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Virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies have been growing rapidly over the last 10 years. Blockchain-based crowdfunding is an approach that a lot of businesses and new initiatives are implementing.

From 2017 onward, cryptocurrency-based ICOs generated more than 3.5 percent more money for startups that are based on blockchain than VC rounds.

There is a good chance that if you're reading this article, you are likely aware of the idea known as ICOs. They are detailed within this entrepreneurs' guide on blockchain, which the new-day blockchain-driven entrepreneurs are counting on to raise funds for their business concepts.

In the article, we'll look at how blockchain is rapidly replacing the traditional VC funding process that the business community has relied on for assistance with their finances and to guide their business ideas.

However, before we go on to see how the blockchain-powered ICO process is enabling those substitution moves, we should first examine the funding industry in general.

Strategies for crowdfunding continue to exist and play a major role in overcoming the shortcomings of traditional crowdfunding platforms. The initial coin offering (ICO) can be one of the most frequently utilised methods for collecting money for cryptocurrency startups that are competing for the attention of international investors. This article provides a thorough understanding of the process of ICO growth.

Everything you need to know about ICOs Everything you need to know about

Initial coin offerings, commonly called ICOs, are an opportunity to raise money from potential entrepreneurs or investors before an initiative goes live on the market for cryptocurrency.

It is commonly called "token offers" and "token fundraising". This is advantageous for both the companies and venture capitalists. That is, when the worth of an ICO token rises and investors gain, they will also benefit and see a better return on their investment.

Reasons Behind This Uprising Demand for ICOs as a Mode of Raising Funds

React Native for Your App

In comparison to VC funding, which requires entrepreneurs to submit a list of validated data on market and financial performance that indicates the profitability value of their concepts, ICOs and their low fundraising standards come in handy for entrepreneurs seeking an easy method of fundraising.


Contrary to VC funding, ICO funding is not reliant on any specific geographic location. If an entrepreneur has raised the funds for an ICO from the U.S., the option of inviting investors from the UAE is possible.


The majority of ICO rounds run for 30 days. Most entrepreneurs can receive the funds they expect to receive within the timeframe. The duration of the round is longer than VC funding.

Although these reasons for ICO tend towards the benefits that small and medium-sized businesses can get, two main reasons have resulted in ICO being favourable for investors equally.

The question is, is the ICO actually in front of VC funding? Is the former investment model on track to alter the perspective of the latter about demand as well as the possibility of raising funds? We will find out with an analysis of a brief comparison between both.

Here's a quick overview of how initial coin offerings work

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are created only to promote the tokens and raise funds to fund cryptography-related projects. Businesses will require venture capital to thrive in the growing crypto-related community.

Tokens are developed and distributed by cryptocurrency-related initiatives to get funding from venture capitalists. After the ICO token is made available for purchase, the individual who buys it has the option of swapping it with other ICO tokens or even fiat money via a crypto exchange.

Steps for Starting Your Initial Coin Offering

Once you have a solid knowledge of the concept of the definition of an ICO and its benefits, we can now look into the steps to make an ICO to launch a cryptocurrency-related initiative step by step.

Join the ICO team for development, or join your business.

The choice to partner with an ICO development firm is vital. You must select the right person to create your smart contract, design the token, and then promote it to attract venture capitalists around the world. Check out the essential procedures the ICO development company adheres to by looking through their listings.

Create a strategic plan.

The initial conceptualization stage is the ICO launch's road to success. It's extremely difficult to understand the concept of a token sale and reap the best benefits of it without having a clearly defined plan of action. Plans for initiatives will be evaluated at this point and analysed for their financial viability as well as longevity and delivery.

Before you can create a thorough plan, analysis of the business and preparation are vital. The most important factor to success is understanding the users' issues and then addressing them in the course of the venture. It is important to consider what initiatives will benefit those involved in the process of taking a look at the impact of these initiatives.

A White Paper Proposal

It's time to write a whitepaper after the idea is conceptualised and has the right strategy. It is one of the crucial stages in ICO development. Whitepapers are about data—an in-depth analysis that outlines the idea that capitalists should read before investing.

It is a crucial factor that determines whether people would like to make a commitment to funding or not. A well-written whitepaper will bring authenticity, reliability, and confidence.

ICO website launch

A homepage or website is as important as whitepapers. Making contact with the right customers and opening the way for demand generation is achieved through an attractive and user-friendly website with informative material about the initiative. The ease of use of the interface is an important aspect of a complete website.

Pre-launch Marketing

The creation of a strong network is crucial, as it will allow you and your ICO to be seen by a larger market. Here are some tried-and-tested methods for marketing your ICO. Look over these:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn fall under the social media network category.
  • Discord, Telegram, and WhatsApp aren't connected.
  • Reddit and Bitcoin are two of the tools available to community members.
Creating Tokens Using a Sales Model

It's time to begin producing the token. In addition, the sales model to be picked is one of the main sales models.

  • Soft and hard caps
  • Uncapped fixed-rate model, with no cap.
  • Secret Caps
  • A model that has an upper limit and a fixed rate
  • Dutch bidding
  • Hybrid vehicles
Making a smart wallet as well as a smart contract

The creation of a smart contract could aid in controlling the information regarding the tokens and provide users with the ability to trade them. A thorough analysis of smart contracts may open the way for their safety and accessibility. Digital wallets are needed to transfer funds, purchase, and maintain the token safely. This is why the ICO firm's ICO launch plans must include an idea for a digital wallet that can be traded instantly.

Post-ICO Marketing Stage

It is crucial to establish post-ICO marketing strategies after the ICO development phase is over. This will allow you to reach out to potential cryptocurrency venture capitalists and raise funds for an exciting venture.

To Sum Up

In this helpful guide, we've examined how developing an ICO can aid in raising funds for your cryptocurrency-related initiatives. Select the top ICO development firm to produce the tokens and then market them effectively, using practises that have produced the desired outcomes or those of other companies on the market.

PerfectionGeeks We offer a variety of services, ranging from the conceptualization and launch of tokens through white paper creation, smart contract creation, and ICO marketing, to assist you in successfully launching an ICO. Contact us on the subject to discuss your requirements regarding ICO development.

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