What are the Different types of Costs Associated with Hiring an App Developer?

What are the Different types of Costs Associated with Hiring an App Developer?

Nov 7, 2023 15:25 PM

Hiring an App Developer

There's a huge demand for mobile application development across the globe. As users seek solutions to specific issues, businesses employ apps to conduct business and provide an improved experience for their customers. How much will it cost to employ developers for apps?

The answer to this question is dependent on several variables: the hiring method, the developer's home place of work, level of competency, and capabilities.

This blog will help you find out about the cost of hiring developers for apps, the best place you can find them, and the steps you need to follow before hiring.

Factors that Impact the App developers' Costs

If you're trying to understand the factors that affect the rates of app developers per hour, it can become a bit complicated as certain factors can influence the cost in various proportions. The most important aspects are:

  • Skills and qualifications

    The more experience an individual developer has, the greater their hourly rates. Certain skills are interconnected (like UI design and UX design); however, an all-inclusive developer, who works on every aspect that makes up the design, is more costly per hour.

  • Experience

    The hourly rate of an app developer on mobile with more experience is higher than that of those who just graduated from the respective course. Furthermore, mobile app developers have a higher likelihood of completing better work than their less experienced counterparts.

  • Location

    The main factors that impact hourly wages include the level of living, the costs of living, and the availability of workers in the particular country. For instance, programmers in the US could be as much as seven times higher than those working in Central Europe.

  • Technology

    The price per hour charged by the programmer is also contingent upon the specific technology stack you are looking for. In general, those who specialize in a specific technology (such as a specific framework or programming language) generally command higher prices than other programmers.

    Don't forget that the development costs for apps also depend on the features of your app that you'd like to add. The more features you add, the higher the app development cost will be.

  • Complexity

    The price of your project will depend on more than the hourly rate of app developers. Some developers prefer working on designs they have mastered and are comfortable with, whereas others enjoy the challenge. This can impact costs.

  • Industrial vertical expertise

    Developers with experience in a particular industrial sector can cost more than developers who do not have this knowledge. If, for instance, you are looking for an app for your accounting company, then you must choose an app developer who has expertise in the field and who has been involved in similar projects before. This is because they've developed a specific method of solving issues and have created tools that they frequently employ when conducting similar tasks. It's the same for game apps that are gamified for educational purposes.

The cost of recruiting an Android app developer in comparison to the cost of hiring an iPhone app developer for cross-platform platforms

According to Statcounter, there are four times as many Android applications as iOS, which is because of their flexibility, ease of publishing, and resources for learning. Yet, iOS platforms are well-known for their speed, smooth and flawless user interfaces, and ability to tap into an Apple ecosystem. To reach both users, it is recommended to develop cross-platform applications.

Cost of various hiring options:

Hiring an App Developer

If you are searching for developers for a startup app, you're offered three options: employing companies for staff augmentation or hiring an agency to recruit. Let's look at the costs of hiring a developer for your app.

  • Finding a Freelancer to Hire

    The idea of freelancers is an ideal option when you consider the cost. As compared to other options, they're more affordable, as freelancers' costs per hour range from $15 (coders originate from China and India) up to $45 (in the US). With this broad range, it is possible to find someone who fits their budget.

    Yes, you can employ freelancers. But it's not just the hourly rates you have to think about but also the overall cost of employing a mobile app developer, and by that, we're referring to the hiring and recruitment processes that are inevitable if you decide to do it yourself. According to a study published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, hiring a worker in a small-sized company that has 0-500 employees costs an average of $76,645. When you employ developers for your app, the price does not merely depend on the price. Imagine how much money you could lose if the developer makes a mistake or alters the work that was done before him. That's where the major dangers of hiring freelancers lie.

    It's important to note that Upwork-like websites charge fees to use their platforms to search for and recruit freelancers. The fees are based on the platform and nature of the project but typically are between 5 and 20 percent of the total cost. It is important to keep in mind that the costs are paid by the freelancer, so employers could have to pay additional fees over the hourly rate of the freelancer.

  • Recruitment through a recruiting agency

    A reputable recruitment agency can connect your business's needs to the most suitable candidates. They have development teams around the world and accomplish this in just a fraction of the amount of time it takes you to look for the right candidates by yourself.

    One of the major disadvantages of hiring agencies is that they lack the technical know-how of staff members and managers. As a result, they must use resumes along with what candidates comment on their work experience.

    Additionally, be aware that, in addition to the developer's fee in the first place, you will be required to pay a percentage of the developer's initial salary, which could increase the cost by up to 50 percent.

  • Hiring through a Staff Augmentation Company

    Staff augmentation firms help customers save on costs by conducting background checks on prospective employees and ensuring that they only send people who are suitable for the position. Furthermore, they may have prior experience in your particular industry and understand the abilities your team will require to be successful. As an example, you can find a skilled developer with the hustle and bustle of hiring a new employee, and, after the project is completed, the developer can be let go without difficulty.

    At PerfectionGeeks, we provide the services of an augmented reality app for those who are looking to save time and money and benefit from our vast expertise in software development. Our clients have access to a vast selection of top Central European developers ready to bring your business's dream to life. If you're thinking about the amount developers for apps cost per hour and would be interested in thorough research on the costs to hire app developers within Central Europe, you can make a phone call and we'll get back to you within a matter of minutes!

The Cost of Hiring an App Developer as Compared to Internal Development

If you're considering creating a specific app, there are two options: hiring in-house app developers who will build your app or offloading the application development process to a third-party developer. Both have pros and cons for either option, but ultimately, it comes down to your preferences and your needs.

