Build a Food Delivery App like UberEats

UberEats Features To Include in Your Food Delivery App

July 06, 2022 02:52 PM

Build a Food Delivery App like UberEats

You need to be a trendsetter to optimize your business. App development is one such thing that can help you grow your business. App development is a key factor in attracting more customers. Android and iOS are the most popular platforms for developing mobile apps. With their user-friendly features, food delivery apps have exploded in popularity. The food industry has seen a significant increase in its use. UberEats is a great app for the food industry. Uber recently launched the UberEats app. This gives an extra push to the industry and expands its reach compared to traditional online orders. With just one click, you can choose from countless options and order your food at almost any restaurant.

UberEats began with 1,000 restaurants in four cities. Now, UberEats partners with over 40,000 restaurants in every major city. You can track where your order is at any given moment and see how long it takes to deliver it. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android users. It can be downloaded from the Play Store or any app store. Its technology-driven features have earned it approximately 5 million global downloads. According to's latest report, UberEats was 2018's most downloaded mobile app for food delivery. Uber Eats is now the most popular online food ordering and delivery service in nine of America's most populous cities. The growth in mobile app development is helping the food industry leverage mobility.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of this shift?

You can also hire a food delivery company to discuss the UberEats features you want in your app. You can consider taking small steps in the same direction as the well-respected names like UberEats and Just Eat.

But where do you start? How do you choose the best approach?

What are the essential things your app needs?

Many developers want to know what makes UberEats stand out from its competitors. They train themselves to understand the features of UberEats.

According to the latest report, UberEats ranked first in the most downloaded app for food and drink categories worldwide for April 2019. Almost eight million people have downloaded the app, which is more than twice the year-over-year growth. This article explains how UberEats is expanding the boundaries of online food delivery with its innovative features.

Let's get started with the top features of UberEats:

Perhaps you have questions about Uber Eats' uniqueness. We have listed the top features of Uber Eats to answer your questions. Check out the complete list.

UberEats is proud of the features it offers its customers. These features are designed to make it easy for customers to order food and have it delivered to them.

It also helps delivery partners drive efficiency through a variety of user-friendly features that guarantee on-time delivery.

Deals and Specials

If your food delivery app can offer relevance, customers can connect. Your food delivery app will fail if it isn't focused on it. UberEats is a great example of this. UberEats only offers deals and promotions that are relevant to its customers.

A customer who eats pizza a lot would not order Asian food. UberEats will only offer discounts on specific cuisines ordered by a customer.

When food delivery apps know what their customers want, user retention is higher.

Delivery Tracking

Customers are annoyed by repeated calls from delivery agents asking for directions. Delivery agents feel the heat as customers frequently ask them how far they have to go and how long it will take. Both sides will benefit from the integration of Google Maps and similar map-based interfaces. Both the delivery agent and the customer can directly reach the requested location. Including delivery tracking capabilities in your application will allow customers to know the estimated time and real-time location of both parties. This makes it easier and more efficient.

Payment Options

To be included in the payment options list, identify the new payment options that have been approved and regulated. Net banking and credit cards are already in existence, with an increase in debit cards and other services such as PayPal.

These services can be integrated to give customers more choices and allow them to choose the payment method they prefer. Banks and card issuers can link financial institutions with restaurants to offer discounts and cashback.

Users can then settle their invoices in whatever way they prefer.

User Interface

The basics are what make it easy for both the user and the restaurant operator to use the app. It is easy for users to navigate the app using the design and tools at their fingertips.

Customers rarely return to a store after a negative experience. This gives the competition an advantage by offering discounts to customers. The UI should be stripped down to its essentials with clear lines and lots of white space. This will make the app more user-friendly. The transition effect is not complete without icons and fonts. To create the best user experience, adopt the minimalism approach. Customers will appreciate a clear presentation that doesn't require them to search for the most important points.

Restaurant Manager

The data is stored by the food delivery app, which can be used to transfer benefits to other partners. Restaurants feel more connected to the tech world when they have access to orders, bills, and editable menus. Partner restaurants will make it easier to use the app and deliver more orders if they understand it. Restaurant owners can quickly access order dashboard features to help them gauge peak hour orders and optimize their cooking processes. Restaurant managers can quickly see the order management dashboard with charts and graphics to analyze how many orders have been placed, what kind of orders they are, and how often a customer places orders. This allows them to customize their menus. Please share the details of the delivery agent with the restaurant manager so that he can keep in touch with you to ensure delivery.

Schedule Orders

UberEats is a leader in allowing customers to plan their orders. It would be a popular tool for users to schedule their orders up to a week in advance and receive same-day delivery. This feature will enable your customers to plan. This feature is loved by customers as it allows them to browse restaurant menus and schedule their meals at the same time, rather than ordering at the last minute. This principle says that customers can place orders online, but restaurants will prepare fresh food and deliver it to their doorsteps.

Additional Features to Include in Your Food Delivery App

A list of four additional features that must be considered when a food delivery app is launched has been curated by us.

Search Filters

By using search filters, users can quickly find the right type of cuisine to suit their needs. Deliveries are important as all restaurants take their time in preparing the food. For users who want to eat their meals immediately, highlight that option in the search filter.

Social Media Integration

Customers can share photos, videos, and reviews of their latest bites on social media platforms. This will encourage more discussion about your brand amongst a circle, with many people even signing up for the application. Social media reviews are very helpful as they encourage others to join in the conversation. You can monitor what's hot in the market, and then promote your partners accordingly. Post the news about an Italian restaurant that is the talk of the town on social media.

Profit customization

The ability to personalize their profile is a huge hit with users. UberEats is a great example of this by allowing users to upload their profile photos and cover photos.

An app for food ordering can be a great way to go. Users can customize details such as delivery addresses and preferred payment methods.

Push Notification

Push notification is a requirement for all applications unless disabled by the user. Push notifications are a great way to connect with your users and get more orders.

It is also better not to send too many push notifications that users end up uninstalling the app.


A reliable team of developers and tech experts is required to develop an app like UberEats. A unique idea needs a compelling interface and a great UI design. While there are many food delivery apps, such as GrubHub and Eat24, Caviar and DoorDash, Postmates, and Amazon Prime, UberEats' success in the short term is remarkable. You only need to follow three steps: browsing, ordering and tracking, and you're ready to go.

You can search for your favorite dish by simply opening your app. There are hundreds of restaurants in your area. You will be able to see your delivery estimate, price, and address after placing an order. If you are satisfied with everything, you can click to place your order. UberEats offers a robust tracking system that allows customers to track their order from the moment it is placed until delivery. You can track your order through the app. The restaurant will first accept your order and then begin preparing it.

UberEats, the most popular food delivery app, has revolutionized the food industry with its for food delivery . You should ensure your app is easy to use and has a great user interface. If you have any questions about UberEats, food-delivery app development, or the cost of food delivery app creation, you can contact a food delivery app development company that offers app-based solutions. Talking to our business representative about your Uber-like app idea will not cost you anything. The representative will help you determine how a mobile application can increase your company's growth and recommend the best solution. Contact us or simply fill out the contact form to receive a customized solution.

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