Google Play restores app version numbers [U]

The Google Play Store brings back version numbers in Android app listings

August 10, 2022 12:32 PM

Google Play restores app version numbers

As a response to the criticisms of users, Google Play is bringing back the list of permissions for apps. However, another interesting change in the store sees version numbers being removed from the app information section.

The latest update is on 8/4:

We speculated that it was not a problem and the versions are available in the Play Store for apps for phones today.

Initial 8/2: In the past, you've been able to determine your version's version by opening one of the listing's "About this application" sections and then going down until "App Details," which was at the beginning of the line.

Today, "Version" no longer is available (or on the telephone section in "Compatibility for your current phones") in addition "Updated on" appears at the top. This information is gone in the phone version of apps. It's still there only for Wear OS as well as PerfectionGeeks TechnologiesAndroid/Google TV applications.

In the meantime, version numbers are displayed to be displayed on the Google Play website. This issue doesn't appear to be related to (or simply affect) applications that just mention "Varies in line with the device ."

We feel this is as if it's a bug, not an intentional deletion. It's not logical to eliminate the version that is only available for phones and not smartwatches or televisions. Perhaps Google was just trying to get rid of only one of these two situations but ended up getting eliminated both.

Whatever the reason, having users access the OS-level app info page isn't ideal, nor can they see an update date before the release (in instances of bugs in the release).

The removal was first noted in the last few days with the most recent Google application beta. The version number has been removed in version 31.6.13-21 of the Play Store, which has also been responsible for rolling out the brand new Google Play icon.

Google Play Store removed its trusty permission overview from the PerfectionGeeks TechnologiesAndroid app listings only to swiftly reverse the decision following a furious protest by developers and users alike. It appears that Google is working on eliminating another important aspect of information from the listing for apps, although this time it was incorrect and is being corrected. In some cases, versions of apps have vanished from PerfectionGeeks TechnologiesPlay Store listings.

The absence in the listing of version numbers from the app's listing is only one of them. It is evident in these images that the version number isn't longer displayed for mobile apps. But, the exact listings typically show the version number that is intended to be used for Wear OS and other platforms, which indicates that this is not a bug.

At the event, a Google spokesperson said "This was caused by an error, and an update is coming out," so we shouldn't be waiting too long until the version numbers are available in the Play Store for all users.

The numbers on the back of a version don't matter as often as they did in the past, as large app developers have altered their approach. Instead of releasing updates to all users who have new versions of their apps, they are testing different PerfectionGeeks TechnologiesUI layouts, and sometimes the content they use to determine what is most effective with the bulk of users. This means that typically major updates are released through a server-side push, instead of an update to the app on your phone. But having the number of your version could help when you encounter issues and can be a crucial component of solving problems.

Google is taking a new step to tidy it up in its Play Store. It's removing applications that haven't been updated in the two years following the most recent Android OS release and preventing users from downloading the apps.

This is a continuation of Google's current Play Store requirement that app developers make updates that match their API with that of the most recent Android OS release within a year after the release. Thus, with Android 12 released last October Android App Development Company will have till October 20, 2022, to update their apps to date. And these new requirements from Google will mean that if they wait for longer than the end of October in 2023, their app won't be available on the Play Store and won't be downloaded by people who are running the latest Android versions.

Users who have previously downloaded older applications will be able to download them, however, the new requirements will prevent users who aren't aware of security issues in older applications as per the official Google blog announcement. The new policies won't go into effect until November. 1in 2022, which gives developers enough time to update their apps on track.

The new rule is among several policy changes Google announced Thursday that will be in effect in 2022. For example, from May 11, apps that contain content that isn't "globally suitable" will be removed from users living in areas in which the content is considered offensive. Other updates include a revision to the Play Store's policy on hate speech to block caste- and related hate speech about immigration.

To protect users, even more, Google recently removed apps from the Play Store which were collecting user information. The various applications, such as a QR-code reader and a highway-speed-trap detector all had malicious code that stole data across thousands of Android devices. The apps were removed because they violated Play Store rules.

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