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Guide to Building Effective Conversational Commerce - PerfectionGeeks

A Detailed Guide to Building Effective Conversational Commerce

May 03, 2022 05:00 PM

Conversational Commerce

The good old-fashioned procedure of engaging in a friendly discussion with customers always does wonders for sales conversion. The flourishing area of eCommerce has incorporated this interactive and productive way of conversational commerce into its digital platforms. This method of leveraging social relations to sell products online with the aid of custom Chabot development is acquiring popularity among new-age consumers.

In addition to the famous messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, AI chatbots and voice assistants are playing the role of possible carriers for adequate conversational commerce on digital platforms. A well-structured conversational AI platform helps to create a friendly rapport with clients, helping them create a trusted connection with your brand. The advent of conversational commerce is an area that requires immediate attention if you wish to remain ahead in the global market.

What is conversational commerce?

Conversational commerce refers to the procedure of employing digital interactions between consumers and businesses to trade products and services online. It is also known as chat commerce or conversational marketing, and it creates the use of chatbot solutions to create a connection with clients.

The conversations happen through various modes like chatbots, voice assistants, or messaging platforms. The primary advantage of conversational commerce is that it allows consumers to see solutions quickly without getting entangled in complicated stages.

The 4 Types of Conversational commerce

Here are some of the numerous common instances of conversational commerce that you can utilize in your company communication channels.

Live chat

Live chat is one of the most famous communication channels. It’s easy to use and lets consumers get replies instantly through the retailer’s website. This feature gives it the biggest benefit over email or phone. Live chat allows one agent to chat with two, or even three, consumers at a time, and because of that, brands can decrease the wait time and increase customer satisfaction.

Live chat apps have massive eCommerce possibilities, too. You can utilize it to proactively engage clients visiting your website and to connect with buyers who are shy and who otherwise wouldn’t ask for your help. After the ice is broken, you can direct the consumer to your website and deliver personalized suggestions that can help them select the product.


A chatbot is a software that helps users by delivering answers to their queries through text messages. Chatbots can chat with numerous users at the same time and deliver data within seconds around the clock. What’s more, you can execute them on both websites and messaging platforms. This allows for delivering a conversational experience at various phases of the consumer journey through channels that are natural for certain stages.

All these functionalities have created chatbots a famous form of conversational commerce, too. Brands use it to link with consumers with relatively low effort. Additionally, unlike traditional apps, chatbots don’t need users to understand how they work. You can ask them about the quality of your last order, reschedule your flight, or check the location of the nearest store in a matter of a few clicks. This has made them more famous among less tech-savvy clients.

Messaging apps

A messaging app, like Messenger or WhatsApp, is a chat forum that lets you exchange instant notifications. Customers are eagerly using them because of their communication, to contact brands, or for online shopping. These apps have outpaced social networks. They are getting 20% more users than social media platforms.

Moreover, famous messaging tools authorize for using memes, videos, GIFs, and emojis that help to support the conversation light and increase customer engagement. That’s why brands use messaging apps. They help make it much more personal and genuine client communication and that translates into higher conversion rates. Data shows that 70% of emotionally engaged customers spend twice as much with brands they have an emotional connection with versus those with who they don't.

Voice assistants

A voice assistant is a kind of software that is activated by voice commands and that answers users’ questions. Voice assistants, such as Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, or Siri, are becoming a more and more popular component in many electronic devices. Consumers love them because they are suitable, bring fun, and let them multitask.

The growing popularity of voice assistants enables brands to utilize them in their marketing and consumer service systems. Voice assistants can deliver fast answers or direct searchers to your website, which will allow you to improve your brand awareness.

Curiously, some voice associates can identify a user’s voice. This process is especially useful when one machine is shared by numerous users like, for instance, a family. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, the voice assistant can understand a certain user’s interests and suggest solutions that match their prior preferences. Marketers use this option to make personalized voice ads and create greater intimacy with consumers.

Benefits of conversational commerce

Conversational commerce authorizes consumers to experience a real-time talk with online retailers and brands before purchasing products online. There are multiple benefits of conversational commerce to consumers since it prioritizes their satisfaction and comfort and thus shows the success of a business.

Here are the major benefits of conversational commerce:

Builds brand trust and loyalty

The conversational platforms allow brands to create a strong connection with consumers through instant chatbot solutions.

Personalized customer experience

The live chat and automated messaging prospects provide users with a real store shopping experience with personalized choices.

Prevention of cart abandonment

With the implementation of customized chatbot options, brands can send messages prompting people to revisit their carts and complete the remaining processes.

Increased company revenue

By making a trusted connection, the brands could transform their potential clients into information and further add to the company's revenue.

Genuine customer feedback

The messaging apps, chatbots, or live chat choices can be employed as a tool to garner genuine consumer feedback.

Ways to create effective conversational commerce

There are different methods to create a strong and effective conversational commerce platform for your company.

Integrate live chat platforms

The first and most essential effort toward creating an effective conversational commerce design is the incorporation of live chat opportunities. It offers consumers a platform to voice their queries and concerns in their comfort without being physically present at the store.

Introduce custom chatbot solutions

A vital part of devising an adequate conversational commerce system is the custom ChatBot development that authorizes businesses to offer personalized and outstanding client service. This automated forum helps consumers get rocket speed answers to their long list of questions.

Find the right platform for target customers

Since there are several choices available in the digital space to kick off the journey of conversational commerce, it is necessary to determine your target audience, their preferred platforms, and preferred mode of contact before making a customized platform.

Track progress and update frequently

One of the ways to assure your conversational commerce track is going the right path is by counting its victory rate and comparing it with previous outcomes. You should be aware of the changing consumer choices and demands and make suitable modifications to your conversational AI platform.

Getting Started with Conversational commerce

So you’ve discovered what conversational commerce is, and how it can improve myriad aspects of your business strategy, but how can you get begun with it and begin seeing the results for yourself?

Like any marketing plan, the foremost step in getting created with conversational commerce is to explore which approach fits the requirements of your business. Whether you require to decrease shopping cart abandonment to enhance conversion rates or improve client happiness, there are different ways for different requirements. It is highly important to make sure that the procedures of conversational commerce you decide to enforce are aligned with your marketing and sales plans to not come across as spammy or annoying to the customer. Here are some high-level tips on getting beginning and formulating your strategy:

  • Research which platforms work most suitable for your budget and requirements, and set benchmark plans to track the performance of the strategy selected
  • Compare your conversational commerce system with your competitors
  • Find a good conversational commerce platform for your budget, requirements, and qualifications
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before executing your plan to follow how well it’s working for you

Conversational commerce can be an immensely useful tool for your company whether it be for marketing, customer service, or sales. It will take some time to adequately tune your system and get the hang of being in more regular contact with your customers, but the payoff is worth it. Fostering strong client relationships is invaluable in a market with countless choices, and can be the difference that permits your business to truly thrive. Get to know your consumers, and your brand will grow with PerefctionGeeks Technologies!

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