Maps and Navigation Apps Features

Must-Have Features in Maps and Navigation Apps

February 17, 2023 3:32 PM

Maps and Navigation Apps

It is challenging to imagine how people travelled hundreds of miles without cars or trains centuries ago. How did they know where to send their horses? Even later, printed maps and a human navigational device to track the route provided all the drivers who needed relief.

Today, technology is available. Unsurprisingly, navigation and mapping apps have sprung up in our daily lives as smartphones drive innovation.

According to recent research, more than 90% of US consumers use navigation apps regularly. This market is promising, but it's also overcrowded. To stand out, you must offer something distinctive and feature-packed with the help of a Maps and Navigation App Development Company. Let's see what works here.

Must-Have Features

Maps and Navigation Apps

You must create an app that offers mapping services. It should have features that users expect to see. These are the functions that will make your application a navigation tool. Your application must be able to:


Consumers often use map services to solve their problem of getting from one location to another. A navigation app's primary task is to help users follow the route. Your task is to make it easy for them to enter their destinations into the system.

There are many ways to get to your destination.

Send an email to

By entering a ZIP code

Select a point directly from a map by clicking on it.

With the assistance of a voice assistant

Customers could use all of them. You should also allow customers to save their favorite locations and mark their favorite routes.

Count distance

Users have already decided on the destination, but now they want to know how long it will take them to get there. Consider adding an info panel that includes speed and distance indicators and an estimated arrival time.

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