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All You Need To Know About Astrology App Development

February 14, 2023 3:32 PM

Astrology App Development

Fortune-telling, also known as astrology or horoscope, is an art or science that predicts future events using the planets' positions or the zodiac signs. The future-telling practices and online consultation apps have changed how technology affects our present and will impact our future.

The app allows you to ask an astrologer about predictions, just as you would ask for medical consultations via doctor booking applications. We are curious creatures and seek comfort. As a result, astrology apps have a wide range of applications.

This blog will discuss astrology app development. To make the best astrology apps, we will discuss the various features and types. Once gone through the blog, get in touch with an Astrology App Development Company.

What is an Astrology App?

These apps, created by Astrology App Development Services, provide consultation and advice based on the users' planetary conditions. Users are given guidance and advice based on their zodiac signs, birth charts, palmistry, and other factors. We will be discussing several types of astrology applications in a section later.

These apps allow users to enter their basic information and be matched with their consultant. Like the Daily Horoscope app, these apps offer astrology, tarot reading, and psychic coaching.

If they can connect immediately or make an appointment, the user can ask them questions in real-time. You can also book your vaccines online.

They have a one-on-one conversation via text, audio, or phone, and the consultant offers their services.

Types of Astrology App Development

We now know more about its scope and use. Let's now learn about how you can use these astrological services. Your app can be launched in any category you choose. For astrology app development, you can choose from one or more categories. You can use these many categories to create an astrology application.

Vedic/Indian Astrology

The predictions in Vedic astrology are based on planetary conditions. Kundli, also known as birth charts, is created by calculating the positions and making predictions based on these.

Western Astrology

It is somehow based upon the Indian astrology style. It is based on the zodiac signs. Your birth date and month are used to calculate the zodiac signs.

Chinese Astrology

This astrology system has 12 animal signs, including a dragon, pig, and snake. Astrology follows the lunar calendar principles, consisting of a 12-year cycle. Each year is dedicated to one of the animals determined by the revolution period between Jupiter and the Sun. Future predictions are based on five essential planets, including the sun, moon, and positions of comets at the time of birth.


It's a prediction that is based on the numbers that are derived from the user's birthdate. It calculates your entire birthdate. It will calculate the whole birthdate, for example, 24 Dec 1995. Then it will add 24+12+1995 until it gets to single-digits like this: 2+1+1+2+1+9+9+5= 33=3+3=6.

These numbers are believed to determine a person's personality and play an essential role in foreseeing the future. Furthermore, each sign corresponds to one planet. Therefore, the dominance of planets in future prediction is evident.


Palmistry is a method of predicting the future by reading another person's palm. They can read the lines, moles, and marks on the palm to predict the person's future. Palmistry Coach App is one example.

Tarot Reading

This type of reading is called "predictions." With cards shuffled and laid down, the person can predict the future. You can predict the future by looking at the cards that have come in for a specific question or prediction.

The card reader interprets the message on the card by reading it and then passing it along to the recipient.

Crystal Ball Gazing

This type of fortune-telling involves a person looking into the crystal balls and predicting the future. This practice of fortune-telling has been used in many countries over the centuries.

Functionality Features of Astrology App

Astrology App Development

Below are some essential features of the app:

Simple Sign up

The app should allow users to log in via email, phone number, or social media integration. If they log in, they should be able to use the app by tapping the icon.

This feature should be available to both psychic experts and users who wish to register for their services.

Live Session

Apps should allow for real-time communication. The app should allow users to chat, text and video call the service provider. You can also facilitate group chats and calls. If the predictions concern marriage or love.

Media Upload/Download

Access to upload birth information or Kundli to make predictions for the user. The Kundli should also be available for download if the service provider makes it. It would be great if the media format were also printable.

Book an appointment

It should be able to access the same calendar and time slots as your vaccine booking application. This means that both the service provider and the user must share the slots. Book the slot most suitable for both users for personalized readings.

Celestial Calendar

This inbuilt feature allows astrologers to calculate and find the birth chart for the user. The astrologer can predict future events by using this birth chart.


It is not a traditional way to get done with Top Astrology app development in Delhi, Gurugram, but it is a good use of technology. The best Mobile App Development Company will be able to tell you which app will have the lowest market. This industry is still in its infancy and has excellent potential to grow.

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