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Cost of Developing an App like WhiteHat Jr. - PerfectionGeeks

Costs of Developing an Education App Like White Hat Junior

March 6, 2023 4:19 PM

App like WhiteHat Jr. Cost

What is an educational app?

An educational app is software built to support learners with any kind of remote learning. It encourages and enables online education, particularly self-learning. Examples span from applications that instruct youthful kids on fundamental math conceptions to apps that serve as grown-up training forums for cutting-edge experienced aptitudes.

Integrating learning control techniques and additional technologies to provide a specialized, end-to-end education key is the essential function of an education app medium.

Introduction of WhiteHat Jr.

WhiteHat Jr. is an e-learning forum that seeks to get children into coding by giving them the required knowledge, aid, and support. The coding lesson is presented to the learners through video classes at their homes. It is planned to teach children how to feel about creating apps, games, and animations. As a manager, you choose coding learning software like WhiteHat Jr. for two primary reasons: job fate, which we all experienced during the Great Recession, and safeguarding your kids' future against the difficult competition in the era of IT invention and tech-certified industries.

WhiteHat Jr. prepares your kid for the fresh world of coding. Your child could even look at starting his or her own company using this coding system. The app also has more than 4 million paid subscribers worldwide and a 4.4 rating out of 5. WhiteHat Jr. is gaining vogue among parents because it allows them to watch their kids implicated in computer upgrading actions that improve their standard study curriculum.

Top Features of the WhiteHat Jr. Education App

WhiteHat Jr is an education-technology medium that helps kids aged 6-14 comprehend coding through a connective, individual digital experience, launched in 2018 by Karan Bajaj. Now, developed by one of the Lid Edutech outlets, Byjus

  • Organized classes are for adults, unlike youngsters.
  • Interactive online knowledge
  • Gamification can make coding effortless.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Provide niche-based lessons.
  • Advance tracking and grade badges
  • Fast navigation with precise filters

Factors Driving the Cost to Build a Mobile App Like WhiteHat Jr.

Much like the price of creating any other mobile app, the price of creating a product like WhiteHat Jr. depends on numerous factors. So, before leaping into concerns about the price ranges, let's walk through the important aspects that make up your e-learning app development bill.

Business Model

You might be wondering how revenue-generating company models impact your bills. We would settle your concern; don't worry.

Apps like WhiteHat Jr. have four industry models: paid certificates, paid courses, subscriptions, and affiliate models. Relying on your selection, the app developer will incorporate other architectures to deliver hassle-free learning to your target audiences. Also, the company model determines the developer-level alteration frequency on your website, affecting your budget further.


UI/UX can create or damage your e-learning company in the blink of an eye. For example, if your app helps children, you might need to design an interesting and interactive learning platform. Based on your target audience, your designer will brainstorm a complementary interface and invest time accordingly.

Creating a kid-oriented app will require more responsive elements and captivating compositions. On the other hand, the one for teenagers and adults will take somewhat less time. Accordingly, your budget will fluctuate and reach its highest value when designing a UI for children.


A learning app evolves a user choice when it offers some extras at each level. Such elements offer a sense of accomplishment to your users and enable them to interact further with your platform. How much gamification should you leverage? Well, that depends on your company's model and custom options.

If your app entails minimal gamification commodities, your developer will charge you less. In contrast, if your venue remains full of responsive elements, you will pay a more serious bill to your developer.


The more components, the higher the budget! Remember the golden rule when designing to develop an e-learning mobile app. Sticking with a handful of basic elements will keep your bill at a low point. However, with each other part, your sum will keep growing indefinitely. Besides, your costs will further rise according to the extent of personalization that you expect from designers.

Tech Stacks

The technology used to create your important apps influences your budget dramatically. Frameworks leveraged to develop the platform's front end, back end, and cloud integration remain the primary contributors to affecting your bill. Moreover, the payment gateway incorporated into your coding-learning app will reflect your costs. Similarly, many other stacks working behind your development choose your last payable amount.

Outsourcing vs. In-House Developers

The choice of an in-house group for your project or outsourcing the duty to a vendor will affect your prices. If you wish to avail yourself of the most minimal price rates, it's preferable to outsource the e-learning app expansion task to a credible third-party team.

Developer Location

The area where your developer resides will alter your budget. Outsourcing your coding platform development task to designers living in an inexpensive area will favour your bill. However, if you desire to onboard a team belonging to a costly region, it will improve your budget.


After development, maintenance plays a key role in pushing your budgets. A team that delivers lower maintenance charges will be budget-friendly, whereas an expensive company will drain your pockets.

How much does it cost to develop e-learning mobile apps like WhiteHat Jr.?

App like WhiteHat Jr. Cost

So, you are already familiar with what factors drive your e-learning app development account. Now, it's time to unveil the real costs. Roughly, you can predict an amount of $40,000-$80,000 for MVP. However, if you wish to have a mildly difficult experience, you will get an approximate bill of $75,000 to $150,000.

It's the generation of mobile apps like WhiteHat Jr.! With a thorough understanding of the app development price, you are all set to create a custom coding learning app for yourself. Keep a wise balance between functionality and budget-friendliness, and the last product will leave no stone unturned in helping you and your audiences simultaneously.


What is Whitehat Jr., and why is it used?

Whitehat Jr. is an edtech startup that works carefully with children. It's an online 1:1 coding learning platform for kids. The best part of this mobile app is the easy-to-use user interface. This platform is designed to empower children (6-14 years old) and make them tech ninjas.

What could be the best business model for code-learning apps?

Apps like WhiteHat Jr. have four business models: paid certificates, paid courses, subscriptions, and affiliate models. Depending on your choice, the app developer will integrate different architectures to offer hassle-free learning to your target audiences.

What are the key factors affecting coding-learning app development costs?

The Whitehat Jr.-like app development cost depends on various factors such as business models, tech stacks, gamification, features, UI/UX, developers' location, and app maintenance.

What are the top features of the WhiteHat Jr. app?

The top features of the Whitehat Jr. app are classified coding courses for different children, an interactive one-on-one online experience, gamification to make coding easy, an easy-to-use user interface, niche-based courses, progress tracking, level badges, and fast navigation with accurate filters.

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