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Costs and Features for Developing Edtech App

June 10, 2022 04:10 PM

 EdTech App Development Cost

Are You in the education industry or are you looking for app development?

This blog will show you how to create an educational app. While it is noble to provide education and learning for others, it can also be very costly. However, you must also generate revenue by launching an educational and training app. It is a better idea to hire mobile app developers with extensive experience in educational app development.

Education is moving quickly with the emergence of new trends like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Many apps offer new features that allow users to have the best possible user experience.

Although online education was born with slow growth before the Pandemic, it gained momentum during the global lockdown that brought about a complete world shutdown. People stayed at home due to fear of infection and stopped all activity for a while. Some segments, including healthcare consultation, food ordering, and grocery shopping, went online instantly.

This was the time that multiple solutions were offered to this problem. Online educational apps and language learning apps are just a few examples. Let's move on to the next section, which will reveal some key statistics.

The Key Statistics for Educational App Development

I want to first mention that educational apps are more widely available on Android and Apple platforms than other apps.

These are the key statistics you'd love to see about education software-

A market research firm, PerfectionGeeks published a survey that showed the education app market will grow at a 26% CAGR by 2024.

The education market revenue in 2021 was $10.85 billion. According to Statista, it will rise to $11.6 billion by 2026.

By 2026, the global e-learning market is expected to be worth USD $398 billion.

The US e-learning market reached $90 billion in 2021.

The future of educational app development will be AR/VR technology. This technology can create the best learning experience.

Why is it a great idea to have an educational app?

Online education is one of the hottest trends in the world. These apps have seen a significant rise since the release of Covid. People search for apps that are best for children, and adults, language learning, the best educational apps, and free apps to help them learn. If you're in the edtech industry, you can capitalize on this trend and launch your next educational app.

Your app can be enhanced with gamification, microlearning, and other exciting features. It must be interesting to the user and meet their expectations. It will increase the chances of customers being onboarded if they engage enjoyably.

What Types of Educational Apps Can You Consider for Development?

After you have made your decision to EdTech App Development, it is time to decide what type of app you want. Although educational apps can be categorized according to their functionality, they are not separated.

These are some learning apps:

The Subject Learning AppA subject-learning application is usually aimed at a single subject or context. This type of app is also used for professional courses. Although this app may contain multiple courses, the actual path remains the same.

Multi-Purpose Learning App

A multi-purpose educational app allows you to access a variety of courses. Coursera was once the only app that dealt with a specific subject. However, Coursera has grown to be a powerful tool for learning and is now supported by the education community. Although it sounds interesting, investing in such an app requires a lot of support and a powerful server.

Supportive Apps

Education is no longer limited to the classroom. Studying the project's files is an important part of it. A large project demands support. Several educational apps can help parents keep track of their children's progress. Parents can also help their children with homework.

Educational Gaming App

Education app development is a major focus of large investments. Interactive and real-world relevant, the study should be engaging. The gamified environment allows students to grasp concepts and makes learning easier.

Management Learning App

These apps, as the name implies, are designed to aid in the management of institutions. These apps are generally used by the school's Admin department.

Preschool App

An android developer can be hired to create the preschool app. These apps are doing well on the market. The preschool market has experienced tremendous growth and parents are investing enough to help their children become smarter. As the market has changed, so too has the pattern of education.

Any of the suggestions above can be used. You should keep in mind that the price of developing an educational app depends on its type.

What Educational Apps Bring Benefits To Students?

An EdTech App Development Services - offers students a variety of features and ease through an intuitive and innovative educational app. Apps that are interactive and engaging garner a lot of attention and are integrated into mainstream education. This is evident in the use of tablets in education for children.

Convenient To Operate- An educational app should be easy to use and intuitive. These apps are interactive and easy to use. They are usually free or available at a reduced cost because they are educational apps.