If you choose to develop your app, then you must select the right developers who are in line with your company's goals and vision to create an efficient and effective application. The benefits of employing app developers are total control over the creation process, as well as financial flexibility regarding app development—you can modify the process of development under your budget—and constant tech support that includes updates and maintenance of the app.

If you choose to outsource your app development, you will reap numerous benefits. Outsourcing app development guarantees that you receive an adaptable app that meets the requirements of your business and has top performance. When you outsource the development of your app, you will be given a set budget and a quicker timeline, which is more cost-effective as compared to developing the app in-house.

We'd love to place a dollar amount on the expense of app creation, but we can only give estimation. Because every mobile app development process is influenced by various variables that impact the final price of the project,

Fortunately, a range of tools for budgeting and developing mobile apps can assist you in determining the price to hire an app designer or transferring it to third-party vendors.

Calculators for the Cost of Application Development: You Should be Aware of these Before Selecting an App Developer

With more than a million mobile apps available, the question of how you can connect with your customers' needs and achieve your ROI goals isn't easy. Companies want to know how much it costs to develop their application. To meet this demand, a variety of online calculators were made.

Let's have a look at these:

Cleveroad calculator

This calculator walks you through a series of questions that will determine what it would cost to create an app that's similar to the existing apps available on the market (Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb, and more) or build an app for mobile completely from scratch with specific requirements. It will provide estimates of development time in hours while you make decisions and respond to questions.

Buildfire calculator

It's a seven-step calculation tool that will guide you through various aspects to estimate the costs of creating an app for mobile. The platform includes features, users, and integrations, as well as maintenance, hosting, and Buildfire services.

Inoxoft calculator

This calculator will help you estimate the costs of mobile and desktop software. Contrary to other calculators, this one offers an estimate of the price throughout the cost calculation process.

How Much Does it cost to Create an App Calculator?

The calculator with eight steps, which functions similarly to the Inoxoft one, offers an estimate of the cost of each stage. The final screen contains an application form that you can fill out with contact details so that you can keep working on the app project.

Andreasley calculator

If all the choices to build an app have been made, an intuitive smart calculator created with a shopping cart design appears to be similar to the items purchased within a shopping cart system. Platform quality, quantity, screen customized controls, device types, screen orientation modes, and security levels, as well as the supported OS versions, the number of languages that are supported, deployment, and additional functions are utilized to calculate the price (such as in-app payment support statistics and push notifications, among others).

Litslink calculator

A seven-step calculator that guides you through a set of 27 issues, starting with the field where a mobile application is required. Alongside costing app development, the calculator also provides a report of the decisions taken. Once the cost calculation has been completed, the calculator will take you to a form, which you can fill out to request an app development cost estimate. Once you have calculated that, you can easily estimate the cost of hiring an application developer.

Digital calculator

A five-step calculator to estimate the costs of developing apps and the amount of time it will take. It is possible to download an estimation that is ready to use in the format of a PDF. The profile of the user on the app includes features that can be added to the MVP and revenue model (recurring payments, upfront fees, shopping carts), and advanced features to incorporate (AI, VR, IoT, and AR) are all part of the estimation procedure.

Next, we'll look at the costs of app maintenance.

Factors that Impact App Maintenance Costs

The standard industry practice for software maintenance is 15 percent of the development cost. Monitoring, hosting engagement, marketing, updates, and licenses are all part of the price of maintaining the procedure.


The type of data an application works with—text or multimedia such as photos or video—is an important element when calculating the price of back-end mobile app hosting. Following these parameters, the app hosting web servers could cost anything between $170 and 320 dollars each month.


Each application has its own unique target audience and has a vastly different number of active users; it's not possible to provide an estimate of the cost of monitoring your mobile app. But after reaching out to the businesses on the list, make sure you get a rough estimate of the cost.

Marketing and Engagement

Many components comprise the mobile app marketing cost and include initiatives to connect with mobile app users. Installing an app is the primary step when engaging with mobile apps. The cost of the app depends on where you are located, the platform (iOS or Android), and the ad unit. In 2020, the iOS CPI (cost per install) for the United States was $2.37 per app installation, $0.98 in China, and $0.22 in Brazil.

The cost-per-install average of Android as well as iOS averaged $2.24. We can discuss the average mobile app's cost to acquire users as we learn more specifics about the process, which ranges from a simple application installation to a step that the user will be expected to perform. From 2018 to 2019, the average cost for app UA across the globe was $7.5 for registration, $187 for purchases made through apps, and $46 for subscriptions.

App updates

Every mobile app that's ever appeared through an app store, regardless of whether it's available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or other platforms, has received updates. On the other hand, creating a flawless app using version 1.0 is not feasible; however, in contrast, it is an excellent way to maintain the engagement of users. The time needed to create an update can vary significantly and is dependent on the complexity of the app. The first update released on the app store could be completed in about an hour. The time needed to develop an update can vary significantly and is dependent on the complexity of the app.


If a mobile application layout includes any of the above technologies, the developer has to purchase an annual license fee, and the total development costs for the app could increase drastically. The cost of licensing is determined by annual rates as well as the number of devices. It could be up to $120,000 when 50 devices are involved.


When companies estimate the cost of developing mobile apps, the first thing to take into consideration is the position of the team as well as the complexity of their app. Both of these factors have an impact on the total development costs and the expense of acquiring developers for apps.

Due to the huge adoption rate between iOS and Android, creating an app that works on both platforms simultaneously is a good option for companies that are looking to move remotely. Since infrastructure is by far the most costly aspect of developing an app, it's only normal for businesses to look to cut costs on things like storage of data and scalability, as well as the integration of third-party APIs.

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