How Do You Create An MVP That Attracts Funding For Your Mobile App?

How Do You Create An MVP That Attracts Funding For Your Mobile App?

july 18, 2023 12:40PM

MVP Development

Companies are planning new products and services, but the cost of developing them is high. Not all companies can afford to develop their ideas.

Learning how to create an MVP to earn money would be best. By creating the MVP, businesses can test their ideas with real users and raise funds to fund further MVP developments.

Statista reports that approximately 25% of applications are unrestricted following a single usage. The Number of apps is increasing, and competition is becoming more intense.

It is best to develop an MVP, as it doesn't require any additional money. This blog will cover creating an MVP for App development Services that make money. Let's first take a look at the MVP.

What Is An MVP (Minimum viable product)?

MVP is a development technique that uses simple features to launch a product. These features are sufficient to grab the attention of customers. It would be best to gather initial user feedback before launching your final product on the market.

MVP is a basic version of the product you are releasing. It contains all the features necessary to present them to your customers. You can also test out the app with potential users.

You can analyse the gaps and assess the importance of the app by using the data gathered through MVP. This helps add features or improve them. The MVP will help you create the final product.

Why Develop MVP?

You'd be surprised to learn that many founders have had their journeys end before even a single customer has held their product. This is a basic situation. It is, therefore, critical that you pass the MVP development process.

  • Attention Investors

    MVP is an idea-showcasing technique. You can show your idea rather than talk about it for many hours. When you find people who will use and value the product, your investment potential will skyrocket.

  • Create a Product That People will use

    This is a complicated case where founders make assumptions about how potential should appear and then stick with them. This assumption must be flexible when creating a product aimed at individuals.

    You can remove all the features that are not important by obtaining feedback from users.

  • A Better understanding of the Domain

    You begin by researching the market and industry to create an MVP. This helps you gain a better understanding of the Domain and space. You will miss out on the opportunity if you develop a product from scratch.

  • Fast and Affordable Idea Validation

    MVP development requires the most specific features to validate ideas in the shortest time. You can concentrate your resources and time on the most critical aspects of the product. This is a low-cost product that shows how users will react.

  • A Place For Low-Risk Experiments

    You can evolve your product by creating a minimum viable product. If new technologies are introduced, you can initially assimilate them with ease and fairness. It is also much easier to add new features than to remove unnecessary ones.

    MVP is a flexible product concept that allows for future transformations.

What is an MVP?

MVP Development

MVP product development is not very different from software product design. The stages may be similar, but the speed and goal of the steps are different. We will assist you in understanding how to build an MVP to help prepare for difficulties.

  • Define A Problem statement

    You would be better off addressing the problem you are trying to solve. You can write it down. You can also test the viability of a mobile app by using an MVP.

    Ensuring that your solution meets the requirements and saves resources is essential. Being a professional in the industry is a plus, but learning about the existing issues is essential.

  • Conduct Market research

    This step involves assessing the market. You can also explore the competition, address your target audience, conduct market research, and measure the market size.

    Startups fail because of a lack of money. Before investing money in a new product, it is essential to research the interests of consumers.

  • Prototype Potential Solution

    You might ask why you require both software and a prototype MVP. A prototype is the first attempt to visualise a working solution. An MVP is the primary product form that executes the targeted actions.

    Prototyping also brings design and functionality into focus. Also, it validates UI and UX. You can also get early feedback on enhancements you are considering for MVP development services.

    Steve Jobs created the Apple Lisa without prototyping. The product was not only unproductive but also disastrous.

  • Listing Your App Features

    You cannot create a product if you don't know what the customer wants and needs. Customer feedback is essential for MVP product development, just as raising money for mobile apps is important.

    Once you know your customers, adding features to your MVP that will help you make money is possible.

    A roadmap will also be created. Hire a mobile app developer to list your app's features.

  • Testing and Developing Your MVP

    You must then focus on the process of development. Test the software at each stage to ensure its effectiveness. When you are in close contact with the app developers, they will be able to help you. Before launching your app, fixing any bugs or flaws is essential.

How to measure success after building an MVP

Different approaches can be used to predict a product's future success accurately. We'll discuss a few ways to determine the success of an MVP.

  • Client Feedback-Based Appraisals

    The Number of downloads and the launch rate are indicators of user interest. The simplicity of the application will encourage customers to download more.

  • Engagement

    It allows startups to measure not only the current value of a product but also its potential value. You can improve the user's experience by using feedback.

  • Word of Mouth

    Traffic is an important metric to predict success. Interviewing potential customers is another way to measure success. Start by listing all the problems a client faces or will face in the future and asking them what they think.

  • Sign-Up

    This is one way to gauge user interest. The product's needs are also measured to determine the revenue.

  • Client acquisition cost (CAC)

    It is essential to know how much it will cost to get the attention of paying clients. This will help startups stay current on their marketing initiatives and make any necessary changes.

    CAC = money spent on the traction network or number of customers acquired by channel.

  • Percentage of active users

    The launch rate and the number of downloads do not solely determine the success of an MVP. It's essential for researching user behaviour and evaluating the ratings of regularly active users.

  • Churn rate

    The percentage of users who have uninstalled or stopped using the app is shown.

    Churn = the number of churns in a week or a month divided by the number of users who started that week or month.

  • Client Value Lifetime (CLV)

    CLV measures how long a user uses an application before they uninstall it or stop using it.

    CLV = (Profit per user * app usage time) purchase cost

  • Number Of Paying Users

    Please keep track of the products you will be paid for and understand their average revenue.

    The average revenue per active user = Total income by day and age/Number of users.

Final Thoughts

To raise money, it is essential to develop an MVP mobile app. You can create an app that will attract investors by following the tips in this article. This will help you secure the funding required to bring your product to market. Let's also focus on companies like Airbnb, Uber, and WhatsApp that started as MVPs but are now the most successful. Do not let small things deter you from seeking investors to fund your MVP.

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