Wordpress for an Ecommerce

Wordpress For An Ecommerce

PHP and Node.js are both powerful back-end technologies useful for the development of Since a couple of years along with the enhancement of digitization, the demand for the development of e-commerce web application is also getting a drastic increment across the global business industry. Well, the technology has also introduced a number of e-commerce web app development platforms/framework like Shopify, Magento, Laravel, and more, meanwhile, still WordPress is the winner. Therefore this winning way of WordPress is the major topic of debate as to why WordPress is better than other eCommerce development stages, and why should I prefer WordPress for an eCommerce solution? If this question is also rendering in your mind then here is the answer.

This is the reason you should go ahead with WordPress Platform for e-Commerce development.

The global e-commerce business industry is growing with a very fast and strong manner since over the past 5 years. As a consequence of this, today more than 45 Internet space is only filled with the millions of e-commerce or online store web portals. This finely clears that the majority of clients are loving to use such e-shopping web portals. Since 2012, an expanding number of individuals purchase things on the web and, today, there are around $1,92 trillion online business deals around the world.

Additionally to the development of a multi-features integrated eCommerce web app portal, there are a number of platforms are exist and doing well in the web app development sector, nevertheless, WordPress is the major demanding platform, just due to its huge list of feature, benefits and more.

Well before to become more familiar to the most preferable points of WordPress for electing it as the e-commerce development solution, lets come to the usage worth of all the trendiest eCommerce development platforms:

There are a couple of well-known eCommerce business portal development stages that standard the world with regards to their recurrence on the whole web.

1. Woo-commerce is used as 32% and hence is assumed as the leader. Presently, 176223 web sites are developed using woo-commerce.

2. Magento holds the second position with 18% usage. There are 102514 web portals on the web world are developed with Magento.

3. Open cart is getting loved by a count of 11% audience. On the internet, there are 60,133, are live on the web world that is developed using Open cart.

4. Shopify, yet it is liked by merely 8% of global audience meanwhile it is getting attention from more developers, thus definitely the platform will shimmer bright in near future.

Why is WooCommerce is ruling the e-commerce development industry?

Wordpress eCommerce Development service in India

You're likely thinking currently as what's so extraordinary in WooCommerce and for what reason is it assumed as the winner and the majorly in demand these days. Well is a part (plugin) of WordPress which has the capacity to convert a WordPress website into an e-shopping portal. Indeed, Its the most well-known substance the board framework, controlling 25% of the multitude of sites around the world.

Thus, I believe it's sort of clear why WooCommerce is driving the online business market. There are loads of WordPress clients who have online shops, so WooCommerce is the most reasonable answer for them.

WooCommerce offers incredible types of assistance, powerful features, also is available for free in the WordPress Plugin directory along with a very friendly and easy to access and manage nature. WooCommerce is at the top for its incredible and simple services, however, it additionally accompanies a few drawbacks.

Here is a complete list of all the advantages and disadvantages of Woo-commerce:


• It's free.

• Allows adding unlimited products with its attributes, image and description.

• Works on all devices along with full responsive behaviour.

• Once introduced, it's all yours. It accompanies an enormous assortment of customization alternatives that are anything but difficult to utilize. You can handle everything the manner in which you need.

• It's extremely simple to install and easy to use. Gives an instinctive interface and you needn't bother with any coding abilities to oversee it.

• It accompanies client audits and appraisals, which implies that you can give your clients the opportunity to rate your items.

• This is more similar to a reward… It will be simple for individuals who as of now have their locales on WordPress


• It doesn't accompany free facilitating and you need to pay for it. Indeed, WooCommerce is a module that works just on WordPress.

• For a non-WordPress client, making an online store can be a troublesome task in the start where you need to take a host, introduce WordPress on it, pick a subject that is viable with WooCommerce, and afterwards install WooCommerce module.

• Even if the module is free, it can get somewhat costly to set the store at last.

The competition level of each eCommerce platform?

Ecommerce web development services in UK perfectionGeeks

You could state that WooCommerce is not unreasonably productive in the event that it doesn't come with a complete package of multiple features. For instance, hosting and everything incorporated. WooCommerce is definitely not an independent stage, it is a WordPress plugin which also uses the WP extension. WooCommerce is a module, while OpenCart, Shopify, and Magento are mere eCommerce stages.

