Best App to Buy Cryptocurrency

Which is the best app to buy cryptocurrency?

August 26, 2022 14:00 PM

Best App to Buy Cryptocurrency

 Trading apps for cryptocurrency are essential for those who want to trade or keep track of their cryptocurrency holdings at any time. Many applications are available, making it hard to decide which one to download. Because cryptocurrency trading isn't legally legal in every country, it is essential to pay attention when selecting a crypto trading application. Below, we have listed a few of the best apps to choose from.

Since its launch in the year 2011, the Coinbase mobile app has not only been able to become the first unicorn in the realm of cryptocurrency exchange but it is also regarded as the torchbearer in the sector in which people from the blockchain and crypto worlds look up to. So, if you want to buy cryptocurrency, some specifications are important to consider.

Specifications that are part of cryptocurrency exchange apps like Coinbase

• Trading Engine

The trading engine is the backbone of any high-quality currency exchange service. It serves as the core function of the exchange through managing:

  • Transactions Execution
  • Calculation of Balances
  • Call for access to the Book Purchase Order
  • Make sure you match the transactions of buying and selling on the exchange.
• User Interface

The user interface of a crypto exchange website must be designed so that it is not only visually appealing. However, it should be prepared to ensure a fantastic user experience. The design-related functionality is complex because it's easy for a cryptocurrency app development company to be involved in the complex system and not pay attention to the layout.

However, when you work with the appropriate agency, what you get is an interface that lets users:

  • Create Orders
  • View the history of transactions and filters
  • Access to graphics and indicators
  • The option to look into all the activities displayed on the dashboard
  • A seamless fund deposit and withdrawal
• User Management

With nearly every cryptocurrency exchange website registering an increase of 1,000,000 daily users, it is paramount to ensure that your management of users' procedures is in order.

When we discuss the user management component of your crypto exchange platform, there are three aspects you'll have to look after:

  • Register and sign in. Although cryptocurrency exchanges require some personal user information, they do not initially ask for personal data from users. The process of registration should promise rapid in-and-out sessions for users.
  • User Creation: Many exchanges allow users to set up accounts independently. However, a few small crypto exchanges assign the responsibility of creating users to the administrator.
  • User's Verification Knowing your customers is one of them.
  • The essential components of the cryptocurrency exchange platform With your venue, you'll be able to provide a variety of types of verification to determine the limit of the account. These types of proof can comprise personal information, SSN, phone number, or photo ID.
• Admin Panel

The administrators of cryptocurrency exchange platforms are accountable for the management of users and the surveillance of trading. Based on the accessibility levels of the users, they will be able to access the user ID, email address, name, and other details together with transaction information like the time stamp and description, transaction ID, and the amount.

The panel should be able to allow administrators to:

  • Change in trading costs
  • Manage the listing of the cryptocurrency.
  • Please include new cryptocurrencies in the list.
  • ability to fund accounts within the time of tickets and for support issues.
• Wallet

As described in our blockchain solution guide to digital wallets, a cryptocurrency wallet is a computer program that allows users to send and receive digital currency. When you are developing the best application for crypto trading in India, such as the Coinbase App for Wallet App, there are three elements you'd need to think about:

  • System and User Wallets There are a variety of wallets you can offer your users: cold and hot mobile and desktop, multi-currency wallets, etc. The cryptocurrency money on the platform would be saved inside the user's wallet.
  • Deposits and withdrawals The users will have the option to deposit or withdraw funds via ATM, email, or QR code transfer. Typically, the trading and deposit of digital currency are done without account verification. However, when it comes to withdrawing funds, it's crucial to verify the user's account.
  • The creation of transactions: Each user should have the option to purchase and sell the digital currency they have to another. To do this in real-time, it is necessary to create something similar to the Coinbase wallet application focused on the smoothness and speed of transactions.

A set of functions and processes enables the external applications to access features or data when an operating system is essential as part of an exchange platform for cryptocurrency.

When deciding on API implementation, there are three factors to consider.

  • A Private API and a public API are used in the system to allow, e.g., you to create a bot to help you trade. This API, called the Public API, on the other hand, is utilized by third-party developers.
  • Websockets: The technology permits receiving a response based on events from the server without the need to poll servers for the reaction. For example, it can send information about market movements or trade movements.
  • FIX Protocol: It is the standard you must have for all trading platforms, regardless of what asset is being traded. It allows outside Coinbase and Binance application developers to incorporate various trading platforms quickly.
• Analytics

Analytics is a must-have feature of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is comprised of charts and logs. While the former aids in analyzing activity on trading platforms, the latter aids in designing charts to ensure an accurate view.

• Database

In general, there are two types of databases on the cryptocurrency exchange site that are REDIS, in addition to SQL.

In both databases, there is one that is operational storage that is speedy but not intended for storing confidential data. The other is another one that is long-lasting as well as reliable.

When we have learned about the cost of establishing a crypto exchange, let's examine how apps such as Coinbase ensure their platform is secure for the thousands who deal with millions of fiat currencies regularly. They also ensure that there is no chance of hackers taking cryptocurrencies off of crypto exchanges.

What are the additional security measures for authentication used by Coinbase?

Coinbase hashes all the passwords stored in the database using crypt plus the 12-cost factor to protect the authentication process's security. Additionally, when a user registers for an account or resets their password, Coinbase will only accept secure passwords.


Finally, the platform keeps all the credentials of a separate crypto app location in addition to the codebase and database.

Final Note

We have reviewed everything enough to help you get into the cryptocurrency exchange. You can earn your share of the value from loyal customers. What's next? Contact us at today. PerfectionGeeks Technologies is reliable. Employ blockchain developers to further your journey to decentralization.


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