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Free Mobile App Builder for Android And iOS

Free Mobile App Builder

Do you know how the app can be built without coding? Well, it can be a quite surprising or interesting way.

Mobile app development  has kept up the pace with the ongoing trends. It has reached an away where a user’s and businesses person holds a necessity of it.

Apps have given a way for users to connect with their relevant services easily. It makes a way through which everything can be attained easily and efficiently.

Therefore, an app has become a necessity for one to own and for businesses to develop.  A lot of business owners do not own an app. And if you are one of those then you are at loss. You hold the loss of revenue and cannot achieve growth as well. 

Mobile apps are everywhere, you can attain any services, benefits be it like your shopping, medicines, food, weather forecast or anything. With the help of an app, you are just one way away from all of your necessities.

With the emerging rise of trends and technology , mobile apps are a necessity. Therefore, creating a mobile application is the next big thing that needs attention. With the development of mobile app expanding your business is way easier and effective. Be it an android app development or an iOS app. It depends upon your business needs, and to what extent you can use those of ease for users.

Both Android and IOS Apps   are the way through which you can attain all your business goals.

Now with this, you have to make your way for the best mobile app development experts. With the help of experts, you can get all of your ways and benefits to reach your desired goals. 

The case where you are not an app developer, coder or expert. There are lot many people who looks for the development of an app. If you do not own experience in app programming or designing then how can you go for development?

This is where we are helping you to assist you with experts. Therefore, apart from hiring experts, you can also consider an app builder.

There are lot many Free Mobile App Maker for Android and iOS. Now let us tell you what all those are?

Top 10 Free App Builder for Android And iOS 

Appery is known as the cloud-based app builder. You can easily make use of the builder for android and iOS apps. 

It on the other hand includes Cordova, Ionic, jQuery and with lot many other components.  It runs in the cloud and hence there is nothing to install or download. The app builder also includes a visual editor using the drag and drop option.

Mobile Roadie

Manage your iOS and Android apps with Mobile Roadie. Now you must be wondering how can I do that?

To this, every building apps have their visual ways. So as is the case with Mobile Roadie. You can easily create an app that will help you do make your business goals easier.

Perhaps the one and the most beneficial step is not to indulge in coding. This app builder allows you to undergo lot many different features.

Also, you can pull data in a variety of languages like XML, CSV, PHP etc.

The App Builder

The App builder has a suite of apps and for employees, clients with different brochures. If you are designing an app as an intranet of your company. The app builder is then one of the best suited for developing apps.

You can build your app using the toolkit. Since the app builder has a dedicated App library. You can help yourself to develop an app with multiple windows. 

You can also customize your branding. Therefore, with the help of tight security, you can protect your app with a definite username and password.

Good Barber

With the help of Good Barber, you will have the choice to build android and iOS apps. Here for all of the platforms, you will have the way to control all details. 

There are lot many customizable design templates that are available.

Along with the one and with icons you can also access Google fonts. Along with this you will also get immediate visual feedback and adjust your parameters.  With a lot of many features, you can organise your app.

Appy Pie

DIY based mobile app creation tool which can help you to develop your app with different choices. There is no doubt if you are looking to get your app build it is the Best Mobile App Development Company  that can assist you.

But with the advancements, you do have a way to build your app on your own. It means you do not have to be technical here and learn to code. Now same is the case with Appy Pie.

It does not have anything related to installation or download. All you need is to drag and drop pages to create a fully functional mobile app.

You will be able to receive an HTML5 based hybrid app that will work for Android, iOS and even Windows.

App Machine

If you are looking to get a native app design for android and iOS then App machine is the best builder. You can make use of the drag and drop option and combine different building blocks. 

Besides this, it does have a lot many features such as photos, videos and information. All of these features help you to design your app in your style.

You will have the choice to take complete control of the layout and design the app with all previews.

This means you will have the choice to even monitor the app side by side building it. 

Game Salad

Selecting the  Best Mobile Application Builder  among many can be quite difficult. But according to your needs, you can get hold the one.

One of those is Game Salad, which allows you to create and publish games for a variety of platforms.

It includes android, iOS and also HTML.

It has a drag and drop interface and helps you to get started quickly. 

With this, you will also be able to learn computer science through the building process. It offers two plans one is geared which is one for educators and the second is for developers.  Hence it allows one to create a gaming app both for android and iOS.

Bizness Apps

If you own a small business then Bizness Apps are the one and the most useful way to create an app. It has a lot of many features which include ordering, reviews, messages, shopping cart, push notification, integration and a lot more.

On the other side, it has easy to use integration that creates your app in minutes. Hence you do not need to spend hours or months building an app. 

However, with this, you can also instantly update your app online. With this, the modifications can be made easily. 

Along with the app, you can also make your way towards promotional materials.  It does come with a lot many articles and sessions which will teach you a lot many different things. 

App Maker

With the help of App Maker, you can craft iOS and Android or even HTML 5 apps. It requires no coding and can be done easily. 

Therefore, even if you are not master the app development then with App Maker you can easily create an app. The app builder was founded in the year 2009. At present time it has been acquired by the Infinite monkeys. 

With the help of an app maker, you can develop as many apps you want to. There are lot many Mobile App builders  through which you can help yourself.

And so as the case with App Maker it has lot many features, high-resolution galleries, live updates etc. All of the features or the required one can be easily inserted at the time of development.

In this way, you can get the app as per your needs.


Shout Em is also another free mobile app builder which comes with powerful user engagement tools.  It also has a monetization option and coupled with a seamless process. There are lot many such features that can combine to give you robust solutions.

It upon use will help you to attain a customization option that can be tightly integrated with the process.

Now here with the help of multiple monetization options means you can easily create a revenue system.  It on the other hand also offers regular updates to ensure your app is always ahead.


To build an app be it an android or iOS, you can make use of an app builder. There are lot many of those which do not require any coding or technical knowledge.

You can make use of anyone according to your needs. Further, if you require any technical assistance or an advanced app then with  Mobile Application Development Company  you can take assistance.

It is with PerfectionGeeks where you can get an advanced solution when it comes to app development.

Therefore, if you are looking to craft an App then it is we who can assist you right from consultation to deployment.

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