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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate App Like Property Finder?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate App Like Property Finder?

JUNE 28, 2023 02:45 PM

Cost To Build App Like Finder

Ten years ago, buying and selling real estate was a difficult task. You needed an agent or agency to sell or buy your property. The agent was responsible for inspecting the properties for rent or sale and arranging for prospective buyers to view the homes.

We can now tour, buy, and sell property on our smartphones. Yes! Everything is possible with the aid of a real-estate app.

Over half of buyers begin their property search online, according to "Real Estate In The Digital Age: 2019". Most internet users are older millennials (98%) or boomers (89%). Sixty-eight percent of younger boomers and millennials found their way home using a mobile phone.

Most first-time buyers in the United States are made up of millennials. Therefore, catering to their tastes and preferences should be a priority.

Before you build your app, it's crucial to understand the key components of a real estate app like Property Finder. In this post, we'll learn what a real estate app needs to succeed.

What You Need to Know When Developing a Real Estate App like Property Finder

This section reviewed features ideal to include in a real-estate app that allows users to buy and sell properties. These factors will influence the Real Estate app's cost, like Property Finder's.

User Login & Sign Up

You will find it easier to navigate your app when you offer multiple sign-up and sign-in options. More options are better. Recent developments have allowed individuals to sign up using their Google+, Facebook, or other social media profiles.

You may want to use two-factor authentication to make your app more reliable. This could be done by sending an SMS code directly to the user's phone or allowing the user to sign in with their biometrics.

By providing seamless assistance and suggestions at the appropriate points, you can direct your audience to the right place and ease the sign-up process.

Search and Filters

Give your users the option to filter homes based on location, price, and room number. Trulia offers buyers a greater level of flexibility with its more than 30 search options.

You can search for available rentals by various criteria, such as keywords, property types, or whether the owner accepts cats or dogs. Think about simplifying the user experience at each stage of the process.Suppose consumers are searching for the most suitable property. In that case, they can quickly find it based on factors such as the publication date, location, parking space available, or the house's attributes.

Property Details

Each listing contains detailed information, such as a description, video, pictures, price, nearby landmarks, owner details, and more. People will not find it helpful if you don't provide enough information on each property in your app.

Photos and Street View

Did you know the photographs on real estate sites are the ones that receive the most positive feedback from visitors? It's not surprising that photos are the most popular aspect of real estate websites.

As part of a feature upgrade, you can include a 360-degree immersive virtual tour and videos taken inside a specific building. Integrating a VR feature successfully requires a lot of work and expertise.


The database of your real estate app is an essential but unseen component. Your real estate app's success and popularity are directly related to the quality of the data stored. Your real estate mobile application's functionality is dependent on database integration. The more comprehensive and current your app's coverage, the greater your chance of keeping users engaged.

Integration of Maps

Maps provide helpful information to users, so a property search app without one is incomplete. This is the only way for people searching for properties to arrive at the correct place and time.

Apps should include innovative maps so users can see their location and other nearby options. You can display information about local services and amenities, including schools, banks, hospitals, average incomes, criminal rates, etc.

Cost Calculator

Certain apps can be used to calculate the interest rate that applies to a home loan. Many other apps are available, including a calculator that estimates the value of a house based on factors such as taxes and loan amounts.

You may also want to integrate push notifications that inform users when an item is available.

In-App Chat and Messages

Users can complete a deal by contacting an agent. Inform him if the person is online.

Users can move further along the sales funnel by engaging in an online conversation to learn more about a property. You can close more deals and have a more efficient sales process.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have tremendous marketing potential. Push notifications, when used correctly, can be of great benefit. This feature allows you to maintain a prominent position in your clients minds and keep them as clients.

Apps that assist you in finding a home to buy and mCommerce apps follow the same rules. The push notifications feature of the app keeps users informed about any changes, such as a new message, pricing, or schedule changes.

Virtual Tours

In the wake of this epidemic, virtual tours of houses are becoming more common in real estate applications. Virtual and augmented reality are great tools for promoting virtual tours, allowing users to see the property virtually before purchasing. In today's connected world, it could do wonders for sales. A virtual tour in an app can be a great way to attract potential clients and convert them into leads. Virtual tours can improve your app's revenue model and increase user engagement.


Say you are in the market to buy a house but have not decided yet. Before deciding, you should consider your options or speak to loved ones. What happens if you shut down the app? Why not postpone the investigation, even if you have to start over?

This feature allows users to select only the desired properties and save them for later viewing. This feature allows your customers to select the properties they want quickly. Your customers will save time by being able to access their chosen homes at any time and from any device.

How much would it cost to build a real estate app like Property Finder?

Cost To Build App Like Finder

Prices are determined by the number of features and the hardware used to host the app. The cost to develop a mobile real estate app with basic features can range between $20,000 and $50,000. Creating feature-rich apps for real estate like Property Finder costs around $100,000.

The cost of developing a mobile application is not fixed. The price depends on the features of the real estate application. Apps for real estate companies are priced according to their features.

The company is currently developing a basic application with no features. The company should also research how to obtain a low-cost mobile app that meets their needs.

Develop and validate an MVP to keep your app development on track before investing your entire budget. It is now time to explore the various monetization methods available.

Wrap Up

Property Finder feature-based costs may vary. These are the main factors that influence the price of an app. Apps like Property Finder are known for their success worldwide because they have such advanced features.

It is also a good idea to contact experts for advice on the costs of developing real-estate applications with many features. PerfectionGeeks is a leading provider of software solutions. Their team of developers can help you build robust, attractive, and secure mobile real estate applications for a low price.


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