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Your own secure and robust e-wallet app integrates with all tech-savvy features required for banking operations. We are a leading e-wallet Software Development Service and have extensive experience in the development of a functional e-wallet application. PerfectionGeeks has developed an e-wallet application that stands reliable and safe in today's market. It's just a matter of time to turn your e-wallet vision into an automated app that can process all your banking needs efficiently.

What are the E-wallet Payment Methods Employed?

It is important to decide which mobile wallet you require if you are going to create an E-wallet. The overall development of your mobile app will be affected by more than just the payment method.

iBeacon, and Bluetooth

This permits you to quickly identify your friends to make payments. All e-transactions are made faster and more assured by the iBeacon or Bluetooth technologies. These technologies continue to evolve and are enjoyed by a large community of users.


Near field communication (NFC), one of the most famous technologies is being used to transfer funds as well as share information in a simple way. Most E-wallets use NFC technology to make all payments in a non-contact manner.

QR Codes

QR codes are one of the most popular technologies in today's world. The QR code can be used to transact with people that you meet often or with members of your office or social network. This method requires that you scan the QR code from another person's phone. This makes transactions easy and quick.

Payment App

If your E-wallet app was created for business purposes only, this is the best method of payment. You can easily transfer funds quickly by collaborating with other businesses and local merchants. With a custom mobile app, large amounts of transfers are made safe and fast and no third party is involved.


The most popular way to make online payments today is via an E-wallet that is powered by a Blockchain. Because of its high security and immutability, it is a popular method for online payments. Best Digital E-wallet App Development Company is in high demand due to its many benefits. Government and financial institutions use these types of mobile apps a lot, as they often have to spend large sums.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies leads in e-Wallet Software Development and Digital Wallet Development. We also offer Mobile Wallet Solutions.

Mobile wallets, a vision-forward technology, are changing the way people transfer money. PerfectionGeeks is a powerful payment platform that will allow you to stay on top of the cutting-edge payment’s revolution. Get our powerful custom mobile, digital, and e-Wallet development services.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies is a leading e-Wallet Software Development Company and a leader in Mobile App Development. Since 2000, PerfectionGeeks Technologies have been at the forefront of Mobile Wallet Solutions and Services. With over 16,000 apps, 2800+ developers, 150 awards, 3000 global customers, and 22 years of experience, we know mobile app development!

Mobile Wallet Application Development

Mobile wallets can be customized to allow for digital debit and credit cards, prepaid gift cards, and other cryptocurrencies to be managed. We also have direct access to your bank accounts. Mobile wallet apps that allow for payments near Magnetic Secure Transmission, Near Field Communication (NFC), Quick Response (QR), and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) are all developed by us. We are the leader in Mobile App Development thanks to our innovative mobile wallet solutions and e-Wallet design.


We integrate mobile wallet application features to generate and archive receipts, reward points, loyalty card tracking, digital ID management, and virtual driver's licenses. We integrate security features such as fingerprint scanning and fraud protection (including MinFraud integrations). PerfectionGeeks offers unmatched mobile wallet development and integration solutions!

Cryptocurrency Wallet Developments

We create wallet apps for bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) for buying, trading, liquidating, and purchasing. Additionally, we develop hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency offline. These crypto wallets have public and private key management, access to exchange platforms, and mapping apps that allow you to find brick-and-mortar cryptocurrency vendors. PerfectionGeeks is always up-to-date with all the latest Mobile App Development Solutions and trends. We are proud to offer early solutions and services in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space. We are available to assist you with Crypto Wallet Development, Blockchain Wallet Development, and Bitcoin Wallet Developers.

Mobile wallets for merchants

PerfectionGeeks is a Digital E-wallet App Development Company, which are business-oriented, are compatible with tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Our team integrates features such as invoice generation, time tracking for contractors and freelancers, Automated Clearing House interfacing, and cost-splitting allowance.

Cross-Platform Mobile Wallet Services

We develop cross-platform and native apps (iOS and android) with excellent User Interface and Experience (UI/UX). These mobile wallets include simple multi-card management, social media messaging functionality (Venmo Messenger, Apple's Messengers, and Push Notifications for NFC transactions with one click.

What are the features of any Digital E-Wallet app?

User Side Features:

Simple to understand and Interactive:  To attract users to the applications the user interface is a crucial part of the business view. A user-friendly interface makes it easy for them to see the application.

