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Healthcare application development industry - PerfectionGeeks

Everything To Know About Healthcare Application Development

May 02, 2022 04:00 PM

Healthcare Application Development Company

Like many other industries, the Healthcare application development industry has seen major changes due to technological advances. Healthcare sees huge advances in technology, increasing the use of health and medical applications.

Both patients and healthcare professionals have found healthcare applications extremely helpful. These healthcare mobile apps connect healthcare professionals with patients in need of help. These apps allow healthcare professionals to access patient information and give a digital description if necessary. Apps for Healthcare enable faster and more accurate diagnosis. This improves patient care.

Mobile app development for healthcare can be described as an extraordinary way to make patients' lives easier and bring various benefits to medical services.

This guide will explain how these apps work and highlight their benefits for the industry. We'll also discuss the average cost of developing healthcare apps and the factors that affect it.

Before we get into the details, let's first look at what the state of the healthcare market is like right now.

Healthcare Market - A Overview

Healthcare apps are rapidly evolving with the involvement of AI in healthcare, with many options available for patients and caregivers. Further, the market value for healthcare apps has seen a dramatic increase following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Healthcare, app downloads have increased 60% since the outbreak of Covid-19. Statista also reported that 53,054 apps were available on the Google Play Store in the first quarter of 2021. In the Apple App Store, 53.979 iOS healthcare applications were available in the first quarter of 2021. In 2020, the total funding from digital investors in the health sector was 21.6 million USD, the highest sum ever.

These numbers show the increasing popularity of mobile healthcare technology. It's no surprise that so many healthcare professionals and companies invest in mobile healthcare application development.

The Healthcare Sector is facing many challenges

Even though the market is growing, many healthcare providers still hesitate before launching an application for the market. Why?

You can understand why healthcare solutions fail to make a lasting impact on the lives of millions and help you design your mobile app so that you are a guide for those who are still unsure whether they should take their medical care on the mobile platform.

Let's now move to why Healthcare is constantly thinking about mobile.

1. Insufficient focus on any one domain

Mobile health is a growing market, and businesses that enter it fail to realize that stakeholders are not like super apps offering many things in one app. A patient or doctor will almost always be looking for a solution to a single issue when installing a health app. They are searching for solutions to one problem and not multiple.

Instead of creating an app that solves all your problems, a healthcare app would be more useful.

2. Non-Compliance with The Law

The mobile health sector is governed by multiple compliance bodies all over the globe. A healthcare app developer must be aware of what HIPAA compliances mean. They have direct access to the app's data protection and the provisions it has in place to verify the accuracy of any advice, data, or information.

Although it can be difficult to get a seal of approval, it is the most important reason healthcare stakeholders don't believe in the system. Stakeholders are kept away from the system by the absence of a seal of approval from the FDA, a HIPAA-compliant badge on the home screen of the application, or screenshots in the App Store or Play Store.

3. Inadequacy in Security

Millions of stories have been written about patients' data being lost or hacked due to insecure storage infrastructure. While security should be a top priority for every healthcare organization, few apps take this task seriously. Although the compliance we discussed in the previous pointer does solve the problem, it boils down to each brand's steps to create a security-first model.

4. Mobile Health Domain: Prevalent negative sentiment

You can still take solutions to resolve the mistrust issues - which we will examine a bit later - but there is no solution or direct way to fix the negative sentiment problem. Particularly when they are valid. Ineffectiveness in Healthcare has been a frequent theme. Multiple reports have shown that a large percentage of mobile apps for weight loss in stores offer incorrect weight loss methods. However, severe cases have seen mobile apps fail to recognize lesions later diagnosed with melanoma.

5. Multiple Channels and Devices

Interoperability is a major challenge for developers of health apps, with so many devices and channels on the market, including smartphones, voice assistants, smart TVs, and other devices. It is becoming increasingly important and difficult to ensure that private medical data does not flow in the cloud migration.

These are just a few reasons why medical industry stakeholders should not be transitioning from their legacy system into the mobile health apps services. After discussing the main challenges in the healthcare development company, let's now look at the different types of apps on the market.

Different types of healthcare applications

There are many healthcare apps on the market. More apps are being developed and launched every day. Healthcare apps can be classified according to their intended use: apps for patients, medical professionals, and facilities.

This market scenario makes it a great idea to launch a mobile app for Healthcare and a mobile app for telehealth. It will transform the industry due to a large number of users worldwide. Before you begin healthcare app development, there are some things that you should know.

