What Is Drone Videography?

Drone Videography

NOV, 30, 2023 04:05 PM

What Is Drone Videography?

Videography and drone photography are growing exponentially as technology evolves and becomes more affordable for companies. Therefore, many are seeking to make investments in drone videography for different reasons and advantages.

However, if you're on the fence, we'll discuss the benefits and uses of drone videography and photography in the following blog. We also discuss certain industries that are involved in drone videography using aerial drones to better inform you. First, what exactly is drone videography?

The process of drone videography is the method of recording video footage from an aerial view by using drones that are unmanned aircraft (UAVs), also known as drones. Drone videos offer an original and stunning view of any subject or scene that is difficult to achieve with traditional videography on the ground. The technology behind drones in the air has improved to the point that professional-quality videos can be produced with minimal effort and expense.

The Top Benefits of Drone Videography for Your Business

Drone video clips can be amazing and have a wide range of applications in marketing via digital channels. These are the top 10 advantages of drone video for business.

  • Creating spectacular content

    Drone-based videos can take amazing photos, which are not possible with traditional methods. In the past, aerial photography was typically done using helicopters. It was not just expensive for the majority of people; however, it could also disrupt the scenery due to the extremely strong winds coming from the aircraft's blades.

    However, drones can capture top-quality aerial photos quickly and effectively. They can achieve very close proximity to what they're shooting and even fly inside. That's impossible with flying helicopters!

    Imagine incredible drone images that you may have seen from the volcano's mouth, the crashing drops of a waterfall, or perhaps even a glimpse of the bird's nest. That's only part of the iceberg. (Oh, the fact that the icebergs can shoot icebergs too.)

  • Capturing Impressive, High-Quality Footage

    Drones let you capture amazing footage that's not feasible on the ground. With the development of drone technology, images shot this way are exceptionally high-quality due to the high frame rates as well as HD and UHD resolution.

    These crisp, top-quality videos are certain to impress future customers and make them want to give them another look.

    While it is possible to buy drones and make videos on your own, you shouldn't be averse to this benefit by making shoddy content. Houston Drone Video's crew is experts in the field of drone video production and will be capable of providing you with amazing content at a reasonable price.

  • Attracting Attention to Your Business

    Utilizing video is an excellent method to increase your profits, but drones can take this to the next step.

    The top-quality, unique video drones make will get people to sit up and look around, which means that your company will be noticed and stand out from the rest.

    Drone videos are unique in that they permit you to present elements of your company in an entirely new manner, which traditional media cannot.

    Some companies that have experienced great results using drone video are:

    Real estate companies that want to present expansive aerial views of their properties.

    Building inspectors, particularly those who have to check high or difficult-to-access areas and would like to demonstrate the results to clients without physically taking them around the building,

    Construction companies and architecture firms that make use of drone footage create 3D renderings.

    Tourism-related businesses use drone videos to present potential clients with a full aerial tour of their properties, such as hotels, resorts, or golf clubs.

  • Soaring Above Your Competition

    We've mentioned before that people will be amazed by the drone videos of your business and that the quality footage they create will aid in standing out. Naturally, this should help you rise above your competitors and boost sales.

    We have just talked about the use of video drones in property sales. MLS stats have revealed properties with drone photography and videos generally sell 68% quicker than those that use regular photos. That's an enormous benefit!

  • Improving SEO

    You've probably heard that SEO is crucial for your company. However, you may not know how drone-generated videos can assist in improving the search engine optimization of your business.

How do we make it work?

Drone Videography

Videos made using drones can be identified by appropriate terms along with geotagging to the exact location in which they were made. This will increase the search engine ranking of your site and ultimately result in increased leads and sales.

  • Expanding Your Marketing Strategy

    If you're a business owner, regardless of size or small, you are aware of how important digital marketing is to your outreach strategy. Drone-based videos take this to the highest level—literally.

    By using drones, companies can move into the future and take advantage of the latest marketing methods. Videos shouldn't be an "add-on" to a marketing strategy. They should be a key component.

