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How to Create a Feature-Rich Music Streaming App? Complete Guide

Music Streaming App

How to Make a Music Streaming App

Whether you build your app on Android, iOS, or both, there are several stages common for all, Android app development, iOS app development, or cross-platform app development of a music streaming service.

Below are the stages to create a music streaming app:

Select between Types of Music Streaming Apps

There are three familiar kinds of music streaming apps that you can choose from:

Music Library

This app is a server-based music library that offers consumers access to music as per the organization’s conditions. The business can deliver a paid subscription, free access, or a mix of both where it can have additional features in the paid version. Instances are Napster and Spotify.

Cloud Storage

This type of app lets users keep and stream songs on the go. Instances are AudioBox, Cloudlist, and Groove Music.

Radio Stations

This kind of app has different radio stations and places them by typical themes. You can stream them to home audio, PC, or any mobile device. Instances are SHOUTCast and Apple Music.

Obtain Licenses

As the proprietor of a music app, you’ll require to get a license to offer music content on your app. A Public Version Rights license is important to get to make your music app.

In the US, you can reach out to the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) or Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) for the needed license.

In Europe, the Society of European Stage (SESAC) delivers this license.

If you stream music without a license, you may have to meet a copyright infringement suit and a heavy penalty of up to $150,000 per song you play.

Choose on Data Storage

Before creating a music app, view the factor of storage. There will be a requirement for a back-end server to support streaming. You can view popular cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

There is another choice you can choose. You can use SDK and API of Spotify or SoundCloud to stream music. However, adhere to the restrictions in Terms of Use of these development tools strictly.

In the third option, you can make a data storage app on a self-hosted server without any third-party streaming APIs.

Select a Suitable Platform

iOS and Android are the two most familiar platforms these days. To stay competitive consider both iOS app development and Android app development for your music streaming service.

In case you have severe initial budget restrictions, select the platform based on your target audience. For example, you can go for iOS app development to target the US audience. If you want to target Europe and Asia, Android app development would be a better option.

Select between MVP and Advanced

If you have a limited budget, a Minimum Viability Product (MVP) can be a suitable option. Later on, you can add advanced elements as you begin making earnings with the first launch of your app. An MVP version will also help you attract investors for the budget you require to take your app further.

So, here are the must-have (MVP) components you must have in your music app.

Registration and Login Authentication

This part is a must to create a strong community and deliver a personalized experience to users. Contain both email and password, phone number, and password sign-ups for your users. Also, deliver sign-up or log-in via Facebook and Google to make sign-up quick and user-friendly.

Search Option (browsing)

Provide a Search opportunity to let users type and search music by artist’s name, title, album, genre, etc.

Music Player and Music Library

Let users make playlists of their favorite songs, add albums, and mark artists as favorites. Besides, you should also deliver them the freedom to browse their favorite tracks. They should be able to make, delete, share, and play their playlists.

Music Categories

Deliver users with the flexibility to search ways and artists by category. Organize the music content on your app by playlists, genres, ratings, popularity, mood, activities, etc. The categories of music help the user browse the songs fast and find out what they require easily.

Essential Elements for Developing A Music Streaming App

The components Spotify has adorned itself & smoothly consistent with its algorithm that it delivers 1000s of music tracks at any given moment, on a global scale.

Registration & Social Login:

Establishing your music streaming service is easy as you think, with all types of personalization and base data, registration on the live audio streaming platform is free and suitable through social media networks for further subscriptions.

User Profile & Authorization:

Embedded with endpoints to retrieve entire data about the user’s profile and authorization of every user with their comparable database such as email address, password, etc. to minimize spam interferences.

Audio Streaming:

An interesting part of the radio streaming software allows the users to stay up-to-date on the current release of blockbuster tracks. Users can listen to the latest album at any time on distinct music tracks.

Useful Search Tab & Organization:

A Personalized medium to manage every track on the user-specific taste for an adequate comfort zone. Users can discover up to n number of tracks and pinpoint the choices.

AI Recommendations:

Intrinsically, listeners tend to pay more awareness to newly-suggestive curative playlists that are delivered according to their genre, mood, & added favorite elements. Music streaming app builders can capitalize on this part in an ideal way & improve user experience.


Listening of most favorable audio playbacks endlessly through managing the user’s entire playlist by saving and editing melody tracks through online or offline mode.

Lyrical Display of Music:

By containing verses of songs in your on-demand music application, you can personalize your user’s extraordinary listening experience with added curiosity. As it is AI-enabled, you can enable a chance to constantly display lyrics during the playback to keep consumers engaged with your music app.


Listening to the selected track at any time without the use of the Internet is applicable through offline availability – downloading on any device.

Playlists: Public or Private:

It allows users of your platform to make different playlists within the music app. They can be made and differentiated from one another by allowing only the user or those with full control to access them.


Earning on each audio streaming solution is applicable through advertisement by offering banners or videos & is certainly the key for Spotify to magnify the revenue by music streaming monetization platform.

Push Notification:

A must feature to link users with the application to get the most out of current updates from artists, Community and Friends on the application circle.

Calendar of Music Events:

Customers can utilize this chance to review the date of their famous arranger’s or musician’s forthcoming live audio performance or designed podcasts. This helps them to get around to your music streaming app and not miss those live or on-demand occasions.

Invite Friends:

Let your buddies listen to your favored tracks by inviting your friends to rotate from social media or Email Addresses to enjoy every track on the list.

Song Writer Profile:

An appreciating quality that helps in awarding every lyricist that adds a premium of credits and encouragement and also to discover who made your favorite music.

Chat While Listening In-App:

There wouldn’t be anything else more useful than interacting with your following peers within a music streaming session. Let your users create the most of their involvement with other audiences to enhance engagement and broaden socializing while listening to music.

How you can Monetize Your App

Freemium Model
  • Use a freemium model to grow your outreach. A freemium model delivers a distinct service free of cost while setting a fee for premium parts.
  • For instance, Spotify. It offers its music streaming service free – but there are ads in between the tracks. If customers enjoy uninterrupted listening knowledge, they can pay a subscription fee for that.
  • The freemium model will enhance the possibilities of conversion of your free subscribers into your paid subscribers at a later stage. It thus can help improve your app revenue too.
Incorporate Ads
  • Run ads in your app. In-content ad streaming is a positively possible way to make revenue from ad publishers. The more in-content advertisement you recreate, the more are the images and clicks. As a consequence, it allows getting more money from the advertisers.
Introduce Paid Subscriptions
  • After receiving a sufficient freemium subscriber’s base, you can submit paid subscription benefits to restore freemium users to premium users. Boost your free subscribers to upgrade to a premium subscription by offering lucrative subscription prices. Spotify shows even a single-day subscription for the users to engage them.

In conclusion

The accomplishment of every other music streaming website utterly relies on the technologies & components that perform key functions in developing revenue.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has that potentiality and follows the agile approach to bring your next-generation music streaming on every machine globally. We urge the latest technology in the right logical pattern and upgradable features to put your music streaming website updated for modern streaming services.

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