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How Custom Mobile App Development Can Empower Your Business Growth?

App development has taken a drastic shift in today’s time. Also, they are a great support for businesses to those of users.

Mobile apps have become a necessity at present time. 

Hence no business can work without an app. Every business today understands what is the role of mobile marketing.  How it can enhance business growth? It is by the research and stats covered which shows 34 % of the e-commerce sales are owned by customized mobile apps.

More and more businesses are acquiring app development services.

It is all because of the great benefits and the advantages served. 

On the other side when you will research the app development services you will find a lot of information. Perhaps the reason behind this is the increased benefits. There are about 5.15 billion mobile users globally and 69 % of the internet. 

Users look at online reviews before they land any purchase. 

Therefore, it has become prevalent for every business owner to bring their product/services online.

This can only happen in the case of mobile application development.

Growth Of Mobile App Development 

Across the globe, people download around 28 million apps every year. It indicates the rise of mobile apps and their served benefits. In addition to this android has around 71.93% of the global market share and in terms of iOS 27.47 % of the market share.

This has increased the speedy approach for businesses to hire mobile app developers.

Mobile app downloads have increased to around 23.3 % since the pandemic. An app like work from home, fitness and food delivery has taken a huge shift. Users check their phones 60 times a day. This makes out to be one or the other approach towards apps.

The world spends 45 % more time on Fintech apps. Now you can assume what importance does an app holds. With lot, many platforms mobile app development has many opportunities for businesses.

But do you know what can give you more benefits among app development services?

You might be aware of the one which is known as custom app development.

What do you understand by custom? Or what benefits does it add to your business? All of these problems will be solved here.

Custom app development helps businesses to enhance or modify their business identity.

In turn, supports great business growth. More than 500+ big companies are taking the advantage of Custom Mobile App Development. In turn, you should also not be deprived of it.

Do not forget that mobile app development is a long-term investment that you can make. It not only enhances your business but supports your future goals as well.

Once you develop a customized mobile app for your business it will bring the best result in terms of-

There was a dynamic change in the user's behaviours which we could analyse before COVID-19. But at present mobile apps have become a crucial step for every business owner.

If you belong to a tech business then apps are growing at a very faster rate.

Stats To Be Witnessed 

It was stated in 2019 where the SaaS revenue was projected to be around $171 billion. But at the end of 2020, the numbers climbed up. Its rise to around $200 billion and by 2022 it should be around $233.

Mobile app for any business can help one towards growth and success. It is mainly because it is the need for every user and those of business. 

Therefore, connecting with the best mobile app development services will support you towards your needs.

Coming back to the custom mobile app development. Let us tell you why it is important and how can it benefit you.

Custom Mobile App Development Gaining Momentum

In the field of mobile app development if you get a chance to customise an app it adds a bonus. Hence the role of custom mobile app development services is on top.

As per an estimation, about 82% of the businesses claimed that custom app helps their business to earn extra. An app can be partially or fully customized as per your business needs. This is where it is named as a custom mobile app.

These apps are built to alter the particular audience than targeting a large group of users. This is one of the major reasons why custom mobile app development is on the rise.

Be it a small size business or an enterprise, custom mobile app development has benefits for each type of business.

Wondering what all those are? Let us tell you about the top 10 benefits that come with a custom app.

Efficiency Is Improved

As compared to many other applications, custom apps are business focused. By keeping your business in mind, it is developed. In turn, it has been noticed that it has seen to improved business efficiency by 46%.

Also, when the app is employed, it allows employees to get benefits and so as the users.

Produce better outputs and improvise the efficiency of the businesses. When the efficiency is improved in turn will benefit your future goals as well.

And who does not want to grow.

Rise In Productivity

Productivity of the business counts for business growth. With digital transformation, custom app development has increased productivity by 41%. It promises productive growth for your business.

Business needs to get efficient growth. Therefore, with the help of an app, there is a way to develop. As per the research and stats, it has been noticed that there has been increased growth.

60% of the customers saw a huge return on the investment with an app.

Enhanced Security 

Security is the topmost priority be it an app or any other. If someone will fetch your data it will be a huge loss to your business.

However, the case, you need to have a strong command of security.

But when it comes to the custom app you have enhanced security with utmost benefits. The data associated with the custom app is safe and secured. The application offers the best technique with enhanced security and benefits.

Therefore, not choosing custom app development will be a huge loss for your business.

With great security features, the custom app promises you to get the desired results.

Deals With Mobility

If a mobile application is not offering your mobility, then it is of no use. Therefore, before proceeding with the app development, you must check some steps. With mobility, you can have one step closer to your great results and revenue.

Provide complete insights to your business and increase mobility up to 39 %.

In turn, you can even work remotely with the assistance of mobile app development. You can easily get started with the mobile app development and the one with the custom app.

Saves Cost

Who does not want to save costs and get better returns on their investment? But did you give a thought to mobile apps returns?

If not, then probably you are losing your business growth. With mobile apps, there is a step to save money and also get better returns. Made for your business get a custom mobile app development cost with experts and save a lot more.

This is what custom app mainly serves too.

Better Collaboration with Employees

Collaboration with employees means it has wide features to easily collaborate.

Therefore, custom app serves to be the one and the topmost priority among businesses. It not only serves benefits to users but to those of employees working behind as well.

Customer Satisfaction

If your customer is not satisfied then your business can lay down. No matter how much you have invested, all will go in vain.

Therefore, the customized app development has gained a lot much importance. It serves great benefits in terms of satisfying customers.

Promote Business Efficiently

Promote your business efficiently and this can be easily done with a custom app. The apps are compatible enough to meet the needs of users.

Therefore, with the custom app, you have a great way to deal with the services around.

Competitive Approach

Every business wants to be ahead and in such a competitive world sometimes it becomes tough.

Therefore, you must reach experts where you can get an easy approach across the globe. In turn, a wider reach means higher revenue.


Custom app development provides you with a ton of benefits. In turn, it enhances the growth of your business and productivity. But to gain all of those benefits, you need to get in touch with an efficient partner.

Wondering who? Let us solve your problem here, connecting with top web & mobile app development company is now way easier.

It is mainly because when you have that one name who can help you, your way becomes easier.

To this, PerfectionGeeks is one of those. We have an extensive team of experts who can fulfil all of your business needs. Among app development, we have a wide range of services and to one custom app development is one of those.

If you are looking to scale your business and stay ahead in competitive do reach us with your idea to give it a definite shape.

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