How Much Does It Cost to Build an ECommerce Platform on Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus

JAN, 19, 2024 11:30 AM

How Much Does It Cost to Build an ECommerce Platform on Shopify Plus?

As businesses grow globally, having a flexible online store is crucial. Shopify Plus, a top-notch eCommerce platform from Shopify, is a great choice for big companies aiming to boost their brand's online presence.

Big companies, with lots of products and diverse customers, need an online store that goes beyond the basics. Shopify Plus becomes the central hub for these businesses, making it easy to handle transactions, manage inventories, and create amazing online experiences. It's not just about selling things; it shows a brand's dedication to being excellent.

When it comes to the cost of building an ecommerce platform on Shopify plus, companies often struggle with figuring out how much it will cost. There's no one-size-fits-all answer because it depends on factors like how big the project is, how complicated it is, and what industry the company is in (we'll talk about this more later).

average, making an online store with Shopify Plus can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $200,000 or even more. This cost covers not just building the platform but also the licence fee and the ongoing expenses to keep the platform attractive to users. Sometimes, it also includes the cost of upgrading from regular Shopify to Shopify Plus.

Know Shopify Plus Website Development Cost

Let's dig into understanding how much it costs to develop a website with Shopify Plus with the help of a mobile app development company in the USA, what features it offers, and the steps to create one for your growing brand.

Shopify Plus: A Great Platform for Making Online Stores

Introduced in 2014, Shopify Plus is trusted by many successful companies worldwide, such as Heinz, Red Bull, Kylie Cosmetics, Tesla, Fashion Nova, Nestle Nespresso, and more. It's specially made for high-growth brands, online sellers, and big businesses.

It comes with lots of features to help large businesses, like advanced automation tools, the ability to sell on multiple channels, and unlimited bandwidth. The platform's strong technology allows it to connect easily with other apps, making it more useful and providing a personalised experience for both businesses and customers.

A Quick Overview of Shopify Plus

This platform is made to handle a lot of orders, transactions, inventory, and visitors, making eCommerce smooth. It promises quick checkout times, a 99.99% guarantee of being online, and access to useful integrations like Shop Pay, Shopify Flow, and Launchpad.

While there are other eCommerce platforms, Shopify Plus stands out for being powerful yet easy to use. Comparing it with platforms like Magento or WooCommerce shows differences in how well they can grow, how easy they are to use, and the overall cost of making an eCommerce platform.

Factors Affecting Shopify Plus Website Development Cost

The creation of an online store on Shopify Plus entails a multifaceted process influenced by various factors that exert a direct impact on the overall expenditure. It is imperative for businesses to comprehensively grasp these intricacies when undertaking the task of estimating the costs associated with establishing an online store on Shopify Plus or a comparable e-commerce platform. Below, we delve into several pivotal factors that wield significant influence on the overall cost dynamics of this endeavour:

Custom Themes and Design Complexity:

The intricacies embedded in design elements and the imperative requirement for a seamlessly navigable user experience contribute significantly to the overall developmental cost. Moreover, opting for customisation beyond the pre-existing 100+ themes offered by Shopify Plus necessitates an additional financial investment.

Features and Functionalities Incorporation:

The incorporation of advanced features such as personalised shopping experiences and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven recommendations not only enriches user engagement but also introduces heightened development complexity and subsequent costs.

Project Size and Complexity Considerations:

Larger online stores, encompassing numerous pages and an extensive array of product categories, inherently demand more financial resources than their rudimentary website counterparts.

Third-Party App Integration Aspect:

Augmenting functionality through the integration of third-party apps, whether for marketing or analytics purposes, undoubtedly enhances the overall capabilities of the online store but concurrently introduces supplementary costs.

Payment Gateway Integration Challenges:

The integration of third-party payment gateways, extending beyond the offerings provided by Shopify, inevitably impacts the comprehensive cost structure.

Product Data Importation Challenges:

The meticulous planning and execution required for the migration of a product catalogue becomes increasingly intricate with larger catalogues, subsequently necessitating a more substantial allocation of resources.

Regulatory compliance implications:

In certain industries, adherence to specific regulatory standards may entail additional costs, underscoring the importance of accounting for compliance requirements.

Maintenance and updates Prerequisites:

The indispensability of regular updates and maintenance for ensuring long-term success places a continual demand on financial resources, underscoring the ongoing nature of investment.

Shopify Plus Licence Fees:

The acquisition of access to advanced features and support through a recurring licence fee is an integral component, with standard setups incurring a monthly charge of $2,000 and variations based on the complexity of the business.

Developer’s Geographic Location Considerations:

The geographical location of the development services provider holds sway over costs, with developers situated in regions such as the UK, US, and Australia often charging more than their counterparts in Asia or Africa.

Shopify Plus Features for ECommerce Development

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is designed to grow alongside your business, offering a robust and adaptable infrastructure that can handle high traffic, transactions, and product listings. This ensures your eCommerce store can adjust to your evolving business needs and meet user demands.


With Shopify Plus, businesses have extensive customisation options for their online stores. From the user interface to the checkout process, the platform can be tailored to reflect the brand identity and unique requirements of each business, creating an engaging shopping experience for customers.

