How to Create an App Like Metrash 2

How to Create an App Like Metrash 2

Aug 24, 2023 02:06PM

Metrash 2

We live in a time when the digitalization tsunami has affected the commercial sector and the government.

Digitalizing government processes such as applying for citizenship, obtaining licenses, or storing digital copies of documents has become a trend in the last decade due to the convenience and security that nationals and residents of all countries demand. The shift to digitalize government-level processes responded to nationals' and citizens' demands.

Even though virtually every geopolitical area has adopted digitalization to improve communication and transactions between government agencies and citizens, the Middle East has consistently been in the news because it has taken significant steps towards the effort. The Middle East has become known as a leader in the digitalization effort.

We will examine one of these endeavors that have been lauded equally by Qataris and Qatari citizens: the Metrash2 application. We will focus on how much an app such as Metrash2 costs and the development process.

What you need to know before creating an app like Metrash2

  • The United Arab Emirates government gave the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority a new name in 2021 when it decided to change it. The TDRA released its Digital Transformation Enablers Report, in which they highlighted various digital achievements of the UAE government, including the creation of a digital ID called the UAE Pass, a comprehensive cloud infrastructure for the Federal Network (FEDnet), and the National Customer Relationship Management System (NCRM).

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established the Digital Government Authority in March 2021. The body then issued a framework of regulations for digital government. This included compliance and governance, beneficiary centralization, comprehensive platforms, and digital skills and technology regulation.

  • Recently, the government of Kuwait introduced the Sahel app, a mobile application that combines all e-government services in Kuwait into one package. The mobile application will significantly advance Kuwait's "A New Kuwait," a vision for 2035.

  • In addition to its efforts, the Ministry of the Interior of Qatar has developed and maintains a mobile app called Metrash2 for Qatar. This app allows Qatari citizens to access more than 300 services without leaving the app.

  • The app's excellent feedback over the years and its ease of use for citizens have led to its being used as a model of how government applications should manage documents and transactions. It is a model that administrations from other countries have begun to study and implement in their own countries.

Create an App Like Metrash2 can range from $25,000 up to $250,000. This app allows citizens to store their data, make transactions, and submit requests directly to the Ministry of the Interior. The cost of creating an app like Metrash2 increases in proportion to its complexity, which is determined by using new technologies and adding new features.

Let's look closer at how to create an app such as Metrash2 and its design system, technology integrations, development process, etc. All of these factors affect the cost.

Must-have features for an app like Metrash2

Metrash 2

Metrash2's app development begins with the definition of feature sets. This step is used to determine the direction that the design system will take and the development process. At the MVP level, the Metrash2 application offers the following features:


Including multiple signup options in the app is essential, as the data and information stored on it will likely be sensitive. You can create an app similar to Metrash2 by following the same steps, entering a QID, and receiving the OTP on your mobile phone. You can add security layers, like biometric authentication, or receive two OTPs to the registered email and phone number.


Metrash2 is an excellent example of an app that does not limit the number of services that can be included. The app should include every digital transaction a resident can make, like paying a traffic ticket, extending residence, issuing new visas, or reporting items lost. You'll have to create a dashboard that organizes the services to prevent data clutter.


If you're developing an app like Metrash2, a wallet feature is one of the key features that should be included. Residents can save essential documents like their Qatar ID card or residence permit. They can also store driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and other vital numbers. This facility allows nationals to avoid carrying physical copies of documents.

In-App Payment

Your iteration of Metrash2's app should not only provide users with access to various digital government authorities but also allow them to pay for transactions within the application, such as the extension of visas or the payment of fines and traffic violations. It would save them the trouble of visiting the government entity's offices.

Multilingual Support

It is important to remember that, just like MeTrash2, even though your application is geared towards a Middle Eastern audience, it will still be used by people outside the Middle East. To make your application more accessible, you must ensure the interface supports multiple languages.

After examining the features that determine the cost of building an app such as Metrash2, it is clear that the application will be crammed with information. These elements must be presented so the consumer does not feel overwhelmed and can quickly complete transactions. The design element must be the main focus.

How do you design an app like Metrash2?

Metrash2 is a beautiful application from a design point of view. It has many features that make it an excellent tool for the user experience. The division of services, the clearly defined user movements, and the inclusive-friendly fonts and symbols are some of these features.

The list-based presentation of services and the colour selection may give the customer the impression that the app is overloaded. You might consider the following strategies to create an app similar to Metrash2.

  • A colour scheme with a solid contrast to make it easier to read.

  • A simple icon selection that doesn't take up a lot of screen space

  • Positioning design elements according to visual hierarchy

  • Additional verification steps must be taken before granting access to confidential material.

  • Use prompts to simplify onboarding and other similar features.

How do I create an app like Metrash2?

Metrash2 is developed similarly to a mobile application. The process begins with researching the target audience, then laying out the features and establishing a design system. Finally, the app is created and tested before being made public.

Although we have covered most of the parts of the process, it is essential to create an ecosystem of integrations and APIs that connects users with various government agencies in a real-time and safe manner.

Metrash2's base is based on the number of integrations in an app comparable to Metrash2. All government agencies must undergo digital transformations and implement security measures to achieve this goal.

We recommend integrating your application with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. It will make your platform safer and improve the user's experience.

Examples of applications that demonstrate the potential of this technology include the incorporation of blockchain in the Know Your Customer procedure, intelligent contracts for recording and tracking transactions between the government and its citizens, and the application of AI and ML tools to detect fraud and hacking.

After learning about the Metrash2 development costs, you may wonder how to improve the original application.

Let's look at a few other elements that can give your version of Metrash2 an edge in the market.

Create a Better App than Metrash 2

To improve Metrash2, you must understand the problems that users encounter when using the app.

The most common problems that customers report with Metrash2 are unanticipated crashes of the application and difficulties in signing up for a Metrash2 account.

These issues can be resolved using a solid and scalable backend architecture that can handle sudden spikes in traffic. It can also be solved by providing logic that prevents signup problems in the first instance.

Along with finding solutions for these problems, you may also want to consider incorporating the following elements into your app:

You can sign up in several ways.

An additional authentication layer is required when accessing confidential materials.

Individuals and businesses should have unique entry points to prevent information overload.

A local news feature to keep them informed of the latest events in their region.

You can add several features and components to your app that will give it a competitive edge over similar apps. We can help you develop new ideas and determine if they are feasible in terms of market and technology.

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