How Much Does It Cost to Develop a B2B marketplace?

B2B Marketplace

MAY, 28, 2024 14:30 PM

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a B2B marketplace?

What's the cost of developing a B2B marketplace? There are many ways to calculate the costs of establishing similar online platforms, but it is a reality that the exact figure is only known to the owners.

If you're a novice at developing apps for the marketplace, it is recommended that you read our guide on how to go about the market development procedure. So, you'll be armed with the basics you need before getting into the details of what it will cost to create an app for the marketplace.

Let's take a look at some rough estimates of market website development costs for the scope of the project:

  • Small market project (a fundamental online portal to buy and sell any type of product or service) 100,000-$150,000;
  • Medium-complexity projects (a platform for selling and buying different items from various sellers) 140,000 to 200,000;
  • Complex market (having sophisticated features as well as possibly the most cutting-edge technologies) beginning at $350,000.

These numbers are approximate, and market-based projects do not have a formal classification. Consider them as a guideline to determine the type of functionality you could expect in your financial budget.

The types of marketplaces on the internet

The type you select determines the way you build the online platform. Different types of marketplaces come with distinctive features, functionalities, and complexity.

These factors affect the amount of time, resources, and knowledge required to develop a website, which affects the overall market for website development costs. In general, marketplaces are classified by the number of participants and business models.

Participants can classify the market by its participants.

Based on the target market and the relationship between buyer and seller, the marketplace you are selling to could be placed in any of these categories:

  • B2B marketplaces are used to sell items or products in large quantities and are typically managed by a third party. To figure out how much it will cost to create a B2B marketplace site, it is important to include features such as managing complicated order processes, Alibaba, and eWorldTrade. custom pricing, and seamless communication between companies. For instance, Alibaba as well as eWorldTrade.
  • B2C marketplaces give businesses the possibility of directly selling to customers. They concentrate on establishing user-friendly interfaces with secure payment gateways as well as effective product listings and search capabilities. Some examples include AliExpress,, and Bonanza.
  • Mobile marketplaces, also known as mCommerce, are stores built using a mobile-first strategy. They require a specific concentration on enhancing the user interface as well as the user experience across a variety of smartphones and different operating systems. Examples of mCommerce platforms are Upwork, Jumia, and Sephora.
  • Auction platforms enable buyers to compete for a service by bidding. Running these auction platforms requires a user interface that is dynamic with instant bid updates and a robust security system that impacts the cost of creating an auction site online. The most notable examples are eBay, Honcho, and Artsy.
Market classification based on business model

A business model determines how your platform can attract buyers and sellers and generate revenues. It has a major influence on the functions and affects the overall costs of developing a website for the marketplace. Marketplace business models for online marketplaces typically fall into three groups:

  • Vertical marketplaces concentrate on specialties rather than providing everything to all. The development of a successful vertical market requires that the team developing it be knowledgeable of a specific vertical market. The requirements for functionality include the provision of custom-designed interfaces that are tailored to a particular market or segment. Examples are Airbnb, StockX, and TrueFacet.

Global marketplaces allow the transfer of goods and services regardless of the user's geographical place of residence. A global marketplace has to be multilingual, accept a variety of types of currencies and payment options, and be in compliance with a variety of regulations in different countries. Example: Amazon, eBay, Upwork.

Cost to Build a B2B marketplace

Costs for developing websites for marketplaces can differ based on a variety of factors. But the most important aspect is the quantity and complexity of the features.

In all likelihood, when making your budget, it is important to consider the following expenses:

  • Back-end hosting costs
  • User interface and user experience design costs
  • development of front-end and back-end programming
  • Quality assurance: automation checks and tests by manual
  • Marketing costs
  • Additional technical support.

The cost of the total fluctuates across an extensive range and is dependent on the following aspects:

  • The company invests its resources in advertising.
  • the ability to add enhancements to the product's capabilities;
  • investments in maintenance and support.

What Factors Influence Marketplace Development Costs?

Several different elements affect the development of marketplace costs. The most evident ones are the hourly rates of engineers, as well as the feature set and the type of platform you're looking for. These factors do not exist in isolation and have an impact on one another. Let's examine them in greater depth.

Developers' Hourly Rate

The fees paid to software developers vary widely across the globe.

Additionally, some teams usually consist of more than just engineers. For instance, great projects need help from staff members, marketing professionals to launch successful marketing campaigns, business analysts who write functional as well as non-functional specifications, and designers to deliver an effective interface as well as excellent UX.

The cost also depends upon the model of collaboration used and hiring options, such as:

Hourly Rate

A time-and-materials model (T&M) is among the most popular options that startup owners pick. If they choose this option, the amount of money is calculated based on the quantity of time and effort it took developers to complete the project.

T&M lets businesses adapt to ever-changing needs while still staying within their budget.


This type of model, sometimes known as a fixed-price system, is utilized when there is no space for adjustments during construction. In this instance, the total cost is calculated and agreed upon before the start of the project.

This method is not suitable for complex and large projects. The risk of failure that can occur when developers place too much importance on sticking to a schedule only to launch a low-quality product at the end.

Dedicated Team

It is a model of collaboration where a business partners with a software development company that assigns a specific development group for the development project and pays the developer's salary in the course. Collaboration with vendors can dramatically reduce development time and boost capacity.

Here's the table that shows the average hourly rates for those who are usually involved in building marketplaces, based on the data gathered directly from Time Analytics:

Feature Set

The variety of features as well as the complexity of the marketplace's architecture and functionality all affect the cost of developing the marketplace.

Based on the business's focus, the set of functions could differ. Let's look at the elements you require to build your online market.

Additional Features to Develop in Future Versions

After introducing the initial version of your product to the market and gaining feedback from customers, you can begin thinking about improving your product and adding additional features. The most important criteria here must be novelty, convenience, and user-friendliness.

Push Notifications

Marketplace notifications help users be informed whenever new products become available or when the product they booked is available. They will also make it easier for users to use the site more often. Users will be able to check notifications and alter their notification settings.

Product Comparison

This feature can help site users choose the most suitable item or service by looking at its characteristics, price, ratings, and features. It will reduce the time and effort of the purchaser.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace Website? Sum It Up

B2B Marketplace

To know the price of building the marketplace on the internet, there are some elements you must consider:

  • Markets of all kinds
  • Software developers' rates
  • Marketplace features and functions
  • Strategies for developing the marketplace

If you're looking to find out more about marketplace development costs, the best way to find out is to test your ideas and obtain an estimate from marketplace experts in development. We are known as the best mobile app development company in the USA.

We've been developing marketplaces for more than 10 years. We have worked for clients from different industries like real estate, healthcare, education, health, human resources, home services, media transport, PR, and much more. Contact us today, and we'll give you a no-cost estimate.


What is the time frame to establish a market?

If you create a basic marketplace starting from scratch, it will take 518 hours. The time to develop a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon could be as long as 4 months.

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