Security and Compliance:

Shopify Plus provides strong features to guard against cyber threats, data breaches, and fraud. The platform adheres to SCIM and SAML protocols and meets industry regulatory standards, lessening the burden on businesses to manage these aspects independently. Shopify Plus also maintains PCI Level 1 compliance for credit card processing, showcasing its commitment to the highest server compliance standards in the industry.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting:

Shopify Plus equips businesses with analytics tools for in-depth insights into customer behaviour, sales trends, and website performance. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions and optimise their marketing strategies for improved results.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting in Shopify Plus Stores

Streamlined Automated Operations:

One of the key features integrated into the platform is a suite of automation tools designed to streamline and simplify various operational procedures. These sophisticated tools significantly augment overall efficiency by minimizing the need for manual intervention across diverse tasks such as order processing, inventory management, the execution of marketing campaigns, and precise customer segmentation.

Ensured Reliability and Uninterrupted Uptime:

When it comes to hosting, Shopify Plus stands out by utilizing a secure and highly dependable infrastructure, providing a robust foundation that ensures the sustained uptime of your eCommerce store. This unwavering reliability is particularly crucial for businesses that cannot afford any downtime, as it guarantees a consistently smooth shopping experience, boasting an impressive uptime rate of 99.99%.

Expansive Multi-Channel Selling Capabilities:

Shopify Plus empowers businesses to broaden their reach by facilitating sales across a plethora of channels. This includes prominent social media platforms, with support for over 100 networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Furthermore, the platform extends its reach to various marketplaces, incorporating 80+ sites like Amazon and eBay, along with in-person sales through point-of-sale (POS) systems. The platform further simplifies operations by providing a unified dashboard for seamless management of inventory, orders, and customer data across diverse sales channels.

Personalised and Prompt, dedicated support:

Recognizing the critical nature of consistent and reliable support, Shopify Plus goes the extra mile by offering 24/7 priority support. Additionally, businesses benefit from the dedicated assistance of an assigned account manager, ensuring timely and personalised guidance for both problem-solving and strategic decision-making. This real-time support proves invaluable for enterprises where reliability is paramount and the stakes are exceptionally high.

Structured Shopify Plus Website Development Process:

Embarking on the journey of developing a website on Shopify Plus involves a meticulously planned and strategic process. This process is designed to ensure a seamless and effective outcome, addressing various aspects of website development with a comprehensive approach. Here is a detailed overview of the Shopify Plus website development process:

[Proceed to outline the steps involved in the Shopify Plus website development process.]

How to Develop a Website on Shopify Plus

In-depth understanding and strategic planning

Embark on the journey by conducting a thorough and comprehensive research endeavour to delve into the intricacies of the market landscape. Explore and scrutinise details about competitors, delve into the nuances of target customer demographics, and conduct a meticulous assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats present in the market. This exhaustive gathering of information will serve as a robust foundation, empowering the decision-making process regarding the visual aesthetics, functionality, and overall user experience design for the forthcoming online store.

Creative conceptualization and visual representation

Subsequent to the meticulous planning phase, the spotlight shifts towards the creative realm, where the conceptual ideas are metamorphosed into visually appealing representations and layouts. These crafted visuals are not mere static images but dynamic designs that users can seamlessly interact with. Talented designers are entrusted with the task of fashioning captivating visuals tailored for various screen sizes, paying intricate attention to the minutiae of elements such as the arrangement of textual content, positioning of interactive components, design of buttons, and meticulous spacing considerations.

Development Phase Expertise

With the finalized design in hand, the Shopify app development phase unfolds as skilled developers step into action. These professionals adeptly integrate all desired features into the website, sculpting a digital space that caters to the specific needs of the business. This encompasses the creation of dedicated product pages, the implementation of a secure shopping cart system, the integration of a reliable payment gateway, and the inclusion of other bespoke elements essential for the seamless functioning of the online store.

Thorough and rigorous testing protocols

Before the grand unveiling to the public, a crucial phase ensues: the meticulous testing protocol. This phase is characterized by a systematic examination of the website to identify and rectify any potential issues. It necessitates trial runs across various web browsers and devices, ensuring a universally positive and glitch-free user experience. Performance metrics such as loading speed and overall functionality are scrutinized to guarantee the optimum operational prowess of the online store.

Official Launch and Global Accessibility

Having undergone rigorous testing and meeting the stringent standards set forth, the online store is now poised for its official launch. This momentous occasion marks the transition from the developmental phase to the phase of global accessibility. With the click of a button, the online store is made live and accessible to a global audience, symbolizing the culmination of a meticulous and intricate development process. It now stands ready for a worldwide audience to explore, engage with its features, and partake in the offerings it brings to the digital marketplace.

Why Partner with PerfectionGeeks to Build an ECommerce Website on Shopify Plus?

Creating an eCommerce platform on Shopify Plus Development is not just a smart choice; it's like having a strong partnership for lasting success. With its flexible setup and advanced customisation options, Shopify Plus provides a solid foundation for big businesses to grow.

Even though there are costs involved in developing a Shopify Plus website, like development work and licencing, the benefits you get are worth it.

At PerfectionGeeks, we're your reliable app development company, making these benefits even better with our top-notch eCommerce app development services. We're known for our creative solutions, expert development skills, and a successful track record. We'll make sure your online store on Shopify Plus is built smoothly.

We've worked with big names, showing our skills in developing eCommerce platforms. If you want to build a successful online store like these famous brands, let's talk! Together, we can thrive in today's competitive business world.

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