    Drone-shot videos can be utilized in various ways, based on:


    Marketing through social media

    Online ads

    TV-related campaigns

    And much more

    Drone videos allow potential customers to browse your company on their smartphones, and this is where people spend the bulk of their spare moments these days. Profit from this and get your audience's attention.

  • Saving time and money

    Making aerial drone photography and videography used to be extremely expensive. You'd need to hire an aircraft and pilot, as well as a video crew and even a production crew, to get started.

    Nowadays, drone technology ensures aerial videos are available to almost everyone. Not only are drones less expensive in comparison to helicopters, but time investment is considerably reduced due to the fact that drones can fly around and swiftly move in as well as out of areas that you want to shoot.

    If you believe that drone videos are too costly for your company, or if you think that drones are too expensive for your business, you may be pleasantly surprised. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Ease of Accessibility

    Anyone can purchase a drone and begin shooting videos using it in an incredibly short amount of time. However, there is an education curve when it comes to drones. If you'd like drone videos for your company to appear professional, then you should begin by hiring an experienced professional.

    The top-quality drones are expensive, and it's best to stay clear of the initial expense instead and put your money into having someone else, such as Houston Drone Video, make a great video that will help your business stand out.

  • Limited interference

    Have you ever watched an old film or TV show that had an aerial shot where grass was crushed by the helicopter, which was evidently flying overhead to collect the footage?

    These problems are now a thing of the past. Drones can film without disturbing the surroundings and can remain hidden during the filming process.

    Additionally, they can effortlessly slide in and out of any space; drones produce only a whisper, so you won't disrupt nearby buildings, homes, etc. when you shoot with them.

  • Versatility and Wide-Ranging Applications

    Because drones are so tiny and small, they can offer us amazing camera angles that can't be achieved with manned aircraft. These tiny yet powerful machines can take off from inches above the ground, thousands of inches in the air, and everything in between.

    Other things that drones are unique at accomplishing include:

    The act of flying through a room or building

    Aircraft flying in and out of windows

    Hovering in place

    Being close to wildlife or people without disturbing them

Industries That Benefit From Drone Videography Services

From drone photography in real estate to wedding drone videos, these are the sectors that can gain from drone videography and photography services:

Entertainment or film: Drones allow filmmakers to create high-quality footage that would be impossible or impossible to capture in other ways. Drone-based shots are not just creative but have proved effective in provoking emotions from viewers.

Agriculture: Drones can help farmers monitor yields and crops through the skies, providing an efficient method to monitor the health of crops and spot potential issues before they develop. You can also track livestock using drones.

"SEARCH AND RESCUE" (SAR): Utilizing drones for SAR operations, drones are equipped to scan an area in a short time and find injured or lost individuals in remote or difficult-to-access areas in a shorter time than it takes to search on foot.

Construction: Architecture professionals capture stunning images to create 3D models of structures and buildings from a bird's-eye perspective. It is possible to review the progress of construction and gain valuable insight into time frames and costs.

Real estate: Drone photography for real estate and videography are well-known. Drones can take aerial photos of properties and provide potential buyers with a thorough overview of the most desirable qualities of every property or building.

Events: Event planning companies typically use drones to take stunning photos from weddings, concert festivals, and so on. Drones can also be utilized for live streaming events to provide an immersive and engaging experience for viewers.

Management of infrastructure: Utilizing drones to monitor railway networks, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure allows companies to identify issues in difficult-to-access areas swiftly. It is possible to cut costs and reduce spending.

Utilities: The utilities industry has adopted drone videography for monitoring pipelines, dam lines, and other infrastructure. You can examine the terrain for leak detection or repairs in difficult-to-access locations.

Mapping: Mapping is another area of study that stands to gain from drone-based videography. Surveyors can use drones to capture high-resolution photos and videos of landscapes. They also create more precise and detailed 3D maps.

Bottom Line

As the technology of drones continues to advance, increasing numbers of industries will likely benefit from employing a professional video team that specializes in drone-based videography. The challenge is making sure that you get attractive drone videos and images. Connect with us today for drone control application development.

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