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Corporate Video Production Company

The Complete Guide to Corporate Video Production

July 06, 2022 04:12 PM

Corporate Video Production Company

What is corporate video production?

This article aims to provide a way to make an independent living by producing excellent corporate videos, and the methodology and mindset that make it worthwhile. And similarly, a corporate marketer can read this article to understand how to better approach corporate video production.

You may see that the gear suggestions further down in this article have some inherent resemblance to our documentary filmmaking equipment article, partly because we deliver videos in both the documentary and commercial worlds, and so some of our tools and techniques are used for both kinds of work.

Whereas documentary production relies on capturing as much footage as possible with the most efficient equipment available, corporate video relies on knowing exactly what you want to shoot before the day of production and using equipment that produces world-class results without requiring large crews or budgets.

How to make a corporate video production not boring?

You get employed based on the work you’ve already done. So if the last few videos you created were all hour-long boring displays for a company that produces plastic widgets, then most likely you’re known as someone who creates that kind of video, and you’ll get employed to do it again.

If you are interested in that type of niche video production, then your video production company is going to be vastly successful because there are probably not many other video producers specializing in your niche.

If, however, you like your video production business to have a wider reach and you like to create videos that are authentic, inspirational, and genuinely tell the story of a business, group, or individual, then create the kind of video you’re known for creating. And you’ll begin to get employed to make more of them.


And if somebody still reaches out and asks you to create a dry, half-hour widget demonstration, maybe you politely decline, or maybe you take that job anyway to pay today’s invoices, and you make it the most interesting, inspirational half-hour demonstration of widget technology you can.


Because at the heart of every video, there are always people, and people are constantly interesting, and good video production can make people a lot more interesting.

In the overview, you select the type of corporate or promo video you like to create a living producing. And with that type of control, your video production company becomes an extension of your innovative passions and filmmaking interests.

Different Types of Corporate Video

The chances of operating a corporate video are limitless. It’s important to know the various styles and types of videos so you can integrate them into your marketing strategy.

From advertising your brand to showcasing your products, there’s so much to take advantage of. Let’s take a look.


A showreel is a short video that spotlights a person's prior work. It is usually about 2–3 minutes in size and features footage from other tasks that they have performed. There are different reasons for making a showreel, most notably to showcase the skills of a person or company.

Businesses use showreels for brand management and other forms of trade communication. It is a digital portfolio to offer new customers what you’re qualified for. This delivers possibilities with an effortless way to consider your work on screen.

At Canny, our showreel models are proudly on our homepage. If you haven’t studied it yet, then take a look!

The pros of using a showreel:

It gives social proof as new customers can see the class of position you’re qualified to perform.

Doing case studies instead of writing paragraphs of text describing how you help customers.

Work is displayed in an influential and engaging format by stitching footage together.

Impactful as you can use music, text, animation, and graphics to bring your digital portfolio to life.

This is a powerful point of sale tool as consumers are more likely to support you after seeing your last work.

Influences decision-making by supplying instances of what you have done previously.

The cons of using a showreel:

Not informative as it concentrates on instances of your prior position rather than an in-depth dive into your company.

Need a lot of positions to show off, meaning you have to make up a portfolio of work beforehand? Otherwise, you will have nothing to showcase.

It can be boring/too corporate if done badly, so it’s essential to maintain the end-user sense and create a video that will capture their attention.

Efficiently missed/skipped if the showreel is not positioned perfectly. Make sure this is featured on your homepage to improve the likelihood of it being seen.

Investor Relations Video

An investor relations video is a sort of video utilized to communicate corporate achievements, increase attendance rates, and employ shareholders and stakeholders. It's important corporations supply stakeholders with information that is honest, transparent, and up-to-date so they can review company activities and value.

The pros of using an investor relations video:

Ideal for internal communication as it lets everyone in the business understand what the business is now serving.

It supports annual notification and informs ideas as it delivers data about how the company can improve.

It is more comfortable digesting complicated financial data in video format than in a 100-page report.

The cons of using an investor relations video:

Not very relaxed as they need to protect key aspects of data.

They are not much use from an external perspective as they are focused on the needs of internal teams and stakeholders.

Not a branding tool at all due to the style and nature of the content involved.

Specified in creativity as the core purpose is to provide investors with accurate knowledge about the company.

Product Demonstration Video

A product demo is a video that demonstrates how your product operates by seeing it in action. They are a wonderful way to share the value of your product with potential clients by demonstrating what it can do. This is much more engaging than just reading a list of essential features and specifications.

The pros of using product demo videos:

Sales focused as your team can use this to attract potential customers and save them time describing the key elements over the phone or email.

Can double as an explainer video by displaying the product being used.

It's good moving content to move into, but you can have a powerful CTA at the end, such as "download a trial" or "buy now."

It is easy to comprehend as the entire goal is to deliver the product in use.

This is reusable as these videos can be featured across your email marketing, website, and landing pages.

The cons of using product demo videos:

It doesn’t typically capture ‘new’ clients but rather those already interested in the product.

It is very detailed and, if not accomplished well, can be a bit of a waste of time and money.

Not very clear, as most consumers like even more details from the product demo video, or they like to test it for themselves.

It's not very personal as these tapes are targeted towards a large client base as the objective is to hit wide.

Event Videos

An event video focuses on capturing social and special events by a videographer. This covers a wide range of applications, including conferences, networking, exhibitions, and live concerts. This is a fantastic method to promote your event and get new audiences online as part of a wider marketing campaign.

Pros of event videos:

Eye-catching as you can convey what your occasion is all about engagingly and interactively.

This is a really good branding tool as you can contain your company logo at the bottom of the screen at all times.

It saves time and is replicable, as once you have completed the style of the video, you can utilize it as a blueprint for future events.

Determines a brand in the potentially crowded ecosystem of an event and allows viewers online to feel connected to your brand.

The video tends to be unique and impactful as you can utilize a range of colors, illustrations, and modifications to bring the video to life.

Cons of event videos:

Niche as they are limited to a special event.

Limited to a very specific audience, which determines their usability in the future.

Generally, they are not evergreen or hugely reusable as they have been tailored to the requirements of the event. If you include dates and timings, this also limits their future usability.

Making video production even smoother.

Now that you understand the stages it takes to produce a corporate video, you're keen to dive into your first video project without fear. But before you go, here is my last piece of advice on making video production as smooth as possible:

  • Be organized. Do your investigation in good time. If you like to use your logo in the video, get a high-quality version prepared to save time rushing around at the last minute.
  • Remember that the excellent is the enemy of the good. Don't invest forever in endless revisions. Make a video that you're happy with and that fulfils the brief, and then let it loose!
  • If you don't have the resources, expertise, or time to create video content in-house, look externally. Find the right video agency for you and let them show you through the procedure.
  • If you're working with experts, trust them and let them do their jobs. You selected them for a reason, after all. So, if they inform you that something isn't functioning in your script, they're most likely right.
  • Keep trying to understand and try new things. The only way anyone evolves as a professional in the video is through practice and knowledge.
  • Contact us for video marketing services!

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