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The Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like the 99 Acres App

March 30, 2023 03:30 PM

Develop a Real Estate App Like 99

What is the 99 Acres app?

Property search portal created the 99acres app. It delivers a similar user experience to the actual website. It is an app available for Android users to glance through the leading real estate firms with the best properties, including the best quality videos, maps, and photos. It delivers a listing of nearly 10 lakh possessions around the nation. An individual who desires to purchase or rent a property can contact a landlord using this app through email, texts, and phone calls.

What made 99acres a successful startup in India?

Saves both money and time

Whether it be about property selling or buying, the procedure is usually lengthy and requires a quantity of time and money. But the 99 Cents app cuts this short and allows the advertisers to publish an ad for free. On the other side, the real estate app development price involves many factors like effects on interest rates, customer trust, mortgage availability, etc.

Similarly, it allows the customers to review the best-matched properties using filters of different types, which saves them time.

Search for property made easy

With 99 Acres integration, seeing your ideal property and accessing all the necessary data is as comfortable as it could get. You don't have to linger around to find the contact points of the builder or seller, either.

Create a real estate brand easily and for free

99 Acres is indeed a great forum for builders to build their brand essence and get good direction, and that too for free. Also, there is an opportunity to opt for paid advertisements, which increase visibility among curious users through the 99Create integration.

Characteristics of a famous real estate app like 99acres for Buyers

3D property view

3D property views have become a direct part of any top real estate mobile application. It delivers high-resolution 3D images of effects that give a virtual picture of the location. This will allow buyers to visualise the effects before visiting the place and can save time.


Map integration in real estate mobile applications allows users to find property locations. It also gives additional details about the surroundings, like nearby schools, transport structures, and many others. As customers are always aware of the areas they live in, it is required to add this element to the real estate mobile application.

Register or Login

Customers can register in the 99 Acres real estate mobile application using their phone number and email address. Users can edit their profiles, and information settings anytime.

Shortlist Searches

Users can add their favourite properties from thousands of searches to the shortlist selection. This quality allows them to narrow down the search and make easy contact with agents.

Search Filters

Finding the right belongings in listings is a time-consuming and annoying procedure. Users can use filters like effect type, location, and price to customise their search.

User Activity Record

As we know, famous real estate apps like the 99 Acres mobile app have effects on everything from residential flats to retail spaces. So, delivering the search history component will allow the buyers, vendors, or agents to quickly access the recent views, searches, and contacted properties.


Notifications or signs are a powerful marketing strategy in the real estate industry. You can send alerts about fresh or matching properties according to the user's previous search.

Properties profile

We must provide clear and open data about the property listings. Buyers should know details like property area, cost, location, contact details, and more.

Social media integration

The users should be authorised to sign in with their social media accounts. It will make it convenient and also build trust. Brokers or agents can communicate their listings on their social media accounts directly to entice more home customers.

Loan Calculator

This element will allow customers to calculate the loan or EMI for the desired property. It will allow the homebuyers to figure out whether they can afford the place.

Write a Review of the Locality

Reviews on a site will allow customers to buy and vendors to enhance their profiles. The ratings are provided based on skills, commute, security, and environment.

Contact Sellers

Customers can contact agencies or brokers through chat or email for property searches. This will create a powerful relationship between customers and vendors before they even pay a visit to the site.

Elements of Real Estate for Merchants

Develop a Real Estate App Like 99
Profile Creation and Verification

The sellers can create their profiles and advertise by filling out the lost property form. These will experience the screening process by the admin before being recorded in the mobile application for sellers.

Manage or edit listings

The real estate mobile app should deliver the facility to handle the properties posted for sale. It allows them to revise details and inactivate or delete the profile.

View Responses

Sellers can consider the customer's reactions to their properties. They can also link up with an online statement or video call to answer their questions.

Manage Payments

The real estate mobile app should deliver all online payment gateways for the sellers and agents. So, there is no requirement to use the support of third-party apps to collect payments.

Plans for listing properties

Research the different methods available for owners, builders, and dealers. They deliver facilities like buyer's reach, validity, and tags for your properties.

Customer Service

Agencies can deliver 24x7 customer support through mobile apps. You can also add FAQ questions about each element, which will save users time and effort.

Cost to Development: Trending Real Estate Apps like 99 Acres

The development cost of mobile applications is affected by many aspects. The mobile app platform, components, and structure have a direct effect on the development time and budget. It may vary based on the app developer's location and team size.

The average estimated price to create a real estate mobile application is $20,000-$60,000.

Partner with a top mobile application development company, PerfectionGeeks Technologies, to get your app developed. Our proven knowledge in creating Android and iOS mobile apps makes us create a unique application for your real estate company.

The bottom line

The price of real estate app development depends on the characteristics and functionalities added to the interface. You'd need to get in touch with the designer and discuss your needs to get an estimate.

A lot goes into creating a real estate app like the 99 Acres app. The method is highly overwhelming and needs thorough engagement. The architects and designers make hard decisions, and the final product is the outcome of an exhausting and long walk.

As a top mobile application and real estate website development company in India, we have demonstrated our expertise by providing quality-driven development services across the world.

To get a good, cost-effective, and instant quote, build a website like 99acres or an application like the 99acres app.


Which is the best app for house rentals?

99 Acres is the best real estate app for house rentals. It is feature-rich and has many listings of different properties in one place.

Which website is best for land sales?

The best website for land sales is 99 Acres because this website is the best property platform to satisfy your property needs for buying or selling your land.

Which site is best for a property?

The 99 Acres app is the best site for browsing through different properties. It covers every single detail related to the real estate industry. It is also considered one of the top real estate websites for better property deals.

How hard is it to build an app?

There's design and development work, coding, testing, refining, and finally, launching. On average, the whole process takes 12 to 18 weeks and can require a sizable team, depending on what you're building. It's also part of the project that requires the most specialised knowledge in areas like UI design and coding.

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