Shopify is the solitary a platform among the most well-known ones that come along with hosting functionality. Along with this, in a similar time, it also comes with a couple of constraints and doesn't give you full authority over your site. For example, it gives just 3 product listing features like size, colour, and material. Additionally, you won't have the option to make all the customizations that you require and you need to stay with what the stage has to offer You can't accompany something from an external perspective. Shopify doesn't offer a free service by the same token.

The other 2 stages are free but, still, you need to pay for hosting as well, but the major part is that you need to control your whole website, though it's about customization, modification, product implementation or everything else. You can tweak and change each and every insight regarding how your site looks, works, and the functionalities it ought to have.

Magento has paid services for the eCommerce development, which additionally come along with more complex inbuilt features for huge, global online shops, for example, Amazon.

What benefits will WordPress bring for you?

WordPress eCommerce website developement in India perfectionGeeks

WordPress is the best web creation platform over here and is a long way in front of its competitors as, Joomla and Drupal. It is ruling the market with 67% of the complete number of eCommerce sites that are developed using a CMS.

In the start, WordPress was only used for blogging purpose, while it turned out to be a little complex platform with its version updates and then can be utilized as a web development platform for the build-up on multiple features integrated websites. Along these lines, in a similar time, you can make an online shop and utilize the website for something different too. Magento, Shopify, and OpenCart are just made on the eCommerce development concept, so they didn’t allow the developers to develop and run a multipurpose webpage on them.

Then again, WordPress allows you to have a general command over your site. Besides that you can join your online store with some other reason, for example, sites, portfolios, corporate pages, and so forth, it gives hundreds of modules, tools, themes, and integration with a lot of current online services. WordPress is finely compatible with everything on the web. Furthermore, depending upon your financial plan, there are free, premium, and modest premium services all over. In this way, there's a major assortment of devices and costs that superbly fits within everybody’s budget and taste.

In contrast to Magento, for example, which is for experts and clone along with a more troublesome and complex interface, WordPress is truly simple and agreeable, so everybody can deal with it quite well. Working in WordPress is easy, as it comes to an instinctive interface.

whether it was made to be simple for each client, it is additionally an extraordinary wellspring of the web development process for all the coders and developer. It allows you to utilize your best coding aptitudes to make your own features, design, and some other things you need.

In any case, for a huge endeavour and store chain at a worldwide scale, Magento should be your decision, as it was made to deal with huge measures of substance and to help loads of complex features and attributes. In case you're creating something truly immense, attempt Magento, yet remember to peruse Magento survey first. In fact, it's probably going to need an expert's support.

Utilizing WordPress for your online store seems like the most ideal choice over here. Indeed, it will charge you if you need the best stuff accessible, however, you'll be certain you'll have full authority over your site. Furthermore, incidentally, there is the same number of free services as the paid ones. You just need to pay for two or three things, the vast majority of them demonstrating free forms too.

Here’s why you should consider WordPress for e-commerce.

WordPress for e-commerce  website services in UK PERFECTIONGEEKS
Ease to execute

WordPress is easily adaptable, whether you did not have much understanding of the technology you can easily access the WordPress dashboard easily, also to add some heavy features in the site you can hire a developer. Developing a WordPress site didn’t require you to pay a huge amount. Indeed, if it's all the same to you getting your hands grimy you could get your eCommerce portal began for under $100 the expense of a domain name, hosting and theme.

Obviously, its goodwill implies there are additionally a lot of specialists around to help you create a WordPress woo commerce webpage together.

Works with powerful plugins and modules

The free WordPress stage doesn't have all the usefulness you require to make an extraordinary web-based business web portal. That is the place where online business modules come in. These plugins and modules take the very best features of WordPress and also works fantastic in order to add a selling feature in the site.

An extraordinary WordPress web-based eCommerce plugin will allow you to deal with all the parts of your website and products from your WordPress dashboard. Although you sell physical or computerized items, you can distribute items, manage stock, and gather payment all on your WordPress site.

WooCommerce is the most well-known WordPress eCommerce plugin, utilized by about 34% of all WordPress stores. Due to its well being, various fabulous extensions have jumped up to make it much more impressive service making, loyalty programs, item customization, and lot more from there.

