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Live commerce is Transforming Online Shopping

Live Commerce is the "Future" of Online Shopping, and Here’s Why?

May 17, 2023 12:20 PM

 Livestream Ecommerce

The e-commerce sector has been expanding nonstop since it first emerged. This industry has been successful in becoming the most popular source of engagement when it comes to purchases. We've come to the point where we frequently use the Internet to look up prices before making purchases from anyone in order to get the best deal. We never miss even the slightest bit such a clear action. Live Commerce notes a significant change in how various retail industries operate.

What is live commerce?

A live event activity known as "live commerce" is one that sellers provide to everyone with a personal touch. This tactic draws a lot of the crowd's attention because it emphasises branding. Due to the increased viewership on their websites, many businesses, traders, and brands have turned their attention to live sales.

The value of live commerce is increasing each day

Live streaming is a master at generating interest, so it successfully develops one for the e-commerce sector as well. Since e-commerce shares space with live commerce in some areas, this opens up a vast market for consumers who want to create products with their needs in mind. This has aided brands in building a solid clientele for their businesses. It helps businesses retain viewers on their streams for a long time, generating a lasting impact.

  • Client conversion ratio:

    Clients that watch live streaming are engaged when the content is being delivered. Customers have appeared ten times more frequently than with traditional e-commerce, it has been observed. Viewers can also participate in Live Commerce to experience the live stream's dynamism. The stream also emphasises consumer-friendly discounts, including coupons, offers, and discount vouchers that remain good for the duration of the show. Along with higher conversions, these strategies build long-term client relationships.

  • Personal touch:

    Live commerce, which is similar to shopping in a store, ensures a human touch. The concept centres on attracting customers to the businesses' high-quality items for their benefit. Live Commerce delivers an energetic atmosphere during the broadcast, where the company builds a friendly sales strategy for their customers. Low-latency live streaming allows for real-time communication between viewers and brands via live chat. These add to the allure of live commerce.

  • Customer engagement:

    If a video is broadcast live, it has always been interesting. These increases traffic. Above all, a seller might promote their brand with so many profitable bargains that they end up managing client attention. When taken as a whole, even one live button on the screen affects viewers. The way marketers present themselves in a video reveals a lot about how consumers react to live commerce agreements.

  • Brand pull:

    The e-commerce sector has benefited from the introduction of Live Commerce and new technology. Popular companies are appearing in life to present their goods with a range of promotions and work with influencers and celebrities. The combination of all these tactics and scalable technology has a profound effect on viewers. These viewers frequently follow those who have an impact on them, making live commerce with these influencers advantageous. It demonstrates a boost in consumer brand awareness, fuelling brand expansion.

The Future of Live Commerce with Technological Transitions

 Livestream Ecommerce

E-commerce was previously restricted to the fashion and apparel sectors. Where the brands only highlighted the newest trends in the fashion industry. Gradually, as technology advanced, other industries began to take notice of the e-commerce sector. Being a B2C market, these e-commerce websites increased conversions by combining B2B and C2C business models.

The e-commerce market has undergone significant modifications as a result of technology. And it is at this point that we realise that live commerce is a new phase that these markets are currently going through. a synthesis of the market and technology. The event is as exciting as the title suggests. It has had a long-lasting effect on marketplaces, brands, sellers, and e-commerce companies. And this action has generated enormous engagement through practise. Both the buyers and the sellers have persuaded themselves that Live Commerce is an impending transaction.

Low-latency live streaming is the most popular at the moment. It provides a real-time experience to reassure viewers. Through live chat, brands can have direct conversations with viewers. With additional improved features, the future will be even more fantastic. Technology will undergo significant changes in the future.

  • The micro sector will be improved and expanded by technology, enabling them to grow, compete with well-known companies, and raise standards of living.

  • A rise in lesser-known influencers will significantly reduce marketing costs.

  • Technology will have a favourable effect on the new sectors. We'll look at those areas that have yet to be explored by the e-commerce business.

  • With the use of tools like AR, VR, AI, and others, real-time experiences will become more captivating and approachable as a result of technological advancements.

Technology has always been essential to bringing about change in a variety of businesses. Engaging users with new technology daily has boosted conversion rates and increased engagement. Live streaming has recently become a common practise in e-commerce, and it has been successfully incorporated into the industry. Live commerce has a dynamic impact on sales and future-oriented tactics as a result of technological changes.


What is live commerce?

Live commerce is a way for brands to sell products through live streams on digital platforms. The method aims toprovide consumers with an interactive experience, allowing them to ask questions and buy products during live streaming.

What distinguishes social commerce from e-commerce?

An online purchasing experience is referred to as e-commerce. However, social commerceallows customers to make purchases while interacting on social media. To create your sales prospect list, social selling entails establishing relationships on social media.

What are the examples of live commerce in India?

In India, major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart-owned Flipkart, and Myntra havelaunched Live Commerce capabilities where influencers can use the platform to promote products and engage with consumers.

Why is social selling the future?

When executed to perfection, social sellingstrengthens positioning among existing customers and—perhaps more importantly—enables businesses to acquire new customers that are keen on innovative social shopping formats and experiences.

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