Registration Feature: This will enable the user to register on the app. You can register using your phone or email. Once the account is confirmed, the user can move forward.

Integration Bank Account: Instantly, the user can link their bank account to the digital wallet account. You can use a credit/debit or net banking card.

Wallet Top-up/ Add Money: You can add money from your bank to your wallet. After adding, the amount will appear in your wallet.

Send Money: You will have the option to transfer the money in many ways. The transfer amount shifting will require some information about the receiver. You can move the money to a bank account or another wallet.

Passbook Feature: This feature lets you check your wallet balance and see the most recent transaction.

Receive Payment: Users can make payments to

Pay Bills: This app allows the users to pay various bills using high functionality. The app will be capable of fetching the bill details associated with a number.

Receipts and Invoices: A receipt or invoice should be generated for each transaction and sent to the registered contact.

Scan To Pay: A QR code will be assigned to each registered user. The QR code contains important details. The QR code can be scanned to allow the user to pay the associated users.

Promotions and Offers:  Offers can be very lucrative from a business perspective. The admin can add relevant offers to the site so the user can enjoy the benefits.

Admin Side Features:

User Side Management: The administrator will have the ability to manage all registered users and transactions. They can also track the activity on the application. Administrators will also be able to block or add users.

Dashboard: The dashboard shows the administrator a quick overview and details about the overall progress of the application through charts and figures.

Offers management: Administrators can create coupons and offers and track them.

Reports: Reports are available to the admin.

Transaction Management: All transactions on the platform will be tracked and managed by the admin.

The Must-Have Generic Features:

Data Synchronisation: This feature allows the application to sync the user's data with their registered social networks and mobile number. We can thus guarantee accuracy and high-level security.

Calendars: Calendars allow users to remember the date of the next bill payment or transaction. It helps to decrease mental effort. You can highlight dates in the calendar. You can also set the reminder alert option on the calendar to receive the transaction or payment reminders instead.

QR Code Integration: The QR code feature makes it easy to make payments quickly and efficiently. It is now much easier than creating plain black/white QR codes by using certain libraries.

In-app Camera feature: A great feature is an in-app camera for scanning QR codes. This feature allows you to confirm your fund transfer requests within the app.

Push Notifications feature: Users will be able to accept push notifications that keep them notified. You will be notified about important occasions such as rewards and payment confirmations. You won't miss any important notice.

E-wallet Mobile App Development by PerfectionGeeks Technologies

These are the components that you should include when developing a mobile wallet application for your business.

User Registration

This is common practice with many apps. Users must register their accounts by filling out a mandatory note. The user must use their email ID or phone number. After entering the verification code, he will be registered. E-wallet apps may also use KYC to ensure funds are transferred.

Linking Bank Account

Next, link your bank account to the e-wallet. This will allow you to make transactions and payments. You will also need to enter the card details, such as your CVV number or expiry date.

Add money to your account

You will need to give the option to add money to your wallet. The bank can add money to your wallet. The wallet will reflect the amount you have added.

Send Money back to the Bank

The E-wallet app now offers an extra option that allows users to send money back directly to their bank accounts if they don't have enough cash. Each app also has a limit on how much you can use the wallet per month. You can't make any more transactions if the limit is exceeded. Paytm's monthly limit is Rs 10k.

Make Bill Payments or Recharge

You can pay your phone bills, electricity, and water taxes using the E-wallet app. You can also recharge your mobile phone or get internet broadband connectivity with the same app.

Insurance Payment

You can use the application to quickly pay your insurance premium. An app allows you to pay your income tax and sales tax.

Discount and Promotional Offers

To attract more customers, promotions and discounts are necessary as the competition is increasing. These can be listed as separate categories, such as cashback, items under 50% off, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

This is a crucial feature that allows users to rate your app's service and write reviews about their satisfaction with the deals and offers. You can then improve your services based on this analysis.

Order History

Order history shows details of all orders a customer made with the E-wallet app. This includes paying bills, purchasing movie tickets, and shopping for items. If the customer has ordered an item, you will need to indicate the order status and the delivery date. This is what e-commerce apps do.


The term cash-in-hand is rapidly disappearing as digital payments are taking over. The financial and economic sectors have been transformed by e-wallet apps

We all know how important E-wallets mobile application development has been in the age of technology and information.

Hire app developers. These app developers will assist you in building a reliable E-wallet mobile application so that your users have a memorable experience and you get the most benefits.

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