Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation Is Driving the Customer Experience

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

There are no companies/businesses that are not embracing digital transformation. Digital transformation   is changing the face of businesses. In other words, we can say that it is coming up with a new market trend.

At the time it does become difficult to understand what new is coming and how to adapt to it.

But with the passing of time and understanding, things become simpler and easier. We all can see how digital transformation is changing one’s needs and thoughts.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to be a part of the change and adapt a lot the many benefits that technology is coming up with.  On the other side as a user, you can undertake how digital transformation is revolving around changes. But don’t you want to know what exactly the trend is?

There are lot many consumers, marketers looking at how they can enhance their marketing skills.

To this, the word transformation comes up.

This is where we are here to let you know deep insights about what is digital transformation and how it is benefiting customer experience.

What Do You Know About Digital Transformation?

What is digital transformation? To what extend it is driving customer experience?

You will be able to get in touch with all of the answers to undergo the benefits of digitization with us.

Digital transformation in simple words is the integration of digital technology. There are different areas of industries into which digital technology can be integrated. As you must be witnessing the importance of digitization’s. Therefore, be it a small business or an enterprise it is a must to enrol in.

With the integration of digital transformation, businesses can witness changes. These changes result in how the business operates. In turn how they value to their customers. After all, users are the ones who determine what is good for them and what is not. As per the studies it has been stated that companies that embrace digital transformation are profitable.

The number has increased to around 26 % without digitization.

Digital transformation of business began in the late 1990s. Earlier there were web browsers like the Internet and Netscape. At that point, there was no such advancements and trends. Hence everything was quite simple.

But over the last few years, there has been a huge shift in  digital transformation strategy .

Lot many enterprises have begun up with the fundamental transformation. This has marked the age of customers.

Businesses are attempting to serve customers across the globe. In turn, they are universally undergoing digital transformation. It in turn involves the alignment and investing in new trends and technologies. With these businesses are more focused on the customer experience.

There is no difference between online and offline business. It is all about how you manage to do your business. But you must keep in mind that 79% of the buyers can change/switch brands who have a poor experience.

Now you can understand how important for you to hold on great customer experience.

If you do not want to lose your potential sales then you must come up with all advanced techniques.

Why Digitization Is Important for Great Customer Experience

User experience is very important and hence businesses need to walk accordingly. To satisfy customers you must come up with new trends and technologies.

There are lot many Mobile App trends  that are revolving around now and then.

However, if you want to scale your business then it is you who can offer seamless experiences. At present users attach with the one business that offers ease and utmost services.

Therefore, you have to look to every need while keeping all the latest trends and technologies in mind. With this, 86 % of the consumers expect a seamless experience across all devices.

To this, it has been witnessed that 44 % of the B2C buyers and 58 % of the B2B buyers always research products online before purchase.

Along with this in the US 58 % of the consumers make use of smartphones to shop. However, with many trends, many businesses are using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as a way of interaction.

Now if you want to see what new is coming then it is Voice to shop.

The market is expected to grow around 28 % annually by 2022.

Digital Customer Experience Improved 

Digital transformation can transform customer behaviour. Till now you must have got an idea of how and what digitization can offer.

With lot many innovations like-

Mobile app development

  • 1. machine learning
  • 2. automation

Allow customers to reach their desired services within a few clicks and minutes. With the rise of new technology, there has been a huge shift in customer experience.

Today customers are constantly connected to the services they are in a need of. Right from their comfort zone, you can enable them to reach what they are looking for. In simple words, you need to think from a customer point of view. In turn, this is what digital make you undergo.

Now here we would like you to understand it with the help of some examples.

In the case of B2B Sales

Digital here means replacing cold calling with social selling. The main reason because nowadays customers are more on social media. With the help of digital, you can reach customers easily. You can reach them out build a strong connection.

For marketing teams

For the marketing team, there has been an ease to reduce their time spent offline marketing activities. Nowadays your customers are in a need of highly targeted messages. This in turn can be achieved through a data have driven marketing strategy.

Customer service team

You do not have to restrict yourself to assist your clients. Digitization means to be proactive and you can assist your customer’s needs. In the case of customer service, social media reviews, forums, communities are all now a part of customer services.

Getting Started with Digital Transformation

Need To Define Your Strategy

With the rise of advanced growth, trends and technologies there are lot many enhancements. Businesses are evolving every single day.

If you want to satisfy your customers then you need to implement the latest technologies. After all the main motive is to assist customers with benefits.

Hence you must acquire all of the techniques which can assist you to the growth you deserve.

Imagine The Customer Journey 

When customers are slowly and gradually start building trust then the next step should be exploring new trends. It has been stated that 40 % of customer reviews are important. Or we can say that it is the top priority for digital transformation.

Also, 72 % of the respondent concluded that they are excited about the digital shift. As it will help to implement the new shift in maintaining better customer relationships.

Develop An Agile and Flexible Environment

If you want to power of harness your business growth you must include digital transformation. The organisation should implement or understand the importance of agile methodology.

In addition to this 86 % of businesses believe that cloud technology is critical to digital transformation.

Cloud enables companies to be fast, dynamic and flexible.

With the assistance of big data analytics, web and mobile apps you can digitally record all the touchpoints to create a 360-degree view of the company.

Personalize Customer Experience

Organisations should know how to treat their customer. By understanding their needs and their preferences.

  • 1. Although customers are more likely to get associated with the brand they know.
  • 2. It is all because of the trust they have build
  • 3. Know their purchase history

This shows that as a customer you are happy with their services. Therefore, if you want to serve your customer with the best of all deals you need to invest in CRM.

Without CRM you cannot treat your customers.

It allows you to analyse and study customer data.

Multi-Channel Experience

Technology has assisted the customer to achieve what they are in a need of. Right from the purchase to customer services, everything can be achieved easily. Everything is now happening in real-time and this has delivered ease among customers and businesses.

This is the main reason those companies who can offer, immediacy, personalization and accessibility are at benefits. Also, consumers are not tied to a single channel. Users can now browse the stores, share feedback with the help of mobile apps.


In such a fast-paced world, companies are moving with digitization. It is all because to serve the great customer experience.

However, the role of digital transformation is increasing at a rapid pace.

It is an opportunity to engage buyers and deliver exceptional results. It offers a seamless customer experience regardless of channel or place. You have to offer a digitized state to give your users ease. Think of a  cloud computing solution first as it enables you to be agile and meet customer requirements easily.

Every company be it a start-up or an enterprise must take command to implement digital transformation.

In turn, it will help you to experience a gradual shift in businesses. Therefore, with strong command, PerfectionGeeks being one of the Top Web & Mobile App Development Company  holds benefits.

We can assist you with a wide range of digital transformations. In turn, you will be likely to get a great command of customer reach and maintain lasting relationships. 

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