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How to Build a Job Search Website

August 04, 2022 12:15 PM

 Job Search Website Development

During the worldwide lockdowns, there was a quick growth in workers working from home. Thanks to the new liberties of remote working, employees were able to re-evaluate their working agreements. Many opted to set other preferences by resigning from their current jobs and pursuing greener career fields. This modern-day career course, or "the great concession," has led to a noticeable growth in job seekers' use of online job boards. The job listings on these websites have evolved into a key tool for possible applicants seeking to modify their career paths.

How Do Job Search Websites Make Money?

Membership Subscriptions:

Although most essential online job board websites are free to job seekers, many offer premium credentials to access top-tier job listings. Potential job board applicants spend money to be featured on the job boards online. This helps them to be more easily discovered by online recruiters. Job board memberships may charge users a weekly, monthly, or yearly membership subscription price to receive complete job listings from preferred recruiters.

Fees for Job Postings:

Organizations and recruiting companies pay a set fee for advertising job listings for vacancies on online job search websites. They may also charge a premium rate to access the best-qualified set of job board applicants.

Affiliate Links:

Online job representatives gain by embedding affiliate links throughout the WordPress website content. Affiliate links to digital courses and services on WordPress sites have links to job coaching and outline builder courses or apps. These links generate income each time they are clicked and purchased by site visitors.

Google AdSense Marketing:

The pay-per-click model is a fair monetization opportunity for online job boards, especially since they draw high traffic from job applicants. Embed the Google AdSense code on the website to keep ads hosted on the site and make revenue each time they are clicked. Each time a job applicant sees the online job board and clicks on an ad, it generates income for the website.

Banner Ads:

Recruiters will pay top dollar to advertise to job seekers on the numerous visible areas of online job board websites. Banner ads on online job boards are a bonus because they are the most visible to website visitors. WordPress websites that make online job posts with these ads can make a lot of income. The more traffic the job search board website develops, the more valuable this type of monetization can be.

How Do You Set Up a Job Search Website?

Niche Down:

Decide what kind of website is in order before you begin to create online job boards. You may opt to create an online job board that is location-based, career-specific, or based on general qualifications. The desired niche defines how you make online job boards to satisfy the requirements of your target audience. If a job listings website is well planned before you create online job boards, it will draw more job applicants and recruiters to your website.

Conduct your research

An amazing online job board fills the requirements of its target audience well. Competitor research before you start making online job search websites allows you to choose the most optimized plan features. Market research on existing websites can deliver valuable insight into the weaknesses of competitors. Once identified, you can create online job boards that deliver solutions your competitors may not have addressed. For instance, can you make online job boards with a special sorting filter for job listings?

A Unique Value Proposition

Adequate market research will allow you to submit your online job board listings as a solution to possible job seekers. The job search website should be designed to create online job positions that address the main points of your visitors well. This will build trust with guests who are considering job listings on your website.

Show Me the Money

Before you proceed to create online job boards, the monetization process will have to be properly planned. The monetization method of the website will impact the structure and components of the job panels and the listings. For instance, if you intend to monetize with Google AdSense and affiliate links, then a WordPress design with the related plugins will need to be assessed.

How to set up a job search website?
Step 1

Website domains are internet real estate! Make and document a catchy domain name for your website. Your domain name should be simply recognizable, connected to your job board website, and officially recorded. They must purchase the domain name to ensure that no other organization can revoke their right to use that domain name on their website.

Step 2

Once the domain has been bought, set up reliable website hosting and, preferably, have outstanding client care support services. Many organizations may not get the significance of dedicated hosting. Solid, reliable hosting makes a reputation for safety and reliability and earns the trust of recruiters and job applicants. Good hosting provides that there is very little possibility of the website going down without warning. If a problem occurs with your web hosting, a dedicated client care team will work fast to fix your hosting problem.

Step 3

After setting up your web hosting, you need to choose a content management system to set up your website. A popular website is WordPress or Joomla. Joomla is a favorite of web developers, while WordPress is the preferred CMS for most individuals who you may not have a background in website development. The WordPress platform and its plugins are very user-friendly and readily customizable, allowing for upgraded features.

Step 4

Monetize your website with plugins for protection and payment processing features. This will enable a secure payment gateway for recruiters and job applicants with subscription fees.

Features of a job board

To make an online job and search boards board functional, the necessary functionalities, or minimum variable product (MVP), should include:


A job board website needs a sign-up or sign-in element as the first step for users. The potential applicant or recruiter will need to first acquire access to the comprehensive listings within the job board database. This database has the relevant postings for job vacancies and a diverse set of candidate resumes.


A profile page should be developed to let both the applicants and recruiters advertise their availability on online job panels. This setup will offer a glimpse of what each recruiting community has to offer. Online job board websites show each applicant's skills during the onboarding and hiring strategy.

Resume Builder:

Job seekers are directed to the resume design tools required for uploading their resumes to the online job boards, usually as simple text documents. Using the possibility of a file uploader, applicants may also submit their outlines in the original format and layout. This provides flexibility to the user and permits the submission of outlines to the website as customized papers. The file uploader component is also versatile in the event of any mistakes in submitting applicant data using the website resume builder.

How Do You Create a Job Link?

Setting up a job URL link in WordPress needs several stages. Administrator privileges will be required to access and set up the plugin components for WordPress. Sharing to different websites and page platforms, such as WordPress, is made easier with job links.

Navigate to the WordPress Job Manager plugin.

Choose the Job Links menu on the WordPress site.

Tap the 'Add New' key to start a new job listing.

Fulfill the entire field with relevant job listing metadata (i.e., title, location, position, etc.).

Choose Job Types' to filter the fields into categories (i.e., remote work/full-time F2F, etc.).

Tap 'Publish' to complete the job listing live.

Repeat the procedure to upload the other job listings to the WordPress Job Board.

How much does it cost to create a job search website?

The cost of the development team, the complexity of the website design and features, and the type of technology to be operated are determined by the budget. The more complex the website design elements are, the more advanced the technology tool becomes. This can come at a higher cost than the bare minimum design, such as WordPress basic techniques. Building a job website board from scratch, with your domain and hosting, will need a team of talented IT professionals.

A team of website designers usually consists of a project manager, a graphic design team, a website developer, and u/x quality engineers. Creating a custom job board with its domain and web hosting will cost more than a primary WordPress template. WordPress also delivers premium templates, features, and plugins at their level of website plans. This is a useful option if you like to set up a pre-done template rather than outsource a development team.


In a Nutshell

You may opt to create your website from scratch or use pre-done WordPress templates and plugins. Whichever way you choose to go, we can assist with the backend of your site! Our team of professionals can help guide you in making your job search website. We deliver the required consultation and assistance. Also, with PerfectionGeeks Technologies, you can save your budget significantly!

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