chance of fraud.

Blockchain solutions managed by a professional can offer the necessary infrastructure and assistance to establish and manage an efficient supply chain management and the skills and resources required to manage it efficiently.


Healthcare is another sector where blockchain solutions can make a significant impact. Blockchain technology can secure the storage and management of patient records, helping decrease errors and increase the health system's performance.

Managed blockchain solutions offer the infrastructure and assistance needed to create and operate a healthcare blockchain network and the technical knowledge and resources required to manage it efficiently.


The financial industry is evolving due to the management of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows for international payments, speeds up the settlement process for financial transactions, and lowers the possibility of fraud.

Blockchain solutions managed by a professional offer the necessary infrastructure and support required to establish and manage the blockchain network used for finance and the technical expertise and resources necessary to manage it efficiently.


In the public sector, Managed blockchain solutions for the government sector can improve transparency and decrease the possibility of corruption through an accurate and secure record of government-related transactions.

Managed blockchain solutions provide the infrastructure and the support required to create and operate infrastructure for blockchain networks for the government, as well as the technical expertise and resources required to run effectively.


Retail is another sector where blockchain-enabled solutions for managing blockchains could revolutionize. Blockchain technology could monitor the movement of goods from the producer to the customer, improving transparency and increasing the quality of supplies.

What are the elements of a blockchain management solution?

Let's look into the different elements that comprise a blockchain-based solution that is managed.


One of the major elements of a managed blockchain system is an infrastructure utilized to manage the network. This is the software and hardware required to manage the network and the technical expertise required to oversee it. Managed blockchain solutions usually offer the infrastructure required to create and manage the blockchain network, including the servers and other equipment necessary to operate the network and its software


Security is a crucial element of any blockchain solution, and managed solutions for blockchain generally offer additional security features to guard the data and network. This could include secure data storage and the ability to back up and recover.

Managed blockchain solutions could offer access to experts in security who can help companies secure their blockchain networks and ensure that they comply with the relevant laws.


Managed blockchain solutions are a great option for businesses who want to reap the advantages of blockchain without the technicalities involved in creating and managing a self-managed blockchain.

They provide a variety of advantages, including user-friendly interfaces as well as cost savings, scalability security as well as assistance. These services can assist businesses in setting up and running the blockchain network. You can contact us at any time. They also provide the technical knowledge and resources to ensure an efficient blockchain launch.

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