India Blockchain Forum launched to support Web3.0 adoption

India Block Chain Forum ‘Launched to Facilitate Web3 Adoption’

August 25, 2022 11:25 AM

India Blockchain Forum

An organization of India's most prominent blockchain influencers specializing in trading, NFT, Metaverse, cybercrime, and much more recently announced the creation of an Indian Blockchain Forum (IBF).

A blockchain advocacy group is expected to follow the collaboration model and will work with government agencies, regulators, industry, and researchers.

According to media reports, the ceremony in Hyderabad, in the Indian state of Telangana, was attended by the state's chief secretary for commerce, industry, and technology information. Hyderabad is the second-largest Indian technology hub after Bengaluru. Important crypto influencers from the Indian Blockchain Ecosystem have fashioned the India Blockchain Forum. The organization was established on Sunday in Hyderabad, Telangana. It was launched by Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary of Industry & Commerce and Information Technology, Government of Telangana.

The India Blockchain Forum (IBF) was founded with the visionary, forward-thinking goal of making India an international center for Blockchain and web3.0. It will establish local chapters across the country to raise awareness and gain access to world-class methods.

The India Blockchain Forum envisages the possibility of a model collaboration with governments, regulators, industry, and academics to help construct an overall framework for the highest level of adoption of blockchain technology and web3.0.

Apart from this, the India Blockchain Forum will collaborate with research and academic institutions and will nurture the community as well as assist corporations in taking on the net 3.0 applied sciences and strive for global collaboration.

The founding members of the India Blockchain Forum embrace Prasanna Lohar, CEO of Block Stack; Pankaj Diwan, Founder, and CEO of Idealab's FutureTech Ventures; Col Inderjit Singh, Chief Cyber Security Officer, Vara Technologies; Sharat Chandra, Blockchain Evangelist; and Srinivas Mahankali, Chief Business Director, Secure Cloud Technology.

The discussion board is home to more than 40 influencers. It is organizing Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with similar topics to CBDC, Metaverse, Policy Framework, and NFTs to promote blockchain technology as well as Web 3.0 acceptance.

The India Blockchain Forum will be open to all parties involved in creating the largest web 3.0 community.

IBF will adopt the model of collaboration

The newly created Indian Blockchain pro-blockchain claims its goal is to make India the world's center for Blockchain and web3. It will follow a model of cooperation and will work with regulatory agencies, governments, as well as research and industry institutes for the promotion of web 3.

IBF has adopted a 10-point agenda that includes the creation of the India Blockchain Stack; accelerating startups, helping blockchain technology firms, and creating an infrastructure for talent to sustain the growth in the blockchain ecosystem. Thai Blockchain Influencers from the group who have experience in various blockchain sectors will be utilized to create Special Interest Groups (SIGs), for instance, regarding CBDC, Metaverse, and the policy framework.

Media reports indicate that the forum is set to create a membership group that has the aim of creating the largest online community in the world.

State government to encourage innovations Web3

At the launch of India's blockchain platform for pro-blockchain, Ranjan stated that it was the Telangana state government that would create a regulatory sandbox to advertise web-based applications. 3. It will assist startups in creating solutions for the blockchain-based on tokens, NFTs, and other types of applications.

The author said that "this sandbox helps create an open dialogue among all stakeholders, including regulators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers, to reach an understanding." an approach that is nuanced in the development of an efficient web platform.

IBF in the country's Strict Crypto Policy

The launch of the pro-blockchain India-focused forum is significant because of the growing popularity of the crypto industry on the one hand, and the astute policy of regulators and the government on the other.

Recently, the Indian investigative agency for financial crimes, called the Law Enforcement Department (ED), froze the accounts of banks that belong to the WazirX as well as Vaud, due to alleged laundering of money.

Since April 1, India has levied a capital gains tax of 30%. Then, starting July 1, there will be a one-percent tax deduction based on all cryptocurrency transactions. The changes have had a significant impact on the volume of trading.


The HTML0 group, comprised of top Indian blockchain influencers who know the trade, NFT, and Metaverse, as well as cybercrime, etc., recently announced the creation of the India Blockchain Forum (IBF).

The ceremony in Hyderabad, located in the Indian state of Telangana, saw the state's chief secretary for commerce, industry, and technology information, Jayesh Ranjan. According to media accounts, he attended the event. Hyderabad is the second-largest Indian tech hub, second only to Bengaluru.

IBF to adopt a collaborative model

The recently-launched Indian blockchain advocacy platform stated that it aims to make India the leading global center for blockchain and web 3. It plans to adopt a collaboration model and collaborate with regulators and the government, as well as industry and research institutes to advance web 3.

IBF has set a 10-point plan of action that includes the creation of the India Blockchain Stack, accelerating the startup ecosystem, assisting blockchain technology businesses, and creating an ecosystem of talent for the sustainable expansion of blockchain technology.


The influencer pool, who are expert in various blockchain fields, will be used to create SIGs. (SIGs) like CBDC, Metaverse , and the policy framework.

The forum is set to start a membership drive that has the goal of building the largest community of web3 users in the world, according to media reports that the forum's PR was a result of the occasion.

The state government will promote Web3 innovations

With the launch of this Indian Blockchain advocacy website, Ranjan said the Telangana state government is planning to launch a regulatory sandbox that will encourage the web's three applications. It will assist startups in creating blockchain-based solutions based on tokens, NFTs, and many other applications.

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