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Inspiring Personal Website Trends

What are the latest and most inspiring personal website trends?

January 24, 2023 3:40 PM

Personal Website Trends

Designers have been creating sites for art, sites that are interactive, and also sites that are just for fun and pleasure. This was a nod to the very beginning of the web, when designers came up with ways to showcase new methods or develop websites solely for themselves.

We are in the midst of a revival period at the dawn of the internet. This is logical. Fashion has also borrowed heavily from the 1990s and early aughts. Many of us are sitting in our homes, browsing the web, looking for something interesting or entertaining, similar to what we did when the internet was still in its infancy.

The web design industry is moving into the future using exciting modern methods like advanced interactions and visual effects such as the glass morphism process and grains. In addition, the designers are using tools that do not require code to allow the process to be completed quicker and more efficiently than before.

2022 web design trends

Personal Website Trends

Here are a few personal website trends we expect to see make waves in the coming year.

1. Mini-sites that are a delight

Humor can come in various forms. A website that can make you laugh is always enjoyable to create. So what better way to have fun building your website?

At the beginning of Pixar, the studio started providing animators with the time to create short films alongside each feature film they created. These shorts served as an open invitation, a chance for animators to have fun and relax without the pressures of a feature film.They also resulted in numerous new techniques that helped push animators forward. In addition, web developers are discovering they can achieve the same results using websites.

Making a fun website gives designers a chance to be themselves, experiment and test different techniques, and take on all the design elements without worrying about overdoing it in a professional job. Sometimes, just creating is an excellent option to break free of a slump.

You can play around with it using various methods, such as setting up an intentionally humorous UX layout or deliberately breaking the rules (but be sure to create your site in a way that is accessible!). Include humour not only in the text and images but also in the navigation, menus, and even the interactions. Keep it simple. create the impression that it's a legitimate site until it isn't. This is a chance to build a site that works in different ways. For example, a marketing website with an Easter egg theme to serve a professional goal is possible if executed properly.

2. Scavenger hunts on the web

The structure of websites lends itself extremely well to puzzles and hunts. For example, it is possible to daisy-chain pages, secure certain areas with passwords, and have users answer questions or locate answers to access the subsequent chapter within the set.

There are many inventive ways to hide and reveal clues, prompts, and solutions. This is one instance where you could use your expertise at a professional web design company to design a captivating puzzle.

3. App-like experiences

Jeremy Beyt, the co-founder of ThreeSixtyEight, believes that such smaller, user-centric websites are an exciting future for web-based design. He says: "A front-end-driven web experience that's overblown from a design perspective is a new way to use the web that was never before seen." It's an experience that is similar to an app. "For me, that is the current opportunity." This world has become accustomed to apps, and animation, interaction, and interactive experiences are commonplace. The next step is to bring the same energy to websites and create unique user experiences.

4. Art deco motifs

The 20s are upon us once more! The art-deco-inspired designs are in harmony with geometric patterns that have been popular over the last few years. While many people associate the art deco style with fancy speakeasy websites and Gatsby-themed wedding invitations, it can also produce stunningly simple designs.

This year's fashion takes inspiration from the clean, curving lines and the geometric shapes common to art deco architecture and illustration. These elements can inspire gorgeous logos, fonts, borders, spacers, and illustrations.

5. Fewer images for heroes

This year, designers are deciding to design landing pages and hero sections with style instead of relying solely on photographs or illustrations. Hero images can create a huge visual impact right from the beginning. However, sometimes, removing the attraction of a flashy image emphasises content and style.

The four websites of Humain, SVZ, Heyday, and RADAR are quite different, yet each employs layout, typography, color, and form to convey strong, unique brand identities. In addition, omitting images creates suspense and draws viewers to explore the other details beyond the hero section.

6. Large typography

Typography that is unusual in size is a bold, fresh style trend this year. When a certain size is reached, words can become an artistic element rather than an element of a copy. This is a flexible technique that can be employed in both minimalist and minimalist designs and is suitable for various styles.

The film portfolio website of Eva Habermann (made by Daniel Spatzek) overlays large text on a moving portfolio reel. The image partially obscures the text, making viewers want to know more. The sans-serif font with two colours provides just enough contrast without becoming illegible or overpowering.

7. Interactive fonts

To take the concept of text to the next level, designers are developing innovative ways to let their text play with the mouse. A simple way to make the text more interactive is by altering the state of the mouse as you would with the click of a button. It's simpler to create more complex effects using modern platforms that don't require code instead of creating these actions by hand. When using the interactivity of fonts, you must be aware of legibility because some people can be distracted by the movement of characters.

8. Responsible motion design

Since we're now talking about interactivity, let's discuss sensible motion responsive web design services, which are becoming common. Unfortunately, while motion is an intriguing aspect of web design, it's possible to do too much of it without harming users through motion sickness. Unfortunately, motion sickness is a common occurrence, and any animation that triggers mouse scale, effects of parallax, or even plane-shifted scrolling (also called scroll jacking) must be avoided.

We look forward to seeing how these are implemented in 2022

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the websites that made this list so enjoyable. We anticipate a year of creativity and fun as designers break away from certain trending themes that have become widespread in recent years. We're eager to hear what you develop for the web in 2022.

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