ExchangeWP is another incredible eCommerce plugin, permitting clients to try it for no cost, at that point extend it through a scope of extensions. These plugin extensions incorporate things like product variations, participation site usefulness, payment terms, and email marketing and more.

WP eCommerce is one of the most established WordPress plugins, is still all around trusted by numerous an online retailer. It offers all the fundamental web-based eCommerce development capacities you require, alongside various instalment, transportation, participation, and partner advertising choices to modify your webpage.

Key features that make WordPress the best eCommerce Solution

Cost for Development

It requires to invest in order to make earnings, that is valid. Try not to get it bent, there's nothing amiss with bootstrapping your business starting from the earliest stage, yet you shouldn't investigate saving money on your WordPress eCommerce development. For example, if you do not need to waste more time in fixing issues that you can simply resolve in just a few seconds by getting access to the premium support.

Aside from Shopify, the WordPress eCommerce plugin we'll cover in this post are free. That is in case you're hoping to make an essential online store. To benefit as much as possible from your WordPress e-store, you'll need to super-accuse your shopping cart with extensions, which don't come at a cheap cost. Before to make any decision to implement such an expensive module in your site get to consult with your developer, and try to add merely the features that are useful to your customers and affordable to your budget plan.

In the end, simply recollect each WordPress eCommerce solution (plugin) has an alternate cost and additionally unique technique for instalment for example once as opposed to repeating expense. No single WordPress plugin is truly free. In the event that you won't put down your credit card, get ready pay any rate before you can get back benefits into your e-store.

Full Responsive Nature

The WordPress eCommerce solution you choose should look extraordinary and work on all gadgets, no matter it’s a desktop or mobile phone. You wouldn't have any desire to lose a client since they couldn't add items to the cart when visiting your e-store on their tablet. Particularly with the tremendous number of completely responsive WordPress web-based business modules on the lookout, would you like to take this risk?

So its better to not make the waste of more money, by losing customers, instead of this just develop the site with a complete responsive manner which you can only get with the WordPress eCommerce solution.


Client experience assumes an enormous job in the purchasing process. You need your clients to make some incredible memories on your site. Though you will assemble it all yourself or recruit a developer, you need your e-store to look great in each aspect although it is product view option, add to cart option, payment method or everything else. You need not bother with the WordPress eCommerce solution you decide to break consistency in the plan.

The shopping cart should be mixed well with your WordPress theme or layout as far as looks, and to a huge degree, usefulness. In the event that the WordPress eCommerce stage doesn't acquire your theme’s styles naturally, it ought to at least to come with a choices board where you can add customization without any problem.

Ease of Use

Behind each effective web-based business store, there's a large number of exercises including yet not restricted to following requests, adding stock, eliminating old items and evolving costs. Is it clear now or must I advise you that your WordPress online business solution of decision ought to effectively support all these "back office" exercises?

You shouldn't get back to your developers to code new features into your e-store. It ought to involve point and snap and this remains constant for all the other things, not simply adding features.

In the event that it's difficult to utilize, it's some unacceptable answer for you. With time, maybe you'll learn, yet when beginning, go for a shopping cart that is in your ballpark regarding abilities needed to maintain an effective business.

Payment Gateways
WordPress for e-commerce  website services in singapoore PERFECTIONGEEKS

Subsequent to all the other things, you should take payment from your clients for every of their shopping from your e-store. Numerous online business people do everything directly until you get to the checkout page. This is the place where crap hits the fan. For example, you're truly keen on purchasing what's on offer yet when you get to the checkout page, the vendor doesn't offer your favoured payment method. Maybe it's conscious they truly can't handle your PayPal. For example, Maybe their WordPress eCommerce solution is the issue the quantity of instalment passages it underpins is restricted.

Additionally, most clients don't care for it when you direct them to an outsider site for example PayPal to make a payment, so they drop the cart and snap away. Guarantee your WordPress eCommerce module underpins all payments option you require. More is always better doesn't actually apply here, yet in any event, give enough payment options to your clients.

You can generally add payment gateway through extensions, so do your examination well. I'm doing whatever it takes not to drop names, in any event not until we begin exploring the accessible online business solution, however, Mijireh is an incredible checkout solution comes with WordPress that superbly covers 90 payment gateways!

