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Instant App Development: How to Create One for Business

Instant App Development: How to Create One for Business

Aug 31, 2023 03:54PM

 Instant App Development Services

Mobile apps have come a long way since the introduction of the first smartphone. Apps are evolving and getting more convenient, like web apps and PWAs, which are better in performance and space requirements than native mobile apps. Android instant apps are another big revolution in the realm of mobile applications. Google introduced instant apps in 2016, giving brief information on the benefits of these apps.

Using Android Instant App Examples brings numerous advantages for both end-users and businesses. Since these apps don't require installation to access their content, users are more likely to use them. Users can access only essential features and content when using the app. You can hire app developers to build an instant app and gain a competitive advantage for your business. Using these apps removes all worries about space requirements, internet speed, performance, etc.

Android Instant Apps: A Brief Introduction

In the evolution of mobile apps, Android instant apps are a significant step, as these apps are fast and powerful variations of native mobile apps. Android instant apps look and function like the other applications installed on your mobile device, but they are very different. You are not required to download anything to use such applications.

Instant apps are modularized forms of native mobile apps. It means instant applications are built by dividing native apps into small modules. And each of these modules comprises a compartmentalized portion of the native mobile app. These modules will display independently; only the necessary modules will be presented to the users.

Let's see how an instant app works

You can choose a mobile app development company to create an instant app for your business that will work directly from the Google Play Store. Android app technology allows developers to create applications that launch directly from the Google Play Store without installing or downloading anything on a device. Though instant apps appear similar to web apps, they work like native mobile apps.

So, instant applications work in two ways:

  • They use the URL that users can access from search engines, emails, messages, and other sharing options.

  • Users can also use the app directly from the Google Play Store; an instant will provide users with a "Try Now" option to run the app instantly.

Do you need an instant app?

 Instant App Development Services

You can think of instant app development as the lite version of native apps. So, these apps not only save space but also function with more speed than native apps. An Android app development company should focus only on improving the user experience and retention rates instead of worrying about dozens of app metrics. Some reasons why you need an instant app are as follows:

  • It allows users to access the desired content quickly. Entrepreneurs and startups can leverage instant apps laced with basic functionality to boost user acquisition by offering more features in native apps.

  • These apps enhance user retention and build trust due to their simplicity and ease of use.

  • These apps improve the user experience, especially for e-commerce apps.

Several other reasons you would like to create an instant mobile app for your business include a more significant ROI. You can maximize your returns on investment in mobile apps by deploying such apps because it is likely that you will get more users, resulting in more revenue from the app. If you think these next-gen mobile apps are right for your business, you can hire Android app developers to create one for it today.

What benefits can your business leverage by using instant mobile apps?

Better user experience

Businesses can derive great benefits by using instant apps. Users will be disappointed if your app doesn't provide a good user experience. Instant apps enhance the user experience due to their fast speed and powerful functionality. They offer the same experience as a web app. Users instantly receive the desired content when they click on an instant app's URL. These apps are easy-to-use, highly responsive, and user-friendly, providing a better user experience.

Enhance online visibility

Instant apps make it possible to access your content from outside the app. So users can find your business because your app will become discoverable on search engines, and people can search your app-like websites on the internet, resulting in increased traffic. Instant mobile apps enhance traffic and bring in more users.

Easy user acquisition

A key advantage of instant apps is that they allow users to complete the desired tasks without forcing them to download and install the application on their devices. With this feature, you can attract users to your app. Since instant apps are built on Google Play Services, a simple app link is enough for users to access many features. So, apps can reach millions of users who can tap to run the app. The app can also be used via NFC or QR code.

Increase user retention

Instant apps allow users to use the app repeatedly, anytime, without installing it. Often, users struggle with two main options: mobile web and native apps. Users can install an app for specific features, but unimportant apps are removed first when they need free space on their devices. If your app has poorly optimised ads, it will slow down the app and kill the user experience. Instant apps help you build trust among users because they offer a great experience. Users will be tempted to use your app due to its easy-to-use options, fast speed, and better user experience. So more users will stick around for your service.

Here is the process to upgrade existing apps to instant apps:

Upgrading an existing Android app to an instant one is pretty straightforward. Developers do not need to create a separate app but can use the existing app code, API, and project to build a new instant app. However, the efforts you need to put into updating the app depend on its structure. The following are the steps to update an existing app to the instant app:

  • Step 1: Install the SDK and set up the environment

    In Android Studio, you need to go to Tools > Android > SDK Manager > SDK Tools > Instant App Development SDK > Apply.

    Set up an emulator that runs Android 6.0 or higher. You can hire an Android developer to complete this and further steps to create an instant app for your business.

  • Step 2: Move the code to the feature module

    In this step, the existing code must be moved to the feature module to create a minimal app module. Do this:

    Turn the 'app' module into the 'app-base' module.

    Alter the type of the feature module.

    You can do this by altering the plugin to from Rebuild the project to turn the source code into a reusable library module.

  • Step 3: Build the module

    Now you need to build the APK module. Go to File>New Module and input the app name "app apk. Replace all dependencies in app.aapl. Remove the app element from the AndroidManifest.xml file to keep a single manifest element. The app's functionality has now been transformed into a shareable feature module.

  • Step 4: Create an instant app module

    Now you will use APKs to create instant app modules. A single-feature APK can be utilised to create an instant app module. And this module can depend on the base app module. Moreover, no resources or source is required for an instant app except the 'build. Gradle File.

  • Step 5: Define app links

    URLs are the single method for launching instant apps. Thus, a relationship must be created between the website and the app to set up the instant app runtime. You can also do this by using the 'App Link Assistant' feature of Android Studio.

Final note

An Android instant app is an innovative idea to make apps available to users without installing them on their devices. Entrepreneurs and startups can utilize these apps to gain many benefits for their businesses. They can choose a top Android app development company to build effective instant apps and benefit from increased traffic, high user retention, and increased user acquisition.

By using these apps, businesses can focus on more important things, like enhancing the user experience, than considering multiple app aspects. These apps provide good growth opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. Moreover, when creating these apps, several ideas will hit your mind. However, Google recommends using material design for Android to create engaging and attention-grabbing applications.

If you want to turn your unique instant app idea into reality, we at PerfectionGeeks Technologies can help you. We are a leading mobile app development firm that has delivered successful app solutions to many businesses worldwide. You can entrust your app development project to us, and we will create an outstanding solution that will fulfill all your expectations.

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