UX/UI that is user-friendly

Accessing a healthcare app is a privilege that will make it easier for people with medical disabilities to use. Therefore, the UI must be attractive to users in the innovation for Healthcare. The app should be easy to use for sick people or have symptoms of chronic diseases. For most apps, personal health data must be entered. This is for either archiving or diagnosis. The app's UI should make it easy and intuitive for users to enter health data.

The app should have a positive appearance in terms of the terminology, the color schemes, and the alert sounds. The app should reassure the user that all their healthcare issues will be dealt with quickly, and they will feel a sense of well-being when they close the app.

Healthcare Data Security and Confidentiality

Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) outlines the restrictions and procedures for managing personal data. Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC Section 2.1 and e-Privacy Directive2002/58/EC Section 2.2 are data protection laws that regulate the electronic exchange of data between commercial concerns.

These laws are different from one region to another. These laws will apply to the app that you create. Otherwise, legal action may be taken against you. To reduce legal liability, increase compliance and improve app effectiveness, one solution is to create and release multiple versions of the app for different world regions. This would lower the overall cost of app development and increase revenue.

Integration with Emergency Services and Related Services

It is a great idea to hardwire emergency services into your app to ensure maximum effectiveness and added value. Examples: ICU on wheels, ambulances on call, ICU on wheels, etc.

Healthcare apps are limited to diagnosis and treatment suggestions. It would benefit your app if it linked online pharmacies to the app. This will allow you to purchase medication and deliver it to your home once prescriptions and diagnosis are completed.

App Testing

This phase is crucial for any app development. In this instance, the error margin should be very low for user tasks. App failure can have serious consequences for patients in certain cases. In the event of an emergency, if the healthcare provider cannot access the patient's data via the app, it could lead to the death or impairment of the patient. This testing will focus on how responsive the app is under adverse conditions like signal drops and refresh rates for app data. This is a critical step because of the app's higher dependence and criticality than other apps.

We are a healthcare app development company that develops technology-powered healthcare solutions to improve every aspect of Healthcare. We have been involved in more than 20 projects to digitize Healthcare. These include the following: Governance, Organizational Structure, and mindset. We have the expertise to manage your healthcare project.

Our Digital Healthcare Products

We assist health organizations in implementing innovative digital health strategies. Whether their focus is - cloud migration, EHRs, or incorporation of technologies such as AI and IoT in Healthcare, our digital services help organizations transform the way they provide healthcare solutions and create digital healthcare consumption.

The 4Cs that make up the heart of the medical app development industry.

We are healthcare app developers that integrate robust mobile infrastructures to support a dynamic healthcare environment with clinicians, providers, and patients. This is possible through our 4C model for a digital healthcare consumerism backbone.


All healthcare applications must comply with all applicable international and local regulations.


The Healthcare app domain has many uses, but it all boils down to how comprehensive your solution is for your stakeholders.


The industry requires a Healthcare app that allows secure, seamless connection between patients and doctors. Our team of Healthcare app developers understands this need.


The privacy of patient’s data should be considered a privilege. It is important to keep the data confidential.

Digital Revolutionizing the Healthcare Ecosystem

Our innovation and expertise are the foundation of every step we take in bringing about a digital revolution within the Health and Care industry. We have acquired these two components over the years as a trusted app development company for Healthcare in India and the USA.

Designing a well-planned architecture

We know the importance of having a well-planned architecture in ensuring that the solution is secure and saves time for end-users and that is why we are known as the best mobile app development. Our choice between monolithic and microservices indicates how important our system architects consider your end goal.

Security-First Approach

We approach digital healthcare solutions with security-first thinking. We pay attention to compliances and expand our testing coverage for DAST/SAST.

DevOps Centric Model

DevOps is a requirement to maintain development, QA, and deployment simultaneously. This allows us to offer a solid system to tackle fixes and avoid replication to serve different business needs.

Unsurpassed Code Quality

We make every effort to ensure that our code quality is unsurpassed in design, performance, security, and design. We understand that it is important to reduce the number of patches, leading to stability and less maintenance time.


PerfectionGeeks has worked on many innovative mobile healthcare apps. Our goal is to assist medical providers and hospitals in developing superior healthcare apps that patients love and will embrace. You can see how we helped You to create an app for in-hospital patients. Patients can use the app to send messages to nurses using voice commands or head gestures. They receive prompt care and attention. Contact PerfectionGeeks and start the healthcare software development journey today.

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