No, Mijireh isn't a shopping cart. It's the sort of online payment method something similar to Paypal that you put between the shopping cart and the checkout page for the sole motivation behind handling orders. It beats PayPal ten to nil since PayPal is only a payment gateway, however, Mijireh is a collection of multiple payment options. Also, it bolsters all the major web-based eCommerce modules, for example, Woo-Commerce, MarketPress and Cart66 among others.

Search Engine Optimization

A well strategic and correct SEO will present to you a lot of web traffic for quite a long time, months and years to come. In the event that you might want to do SEO yourself, consider looking at WordPress SEO Tutorial by Yoast, WordPress SEO: Ranking Higher in Search Engines, and this magnificent SEO Guide at Google.

What are a portion of the site where you need to pay special attention? Go for an answer that underpins meta information in classifications and labels, HTML5, meta titles and meta depictions per item among others. Your decision should ideally work with your SEO plugin(s) also. At any rate, with all the SEO modules accessible, you should figure out the WordPress SEO code without any problem.


The web attackers and hackers are always looking for a change to harm the website and to keep safe the website form any harm or web attack, you must have to integrate the web portal with an awesomely working security method. Well in WordPress eCommerce solution we have a number of security solution in form of widgets and plugins that we only need to install and run within the website. Once installed these security features works fantastically by keeping full attention to each part of the site from its backend in order to keep the site safe from any harmful web attack.


There is such a great amount to consider here. Above all else, if a WordPress eCommerce stage has all the features along with the features that you require for your business, then I am deadly sure as is a wrong verdict.

Yet, you're a newbie and are likely considering what are that some features you need to begin your online business. Nevermind how essential your WordPress web-based business module is, it should support stock management, revealing, member projects, estimating and your particular item type for example computerized downloads versus actual items and so on.

Above all the other things, your web-based eCommerce solution should supports extensions and reconciliation. Plan ahead so you know the features you need. While you're busy, think about the eventual fate of your business, and decide the features that will serve you today and days to come.

Along with this, WordPress eCommerce stages are regularly asset serious. For best execution and better SEO positioning, have your WordPress web-based business store at WPEngine or with any of the hosts covered in best WordPress hosting.


Where do you see your business in the upcoming years? Unless you’re utterly pessimistic, you should expect at least some form of growth. Your WordPress eCommerce solution of choice should not fall into pieces when your inventory doubles or quadruples in volume. Is your solution of choice scalable?

You will be surprised the number of people waiting to buy what you’re offering, and as soon as you cut the ribbon, they will all come running – a million of them. Transactions on top of transactions; processing payments; tracking orders, coupons and discounts – name it. Through this all, your eCommerce solution should not give in.

Technical Support

Though one is from a technical background or not they anytime need technical support in order to run and access their web portal in a bother-less way. Indeed, even the best of us stall out and need rescuing. This is the place where experts help comes very effectively.

Point is, the point at which you're trapped, you need prompt assistance since it is your business on the line. What's more, it would suck if your strings went unanswered for quite a long time or weeks in the help discussion.

As you look around, look at those help discussions and see who is effectively satisfying their obligation. Try not to rush to pass judgment on others (it's misleading), you ought to guarantee you're offering the best help (specialized or something else) to your clients. It's acceptable karma as well in the event that you have faith in such things.


Being a famous CMS, WordPress offers the best arrangement basic for setting up an online business store.

It has elevated level security frameworks, a great many modules, all around planned themes, API mix choices, and considerably more. In the event that you have plans to fabricate a web-based business site for your business, at that point picking WordPress will be an insightful choice.

frequently asked questions

There are different approaches to do this and the primary activity is to elevate the site to all the clients. This will assist with expanding your client base. Your site address ought to be available on each promotion that your organization puts resources into. Register with the web indexes and upgrade your site as this will influence the traffic of your webpage.

Online business site proprietors ought to consistently remember the three components of security – classification, respectability and accessibility. Entrepreneurs ought to build up a decent methodology that can assist with making the site and exchanges made sure about. To evade any programmers access significant private information, incorporate encryption strategies for any information exchanges.

No, as such there are no restrictions on the size. The greatest advantage of having an online store is that you can add limitless items and lists and simultaneously you can develop your client base as you require.
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