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7 Essential Landing Page Design Tips for Success in 2023 - PerfectionGeeks

Top 7 Landing Page Design Tips For 2023

March 30, 2023 03:10 PM

Landing Page Design Tips

It's easy for people to believe that various landing page builders handle the design process. However, even with the most powerful landing page builders, there are still many design options that you need to make for your pages to perform well.

Whether you start with templates or create your landing pages from scratch, it doesn't matter.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Before we get into the details of modern landing page design trends, let us first discuss why landing pages matter. A landing page is any page a visitor visits after clicking on a link in an email campaign, social media post, or online advertisement.

A well-designed landing page can make the difference between website visitors converting and bouncing. Landing pages are more focused on conversion than regular website pages. They are not designed to give general information about a company, a product, or a company. Landing pages should be focused on conversion.

These are the landing page design tips for 2023 that I see everywhere on the internet. So here are seven to avoid.

#1: Too few landing pages

The biggest mistake in landing page tips for designing is not having enough of them. Each service should have its own landing page, and each major product should have its own.

This applies to every promotion that you sell.

You can create multiple landing pages to target different audiences or sell points for each product or service. For example, a small business will have different accounting requirements than a larger company.

Similar to how some gamers will be drawn to certain genres and titles, others might not be. So, targeting specific gamers' interests might be more effective than promoting a console through generic messaging.

Too many landing pages can lead to too vague a message to target specific audience interests. This is a problem that will limit your conversion potential.

#2: Vague messaging

As mentioned above, a lack of landing pages can lead to vague messages. Therefore, a great landing page design begins with creating a list and tailoring messages to each audience.

Let's take, for instance, enterprise software sales. You can identify two key audiences for almost all business types: the business owner and top-ranking staff with purchasing authority. While the business owner might be more interested in how much money they can save, the staff may be more impressed by how much time it can save.

#3 Cluttered Layouts

Landing Page Design Tips

A cluttered layout is the most common mistake in visual design. Do not try to innovate with the basics; keep it simple. This will allow users to navigate your message and find the most important elements of your page.

Although no single layout will work for all situations, the single-column layout works well for almost every situation. It is easy to use, reduces user vision, and presents only one piece of important information at a given time.

It's difficult to clutter up the one-column layout.

#4: Distracting design elements

This is also a common one. You have parts of your landing pages that should grab users' attention immediately after being displayed. Other parts need to be highlighted. Are you sure you don't want a pop-up interrupting the user's journey through your landing page by distracting them from your call to action or explaining video?

While I don't advocate avoiding pop-ups and explainer videos, you don't want them to be overshadowed by more important elements.

Be mindful of the way you style design elements. For example, bad font choices, bold colours in the wrong places, or distracting images can draw attention away from the parts of your page that are most important.

#5: Missable CTAs

The call to action should be prominent on every page. However, although these elements should be obvious as users scroll down the page, there are many reasons why they might not be noticed.

Avoid distracting design elements:
  • Poor CTA placement: If your CTAs are too far down the page, people may not see them. They can also be placed too far from the core benefits of your message, which could reduce users' motivation to take action.
Insufficient incentive:
  • A CTA that motivates people to act will always be more effective than one that is less motivating. This is deplindent on your CTA button text and the message you send.
High contrast is the best way to make your CTA stand out visually on the page. You can choose bold colours, but size, shape, and style are all options.

Every landing page that you create must have CTAs that encourage action. They must first grab the user's attention and direct them to the desired action.

#6: Not optimising your forms for conversions

When optimising for conversions, landing page forms are often overlooked. It is quite crazy, as forms are often the last hurdle users must jump before they convert, which is why landing page design is so important.

Google Analytics is a good tool for optimising forms, but using a dedicated tool for form optimisation might be better. For example, Leadformly offers a variety of pre-optimized forms that you can embed on your landing pages.

Get analytics reports for particular form fields to see which users have problems. Customization options can also be provided to improve the design without writing code.

#7: Testing the wrong things

Over the past five years, much talk has been about A/B testing. Although it is a good idea, the notion that every detail of your landing page must be tested is absurd.

Don't believe anyone who claims that changing the button colour can increase conversions by 600%.

Your CTA buttons are not coloured. People won't buy from your company. Your products are worthwhile, your web copy is persuasive, and you nurture them throughout the buying process.

While I don't deny that button colour is important, it's worth considering. However, you shouldn't spend months testing every detail worth considering. However, you shouldn't spend months testing every detail. Instead, you should be focusing on design elements that have an actual impact on purchasing decisions.


You're missing a great opportunity to generate leads or convert customers if you don't use landing pages in your digital marketing strategy. It will be fascinating to see how website design changes as we move into the future. Here are some top landing page design trends we believe will be most popular in 2023. You can stay ahead of the curve by planning for these top landing page design trends. Then, contact us to book website design and development in the USA. Request a quote. Our team is eager to create a website that represents your brand and drives conversions. We appreciate your time!

Partner with us to stay on top of the latest design trends. We will help you take the next steps towards implementing a winning design and marketing strategy for 2023.

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