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The Future of Blockchain Technology - PerfectionGeeks

Is blockchain the future?

 Future of Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies of all kinds to complete usage of distributed ledger technology known as the blockchain. Blockchains show decentralized techniques for documenting and recording all the transactions that take place in a particular digital currency. In simple words, a blockchain is a transaction ledger that preserves identical documents across each member's computer within a network. The fact is that the ledger is distributed across every part of the network which helps to facilitate the security of the blockchain.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increased intensely popular among the general financial and investment in the world. They have evolved more of a niche place for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, blockchain technology stays a quickly- growing area of growth for companies across a host of industries. Blockchain technology may ultimately be seen as the most significant innovation to come out of the cryptocurrency boom. Below, we'll bring a closer look at blockchain and see why this technology could be useful to businesses of all kinds.

In easy words, Blockchain is a cloud-based system to store information. Blockchain is the underlying network of cryptocurrency. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market. The most significant ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and XRP.

This technology improves flexibility, security issues, and even data transfer processing due to its benefits. In this article, we will discuss Why Blockchain Technology is the future of digital pieces of data. We need in-depth knowledge of what Blockchain is, how it works, and its uses to understand this.

What is Blockchain?

Scientists first proposed Blockchain technology in 1991. The actual idea behind this technology was to store digital data so that not to get it modified. Blockchain works as an open-source database.

Afterward, a group of Computer Scientists adopted Blockchain technology to form a digital cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Once a blockchain holds written data, it is difficult to modify it. This property improves the security of cryptocurrency.

In this technology, a separate block denotes a structural and functional unit. A block contains information, the hashed value of that block, and the hashed value of the last block. These blocks link individually to others similar to a chain.

The information in the block may vary based upon the use of the Blockchain system. For example, when we talk about Blockchain in bitcoin the accumulated data refer to transaction details. A hash is like a fingerprint for digital data. Different systems use different hashing algorithms. For instance, Bitcoin utilizes the SHA256 algorithm, while Ethereum operates the hash algorithm. Easy manipulation of Data alters the hash code.

Due to this process, the Blockchain works as such a secure system. The hash of the last block works as a link to that block. It resembles a linked list structure with hashes in the area of pointers. So, a modification in the data of any block transforms its hash. So, the next block doesn’t mean to this one and no other block too. That’s why it is secure. It reaches a linked list structure with hashes in place of pointers. A modification in data of any block changes its hash. So, the next block doesn’t indicate this one and no other block too. That’s why it is secure.

Similarly, a Blockchain network utilizes a P2P system. In this network, a copy of the Blockchain is represented to every user. So, to tamper with the network, one has to modify the data in the whole chain. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to break security. This is the main reason why Blockchain is the future of everyday data transfer technology.

Advantages of Blockchain

Data manipulation with time

Blockchain shows the history of data. In another database, we get the updated information only, but we get the history of updating in Blockchain’s case.

Decentralized System

Blockchain is a decentralized system. It indicates that there is no single unique database to store all the data. Rather there are numerous copies of it. So, no one can target a single system.


In Blockchain, there is no single control order. The copies of Blockchain are available in each node and edited everywhere too. So, the data is secured.

How Blockchain Works

A blockchain is a decentralized database – an electronically distributed ledger or list of records that is available to different users. Blockchains utilize cryptography to log, process, and verify every transaction, making them secure, permanent, and transparent.

There are two broad categories of blockchain:

  • Permissionless, which anyone can join
  • Permissioned, which needs participants to be authenticated by the individual or group managing it (this category is further divided into private and community blockchain networks)

Why is Blockchain the Future?

Beginning from Crypto-enthusiasts to completing with Business minds, Blockchain is a solution to numerous issues these days. The problem may be related to security or the smart transfer of information. Blockchain promises to provide ways. The advent of Quantum computer security in classical systems is of significant question. The future may ask to assure every system and even more. Also, it decreases the risk of hacking and data tamper.

A Blockchain is a primarily decentralized structure. So, the use of this technique also rests upon decentralized technologies. Before this, we are required to understand Smart Contracts.

Smart contracts

A smart contract is a digital document of a contract that has programmable architecture. So, the elements of the contracts are stored in the Blockchain block. This improves communication. It is also useful to maintain the way of assets for the long term. Also, relations with users are dependent upon smart contracts.

Web Servers

In a web server, data security is very vital. Generally, a web server has two different parts. API and Data. Each block here acts as a node and joins the request-response cycle.


It commonly takes multiple hours to encase a cheque and update the statement. While using Blockchain technology, it will be done in just ten minutes. The time required is the same as the time essential to add a block in the Blockchain.

You’ll Be Able to Buy a House Faster and Easily!

Verifying and confirming identities has become one of the most important problems in real estate. Right now, it can take up to 45 days for a bank to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for a customer completing on a house.

Since blockchain creates data more efficiently traceable, this lengthy verification process could be eliminated through smart contracts. These self-executing contracts could be written to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, including processing loan requests and verifying identities.

Besides, you can imagine all kinds of other options for blockchain technology in the real estate industry as well — from transparent transaction data to handling property documents to smart home appliances that join with your lease terms.


Utilizes in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a well-known application of Blockchain.


Healthcare professionals can use Blockchain to store patients’ data safely there. It will improve the safety of the details.

It Will Be Possible For You To Purchase a Car With No Money Down!

The automotive industry is in the midst of a substantial shift away from purchasing cars to just borrowing them. In the future, you can spend money for your vehicle with cryptocurrency and get money back on that investment through tokenized ownership. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry about monthly expenses or insurance — just download an app, select your model and pick-up location, and you’re ready to go.

In short, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. You wouldn’t even have to talk to a car salesperson or get any financing authorized by the dealer — it would all come through automatically based on your cryptocurrency wallet.


Voting with blockchain technology could be more comfortable, faster, and more secure than how we vote today. It would also help save voter identities (and even support remote voting). Rather than having to go to the polls or send in a mail-in ballot, you can easily log on to your computer or mobile device, verify your identity, and cast your vote.

The most useful part is that blockchain makes all of this possible while also delivering an unchangeable record of votes to control fraud or tampering problems. There are already plenty of blockchain startups concentrated on helping people vote more securely online, so it might not be too long until internet voting becomes the norm around the world.

Digital marketing with easy Consumer-market relations and secured way of data transfer, Blockchain has a significant opportunity in Digital markets too.

We can see the benefits of blockchain in several industries. From money transfers to personal information stores, everything is more secured through Blockchain. That is why Blockchain is the future of information transfer and security infrastructure technology.


As you can notice, there’s a ton of prospect for blockchain technology — and it’s continually growing. Also, the future of blockchain technology looks bright, and when you think that it’s already showing security in almost every industry, it seems like the most useful is yet to come.

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