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The Best Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse?

Sep 21, 2023 17:30 PM

Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

Clubhouse is among the most well-known audio-sharing apps in the world of social media. In the beginning of 2020, when it was first launched, the social media app brought about a sea of change that changed how users interact with one another. The app gained rapid popularity from the moment it was launched and has left behind the most influential and massive market players like Facebook and Instagram.

The main reason for the app's popularity was the immediate support of the community. The app was also backed by numerous influencers, investors, and others and was able to secure more than $100 million in funding while also attracting the $10 million mark in the world.

Large companies and established businesses have a strong belief in similar audio-based apps like Clubhouse that could give them an edge in the marketplace while providing the best return on investment.

If you're also looking to create a similar application, we can help you figure out the Clubhouse social media app's cost. A similar social media app to Clubhouse development costs will not only aid you in determining the appropriate budget for your venture but will also provide you with insights into the many aspects and crucial considerations you must consider in order to develop a solid and profitable app in conjunction with a social app development firm.

For a quick overview, the development costs for an app such as Clubhouse could range between $40,000 and $250,000. The overall budget of the app may be increased or decreased according to the app's level of complexity, the time-based rates that are developed, the technology utilized to develop the app, and so on.

Before we dive into the costs and numerous factors that affect it, let's have a look at all the hype surrounding the app that allows for social audio, Clubhouse, and how investing in similar apps could help your business grow in the ecosystem.

Understanding the Popularity of Social Media Apps - Clubhouse

In the two years following the app's launch, Clubhouse had reached around 10 million users worldwide. The popularity of the Clubhouse social app was constant from the beginning; however, its popularity exploded in the year 2021's beginning. This is the time when many of the most famous celebrities in the world of technology, such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, not only acknowledged the use of Clubhouse but also interacted with others on the platform.

Here is the most recent data from Clubhouse that can assist you in understanding the rising popularity of Clubhouse and how investing in an app that is similar to it could benefit your company:

  • The app had more than 10 million users as of December 2022.
  • The app is currently worth $4 billion, experiencing a dramatic increase since the year 2000, when it was valued at $100 million.
  • In the $4 billion group, Clubhouse has been hailed as a unicorn company.
  • The total number of downloads to the app has surpassed the 20 million mark.
  • It has received an estimated $10 million of funding over the course of time from more than 180 organizations.

Clubhouse's social media app is making waves on several platforms. By allowing users to chat with each other in real-time in stories or exchange ideas with each other via voice, and with no other devices, Clubhouse is bringing the experience of media to social media, leaving only the social elements.

There are a variety of ways Clubhouse is changing the definition of the role of social media and engagement for marketers and businesses:

  • It gives you the possibility to connect with and engage with professionals in your industry.
  • The rooms include real-time chats that cover a variety of topics.
  • The primary focus of Clubhouse is not on producing content but rather on high-value conversations.

It is bringing audio chat to the top of the social media app market.

After you've got the essence of the appeal behind the app for social media Clubhouse and the way it has created a distinct presence within the social media world thanks to its fascinating features, it's time to get back to the primary topic of discussion: the cost of the Clubhouse social media application.

What is the cost of the clubhouse application?

Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

As we have previously mentioned in this article, the cost of developing a voice chat app like Clubhouse could range from $40,000 to $250,000. Depending on a broad array of features, the technology utilized, and the design parameters set in the course of development, the platform, and so on, the cost could vary significantly.

Let us look at the details in the next section.

Cost factors that influence the cost of the development of the Clubhouse social media application:

UI/UX Design

The creation of a seamless UI/UX design is among the primary factors that determine the app's effectiveness. PerfectionGeeks tops the list in terms of mobile app development companies. Along with design, the company also masters the designing part of the website. Because creating a design that is in line with the core values of the brand is a requirement to test multiple methods, the total cost of development may differ in line with the requirements.

App Platform

The base platform used for developing Clubhouse-like apps is among the main elements that impact the overall budget for app development. For instance, you could pick among Android or iOS platforms or opt to develop an app that is cross-platform.

To ensure that the budget is optimized initially, it is advised to begin by using a single platform before moving to a cross-platform app once it becomes popular in the market.

Location of the App Development Organization

The area of the agency responsible for app development determines the overall budget for app development. For example, the rate per hour of development in areas like Asia and Eastern Europe is comparatively less when compared to the rates for development within the US as well as the UK.

Must-Have Features of the Clubhouse App Development

1. Profile Creation

The app comes with the most basic process for creating profiles. Users must enter their name and number at the time they sign up. The username (or username, as it's often known) is a requirement that users must reserve ahead of time, in case at any moment they don't receive an invitation to join the application.

2. Clubhouse Hallway

It is the primary feed for the audio-based networking application Clubhouse. It is where users are able to view current as well as ongoing chat rooms. The rooms or clubs that you are following are displayed at the top of the hall.

  • From the hallway, you can:
  • Find someone by using their name or keyword.
  • Invite someone else to join the clubhouse.
  • Calendar view with rooms that are scheduled and dates.
  • You can manage your Clubhouse profile.
3. Clubhouse Rooms

The clubhouse room provides you with glimpses of the names of the people present and what they're talking about. It is possible to view Room as a podcast. This section offers the option of listening to a conversation or turning off or leaving the room to look around different rooms that are in hallways.

In this room, guests can find the names of the moderator, speaker, and audience/listener tuning into the conversation.

4. Clubhouse Voice Chat App Clubs

The app gives you the ability to start clubs inside the application. This allows you to build communities on the platform where you can hold "n" number of conversations and meet-ups with fellow members.

  • There are four main types of memberships in the club:
  • Founder
  • Members
  • Admin
  • Follower
5. Notifications

The Clubhouse App's push notification system is quite simple. If you click on the notification icon, you'll be able to see several notifications, such as:

  • Your newest follower
  • If your connection is in an area
  • When your contact invites you to a meeting
  • If someone you're following has plans for the room
6. Clubhouse Invitation

In order to invite someone else to join Clubhouse, you must have someone in your contact book. If you connect your address book to Clubhouse, you will be able to see users already on the application. You can also search for and invite people to join the app.

7. Moderation

One area in which Clubhouse is experiencing a lot of criticism is the lack of moderated chat rooms. There have been a lot of complaints from users regarding abuse, racism, and abusive conversations. There must be a moderated space in each room that should remove the speaker or restrict the involvement of an audience member who hurts the feelings of others through hateful speech.

8. Reminders

In the Clubhouse application, live conversations are not stored or recorded; consequently, users must be immediately notified when their preferred speaker or topic-related room is launched. They should not be able to miss the event, which is made possible by a reliable and timely reminder system and notifications.

9. Following Speakers and Trends

The following options are available for the speaker and the trends that users can utilize whenever they discover something they want to modify in their area of activity. This feature enables users to be kept informed of all activities happening around the speaker or in relation to the latest trend.

10. Activity

The activity section will record an archive of your interactions. It will allow you to view every account you follow, as well as what you've been up to lately within the application, and also find out who has recently joined the app. It will also show the clubs that people are in as well as the upcoming events.

In the Final Analysis

When we speak about the Clubhouse application, we suggest following the same path as they did: create and launch the beta version before the actual launch. In this way, you'll be able to gauge your users' enthusiasm before launching an application with lots of features.

Our app developers for social media suggest that business owners begin by creating attribute lists, upon which we can talk about the technical and resource aspects that will aid us in determining our social media app's cost.

We have now examined the various aspects that need to be considered when creating applications, such as Clubhouse. Let's conclude by examining the various ways entrepreneurs can earn profits from their Clubhouse-like app.

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