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How to Build a Custom Fleet Tracking App

june 12, 2023 14:40PM

Fleet Tracking App

This solution has become a lifeline for corporations of all sizes. Logistics companies can better manage their assets, staff, and workflow to improve the efficiency of their delivery services. Here, we help you find the best software development services in the USA. ABI Research conducted a survey that showed that nearly 50% of fleet managers believed that fleet management software was beneficial to their business. While 56% of respondents claim that this software has helped them improve their customer service.

The future of the fleet management industry is bright and promising, especially when you consider that it will reach $55 billion by 2030. Is it worthwhile to try to contribute to your custom solution? This guide shows you in detail the benefits of developing bespoke GPS tracking software and fleet management software. It also shows the features and the cost to develop them. You will also quickly go through the step-by-step process of creating fleet-tracking software and decide if your business needs it.

What is Fleet Management Software (FMS)?

Fleet management software helps coordinate enterprise vehicles, drivers, and the transportation process. It helps companies ensure that their workflow is effective and efficient. This software, in the hands of skilled fleet managers, is a powerful tool to perform various tasks. Fleet management is not limited to just purchasing and maintaining transport facilities. It can also locate vehicles, analyse drivers' performances, reduce fuel consumption, and assign drivers jobs.

The fleet management software also uses artificial intelligence to power satellite communication networks, navigation applications, and other features. Fleet managers can therefore quickly and securely access all data related to operations and transport movements. This system helps companies run their businesses more efficiently, as it offers route optimisation, schedule creation, and compliance with regulations, among other useful management tools.

Fleet Management Software Types

You should be familiar with all three types of fleet management applications before you consider developing your own. You can even mix and match them to find the perfect solution for your business!

GPS fleet tracking apps When considering how to improve fleet performance, this is likely the first thing that comes to mind. This software product development service for startups offers all the features a logistics firm needs. This includes tracking the location, estimating arrival time, finding optimal routes, storing previous drive data, and providing in-depth analyses.

Apps for video recording. A built-in camera is useful for capturing UFOs and other paranormal activities. It can also be used to record traffic violations or accidents. These features are often cloud-based, so all media files are automatically stored. This minimises the risk of them disappearing. Since such videos are broadcasted in real time by intelligent features, they can alert you instantly to any risks or violations.

Fuel management apps Fuel consumption optimisation is a good option for those who are concerned about the environment, their budget, or both. Businesses can reduce their fuel costs by tracking the driving habits of drivers, their route selections, and other factors. These applications also provide detailed analyses of vehicle sensor parameters as well as gasoline tracking.

Benefits of a Custom Fleet Management and Tracking Solution

There are many benefits to fleet management software that can justify the need for or desire to develop a fleet tracking application. This software is a great option for logistic companies that need a reliable solution to ensure long-term success and efficiency. You should consider the following benefits when developing GPS tracking and fleet management software:

Productivity increases

It is not good for any business to be plagued by delays, downtime, and other unlucky events. They are aware of how these events can negatively impact a company's budget or overall performance. You can save a lot of money by building a fleet app that contains all data related to fleets on one platform. Fleet managers have access to operational insights such as tracking idle time, driver availability, route planning, etc. This solution can help reduce fuel costs, increase employee satisfaction and efficiency, and even reduce a company's carbon footprint.

Scalability is Simplified

Custom fleet tracking apps can be scaled to meet the needs of your business. You can, for example, add new features and functionalities to improve the performance of your business. You can also adjust the capacity of your system based on how well it is performing for you. Scalability is essential for your business to grow and be stable.

Cost Savings

The creation of a fleet management application has many obvious benefits. One of them is the optimisation of processes. Automating manual tasks allows businesses to save a lot of money, first and foremost. Fleet management software can provide several benefits, including GPS tracking, automated notifications, detailed reports, and other useful tools.

The insights gained from the fleet analysis are invaluable in extending the life of fleets, optimising allocations, and managing fleets. Enterprises can therefore improve their internal workflow and reduce the likelihood of accidents and money waste.

Better Fleet Safety

It's not possible to ensure 100% safety on the road. A fleet management system provides a sophisticated monitoring system to ensure driver safety as well as the safety of passengers, vehicles, and other assets. Fleet managers can monitor the speed, the condition of the vehicle, and any other factors that could cause a fatal accident.