From Complex to Simple

The goal of developing an educational app is to simplify complex concepts. The complex mathematical terms are simplified into a more realistic format that focuses on the practical application of the concepts. According to statistics, 63 percent of students prefer studying with mobile apps.

Teachers Assistance

The app development company does not only cater to students. Teachers can also be included in the app, which will increase its popularity.

It's fun to study

Gamification is a popular concept in education. Learning apps make education more fun and students can easily learn difficult concepts thanks to these learning apps. History has taken the place of geography. Science has evolved to be more practical and mathematics is taught using real-world examples.

Cost of Development of an Education App

One of the most important industries in this country is the education industry. The growth of online education was slow before the pandemic. Only a few people were involved in it. But, after the crisis, it has seen a huge boom. Online education is now available to 5.8 million students via websites and mobile apps.

Educational platform development is a hot trend that connects students, teachers, and parents at a single point. These platforms allow teachers to impart education and parents to track the progress of their child's studies.

The global education market value in 2020 was USD77.66 billion. It is expected to reach USD169.72 billion by 2030. HolonIQ also reported that the education industry will reach USD 10 trillion by 2030, according to other sources. Whatever statistics may say, the fact is that there is more to the online education industry than what we see now.

Before a company hires a mobile app development company, it must first determine the scope of its app. An education app that has basic functionality would run between $10,000 and $40,000. You may have to pay more if you add extra functionality.

There are many top-rated companies on the market. The key to finding the best EdTech App Development Company is to examine the portfolio and previous success with similar apps.

Before we get into the factors that influence the cost of creating an app for education, let me mention some of the hiring models. For example, you can hire app developers on the basis -

Full-time This allows you to hire mobile app developers full-time.
Hire Developers Part-Time

This model allows you to hire developers part-time. You will pay them to work dedicatedly for 3-4 hours each day.

Developers Available on an Hourly Basis

You can hire mobile app developers to create an app at an hourly rate. The amount of work required will determine the payment. You can expect to pay between $20 and $50 per hour for education app developers. The rest will depend on the requirements of your project.

Let's now move on to the next section, which will explain the factors that influence the cost of creating an educational app.

Factors That Influence The Cost of Developing Education Application

An educational app can be developed for $30K. It will cost more if you add advanced features. The development of education apps is influenced by several factors, including:

Cost Of Resources

The cost of resources can have a significant impact on the development cost of an education app. It is fine to have a mobile app development team in-house. However, if you require more resources it could cost you more.

Business Model Type

When estimating your next educational app, you should also consider the business model. There are several business models you can choose from Freemium, on-demand, customized e-learning apps, eLearning Marketplace, and freemium. You will pay different prices for these apps.

Platform & Tech Stack

Two major platforms are most popular around the world, namely Android and iOS. While some users share these platforms, the percentage of overall users is split into two groups. You must spend the appropriate amount on each option.

UI/UX Components

It takes amazing UI/UX components to make an educational app engaging. These components come at a cost. The overall cost will reflect the type of components that you use in your app.

Third Party Integration

Third-party integration allows developers to add additional functionality to their apps such as push notifications, SMS API, Payment API, and more. Integration comes at an additional cost.

Cloud Integration

Cloud-enabled apps are becoming more popular because they offer lightweight execution and many features you'd love to see in your app. However, you will need to pay for cloud services to integrate your app.

Gamification & Animation

Gamification and animation are the best ways to engage customers. This requires a mobile app developer who is experienced and has access to specific tools.

App Hosting & Security

Millions of people use educational apps, most of whom are students. It is therefore necessary to implement high-security protocols for the safety of end-users. This requires only a fraction of the cost.

Support & Maintenance

Maintenance and support are other factors that impact the cost of creating an education app.

The Last Words

It seems like education app development is complicated and requires a team of skilled educators. However, once you get on the path of development, things become much simpler.

This blog will help you estimate the cost to develop an education app, as well as the features you should consider adding to your next app. For a great online education app, it is advisable to hire mobile app developers.

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