Brands Like BMW Prefer Flutter For Automotive App

Top Brands Like BMW & Toyota Use Flutter for Automotive App Development

December 09, 2022 18:09 PM

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Flutter officially became one of the most popular development frameworks in different industries, including automotive, in 2022. Flutter appears to have an advantage in this sector, as all the major automotive companies use Flutter for their apps.

This framework can be used by companies of any size, from large enterprises with huge development teams to small startups. It is an easy toolkit that developers love to use. Flutter allows you to create stunning, high-performing, and scalable apps across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android , Windows, Linux, and Windows Linux. web, macOS, and macOS.

What makes top brands so confident about using Flutter over other frameworks?

Flutter is a seamless framework that can deploy scalable apps for businesses. So how can top brands such as BMW be certain that Flutter is the only framework they will use?

These could be the reasons for having such confidence in this framework.

  • The same Business Logic and UI on all Platforms
  • Cross-platform application frameworks offer developers a way to share the codebase across different platforms. Flutter offers a way to share both business logic and the UI. Flutter does not require specific UI components to render the user interface. It only needs a canvas to draw on.

    Flutter's unique rendering makes it stand out from other frameworks. Flutter's UI consistency is guaranteed across all platforms. Sharing business logic and UI with Flutter is a time-saving, labour-saving, and health-preserving option that doesn't impact the final product.

  • Increase Time-to-Market
  • Flutter functions and features make it easier for automotive companies to market the final product, the business app. Flutter is a mobile app marketing tool that requires less than two hours to market. This is why many automotive companies are looking at Flutter.

    Because it allows for a single codebase on all platforms, the time-to-market is quick. This reduces the time and effort needed to market the app. Flutter also offers a declarative API to build UIs, which improves overall performance.

  • Similar To Native App Performance
  • Good UX is crucial for the app to work well. The Flutter app performs in nearly all cases, just like the native app. You might even find it better for some complex UI/UX designers' animations.

    Flutter does not rely on intermediate code representations. Instead, Flutter's app is directly embedded in the machine code, which reduces bugs and improves performance. As a result, the app will eventually be released much faster than other development frameworks.

  • Own Rendering Engine
  • Flutter allows developers to do more with their apps than with other platforms. This is because it's a powerful platform that has its rendering engine. Flutter uses the skin to render itself on the canvas provided by platforms. Flutter's engine makes it easy to release UI on any platform.

    Developers can rely on their engines to simplify the development process and get the final product to market faster and more efficiently.

  • Highly Customized, Animated UI
  • Flutter is a tool that allows you to customize and create animations. This is the most important benefit for automotive apps. Flutter allows apps to be more customizable and take up complex animations.

    Flutter allows you to modify everything on your screen, no matter how complex it may seem. Flutter allows you to customize and create animations. However, this doesn't take too much time. This allows you to save time and effort while still deploying an effective and highly customized app.

Flutter is a trusted brand by top brands
Multi Cloud Architecture

Many top brands use Flutter to build apps for their businesses:

These are just a few:
  • Toyota
  • They lead the charge in embedded Flutter development by creating next-generation information systems for their cars. Daniel Hall, Toyota's Chief Engineer, discusses why they rely on Flutter.

    • Higher performance in a restricted environment
    • Flutter's ergonomics lets developers use all multi-platform tools.
    • Excellent customer experience due to quick iteration cycles.
    • Toyota uses Flutter to create an in-vehicle experience for its customers. It also provides smooth touch mechanisms to enhance their experience and meet their expectations.
  • My BMW App
  • My BMW app allows users to access additional functions and be available anywhere in the world. BMW Group is a leader in automotive app development using Flutter architecture, 100% developed in-house.

These are the most important features of the BMW App:

Amazon Alexa integration in models with BMW Operating System 7.0 and the voice service is available for BMW cars with Operating System 5.0 or 6.0.

How PerfectionGeeks can help you create an efficient automotive app with Flutter

PerfectionGeeks, a leading web and mobile app development company, can help you develop cutting-edge apps by integrating Google's ground breaking framework, Flutter.

Our team of flutter application developers can help you create an automotive app that runs seamlessly on all platforms. This will allow your business to grow. We will assist you in developing multi-platform apps with smooth animations, a gripping user interface, and outstanding performance.

We look forward to working with you and are eager to be part of your next great achievement.


Flutter can be used for everything from cars to web browsers and laptops to desktops and smart home devices to phones.

Flutter combines a user-friendly interface with a productive development environment. This allows you to create amazing apps for the automotive sector. We highly recommend Flutter for your next automotive project.

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