Custom fleet management software also provides updates in advance about traffic conditions, weather conditions, and other alarming incidents. Businesses can then improve their workflow and adhere to all of their policies and needs.

Fleet Management Software: Basic and Advanced Features

Fleet Tracking App

Most off-the-shelf software only addresses the most common problems faced by logistic companies and does not fully address their needs. To create a fleet-management app, it is important to include certain vital features. Let's look at some of the basic and pro features that will enhance your fleet tracking.

GPS Tracking

Without this feature, you cannot call the software fleet management. The global positioning system allows fleet management software to track vehicle locations, routes, stops, and speeds, as well as other important information. GPS tracking devices are useful for fleet mileage tracking. This helps reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle maintenance. The devices can also estimate the duration of trips, optimise routes, and improve transparency in delivery services, increasing customer satisfaction.

Fleet Maintenance

You must always ensure that vehicles are maintained in good working order to prolong their lifespan. Fleet tracking apps can help you! This feature can collect and analyse diagnostics to alert you about necessary repairs and modifications. The remaining fleet can be used for an extended period, allowing companies to avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

Fuel Management

Does it make sense to create a fleet management app without an automated fuel management feature? This feature is essential for any tracking solution. Your company can use it to automatically measure fuel levels in fleet vehicles, calculate how often they are refuelled and drained, and alert you when fuel consumption is unusual. Thanks to IoT tracking, you will receive fleet-related real-time updates, which can help you save gasoline.

Data protection

If the connection is not properly protected, hackers can intercept the data. Cybercriminals could then hijack the vehicle and control its brakes and engine, as well as access any remaining information. Consider implementing anti-hacking features when building a fleet app. This will make your software highly secure and resistant to cyberthreats.

Fraud Prevention

Dishonesty among drivers is the Achilles heel of fleet businesses. They are one of many reasons why a company can go bankrupt. Some drivers "lose" their fuel cards and then use them. Fraud prevention will not allow such tricks. Fleet management software, with the aid of artificial intelligence, can detect bad intentions within minutes and immediately inform fleet managers of such unfortunate incidents.

How Do I Create A Fleet Management Application?

You must be prepared for a lot of challenges and steps when you want to create a fleet-tracking app. It won't be as difficult if you plan! You should keep in mind the following detailed, step-by-step procedure for creating fleet-tracking software:

Stage 1: Set your goals

Your fleet management software must, in essence, be a solution to some logistical problems. Your product will become a valuable and innovative option for users as well as an effective competitor for your competitors. The research will allow you to discover the current market trends. Don't forget about the design and features of other fleet management software, as well as their popularity with users.

Determining your target audience is another important thing to think about at this stage. You will then know which application to build and which functions you need to include. You can decide if your customers want to be able to track their fuel consumption, receive automatic reports, or manage spare parts.

Stage 2: Calculate your budget

To build a GPS tracking system, it is common practise to allocate a certain amount of money to create a product of high quality. Include a list with the selected features, types of applications, and total development costs. Consider other expenses related to marketing and advertising practises that will help you attract more users. We also cannot ignore the need for post-launch maintenance. This is another expense that requires additional funds. It is not wise to try to save money on the development of a fleet management app.

Stage 3: Work on the UI/UX

It's finally time to design an app! First impressions of an application are based on its appearance and functionality. This stage is crucial because it determines the fate of the application. You need to create custom fleet management software that has a flawless UI/UX design if you want people to love and enjoy the product.

Stage 4: Test and deploy

Quality assurance is another thing to consider at this stage in the creation of a fleet management application. QA engineers test the software multiple times to ensure that it works under various conditions, adapts to different platforms, and responds as intended to all requests. You'll save both money and time by fixing bugs and other issues before launching your product.

Cost of Custom Fleet Management Software Development

You will need to spend a lot of money if you want to build your own fleet management and tracking system. The overall cost of development will depend on the complexity of the application, the team's capacity, the technology stack, and the features included. The cost of developing a fleet-management app is also heavily influenced by coding, wireframes, design, and system updates.

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