GetX for Flutter Guide

A Guide to GetX for Flutter

February 13, 2023 4:46 PM

GetX for Flutter


Whenever we start creating any application in Flutter, we must determine which state management we must use. It would be more comfortable for you to make this decision through this blog. Here, in this tutorial: Flutter state management using GetX: I would like to present GetX, a powerful Flutter framework.

What is GetX?

GetX is not just a state management library; it is an ultra-light, fast, and dependable microframework for Flutter that supplies route management and dependency injection as well.

Flutter is progressing very quickly and gaining a favourite place among innovators. As a developer, we must cope with regular Flutter updates, plugins, and other dependencies. Sometimes, it becomes a nightmare to handle such dependencies. GetX solved this issue; it is all in one package, which makes our job quite relaxing. Also, by using GetX, we can bypass the use of StatefulWidget, which lowers the RAM consumption as well.

Why GetX?

So, let's tackle a little more in-depth why we must use GetX to control the condition in the Flutter app. GetX enhances the Flutter application in three different ways:

  • Productivity: Using simple syntax, developers can easily execute GetX state control in Flutter: No matter how complicated a code snippet can be, you can save time with GetX Flutter. It improves productivity by reducing development time and delivering maximum performance.
  • Organization and readability: GetX decouples the idea. It delivers easy and uncomplicated syntax, consequently improving the readability and format of the company logic.
  • Performance: As mentioned above, GetX concentrates on how the fewest resources can be consumed, which can assist in improving the application's version. It doesn't use ChangeNotifier or streams. Look at the below RAM chart showing different state managers.

Features of GetX

State management
  • Executing reactive programming is a very complicated task, but with GetX, it is quite simple:
  • There is no need to build StreamController.
  • It is not necessary to create Stream Builder.
  • There is no need to build a class for each state.
  • There is no need to set an initial value.
  • Then what must be done?

Make the variable observable as shown below:

GetX for Flutter

var name = 'Foo'.obs;

Obx(() => Text("${}"));

That's it; you are done. All devices will be updated wherever the variable has been used.

Route management

You can efficiently navigate to any screen using GetX with little to no code.Surprise??

It just requires following some essential steps:

Add "Get" before your app name.

GetMyApp (before: MaterialApp) ( home: MyHome(), )

To navigate to a new screen, just;

There are numerous other possibilities, like going back, going to a specific page, and many more.

Dependency management

GetX provides a very simple and straightforward method for adding dependencies without the need for context.Assume we go to a specific page via multiple routes; we can get the deal in our controller using only the find() method.


Providing support for numerous languages is straightforward with GetX. By following the simple measures below, you can execute translation in your Flutter app.

Make a custom class, extend it with translation, and add text for needed language support.

Translations are extended by class messages.

@override Map > get keys => { 'en_US': { 'the surname': 'Surname', }, 'de_DE': { 'surname': 'Familien - oder Nachname', } }; } Simply to the key that you want to translate. Text('surname'.tr); You can even pass the argument to the text.


GetX delivers extra lightweight key-pair value by remembering storage capabilities. Hence, we can get persistent data throughout the application if required.


Theme creation with GetX becomes easier compared to anything else. Simply create a custom theme and pass it through the GET. Change the theme () function without any boilerplate and you're done.


Responsive view

Delivering support for numerous devices is sometimes very complex. GetX provides the ability to quickly create applications that support multiple dimensions, such as desktop, tablet, mobile, and so on.


In the article, I have described the fundamental structure of GetX State Management in Flutter; you can change this code according to your preference. This was a small introduction to GetX State Management on User Interaction from my side, and it's working usinga Flutter.

I hope this blog will provide you with sufficient knowledge on how to set up GetX state management in your Flutter projects. We will tell you what GetX is. Show the principles of and why GetX, etc., of GetX State Management exist. Make a demo programme for operating with GetX.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need any further details about this topic or any other topic. I would be delighted to assist you in the same way. Let's get X in your next Flutter app.


Is GetX good for Flutter?

It is very easy to use and implement if you are new to Flutter. It provides a very short code. GetX is very popular, so you will get large support. It provides large support for functionality like state, navigation, dependency, and utility.

What are the basics of GetX?

GetX has 3 basic principles. This means that these are the priorities for all resources in the library: productivity, performance, and organisation. Performance: GetX is focused on performance and minimum consumption of resources. GetX does not use Streams or ChangeNotifier.

Do big companies use Flutter? is a great example of a large company that turned to Flutter to help scale its mobile development. A crucial insight from their article detailing their experience working with Flutter is that it greatly increased the productivity of their engineers.

Why is Flutter not popular?

One of the biggest drawbacks to Flutter is Dart, its implementation language. Dart is one of the languages you can use if you're running Google's web or back-end hosting environments. and that's pretty much it.

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+91 8920947884


1968 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States

+1 9176282062

Singapore singapore

10 Anson Road, #33-01, International Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 079903

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