Top Languages for app development

Tech skills: The top languages you need for app development

September 02, 2022 16:05 PM

Top Languages for app development

Are you aware of how often you use your phone throughout the day? Yes? According to various regular reports, it's more than 100 times per day. (At least, not for millennials.)The majority of us are less sassy). We're so addicted to our smartphones because of the sensational sensory experiences they offer throughout our lives. How do you explain this? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp (Do I need to log on?).

In essence, smartphones are a vital element in our lives. They are used to make connections, gather information, or have fun! While making smartphone apps is enjoyable, it requires some additional guidance, particularly when selecting the appropriate programming language. This article concerns the most popular programming languages needed to develop Android App Development (Android since I love this!). If you're looking to learn how to build your Android application and discover the cutting-edge in the field of app development, look no further.

We at PerfectionGeeks have created a unique Android Application Development course designed for novices. Self-paced This course will assist beginners to achieve their objective of creating Android applications by using the Java programming language.

Which language should you choose?

Even though Kotlin is Android's primary language, many other languages could be used in Android app development. More information about them is provided below to assist you in making an informed choice.


Java was initially the primary language used for Android App Development (but now it's substituted by Kotlin), and, consequently, it's the most popular language. A lot of apps on the Play Store are built with Java, which is the language that is supported most by Google. Additionally, Java has a great online community of support for users for any issues (and I guarantee you that there will be issues! ).

But, Java is a complicated language to learn to master, as it has topics such as constructors, null pointer exceptions, checked exceptions, and so on. Additionally, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) takes the complexity up to a whole new level!

Overall, Java is an excellent language for experiencing the full delights of Android app development. But, it can be a bit complicated for novices who want to begin with something less complicated before moving on to something more complex.


Today, Kotlin is the official language for Android App Development skills, declared by Google in the year 2019. Kotlin is an open-source programming language that can be utilized instead of Java to support Android app development. Kotlin was launched as a third "official" Java language in 2017. Kotlin is compatible with Java and is based on Java's Java Virtual Machine.

The only significant change is that Kotlin has eliminated the redundant features of Java, like Null Pointer Exceptions. Additionally, it removes the requirement of ending each line with a semicolon. The bottom line is that Kotlin can be a lot easier for novices to learn. It is simpler than Java and can be used as an "entry point" into Android app development.


C++ can be employed to develop Android apps using the Android Native Development Kit(NDK). This allows the use of C++ code libraries to build the app. The app can't be developed entirely with C++ and the NDK is used to make portions of the app using C++ native code.

Although C++ is helpful in Android App Development in some instances, it's much more challenging to configure and less adaptable. It could also result in more bugs due to the greater complexity. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize Java compared to C++ as it doesn't provide enough benefit to compensate for the time and effort.


C# is a lot like Java and is an excellent choice for Android app development. Similar to Java, C# can also implement garbage collection, which means there is less chance for memory leaks. Furthermore, C# also has a simpler and more elegant syntax than Java, making programming using it much more manageable.


Although Android does not provide native Python development, Python is an excellent tool for Android app development. This is done with different tools that convert Python applications to Android packages that can run on Android devices.

One example is Kivy, an open-source Python library for creating mobile applications. It works with Android and encourages the speedy creation of apps (which can be a win-win, in my opinion!). But, the disadvantage is that there will not be any benefits native to Kivy since it's not natively available.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Android apps can be developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the Adobe PhoneGap framework that Apache Cordova powers. The PhoneGap framework permits using web-based development techniques to create hybrid applications that display via "WebView." However, they are packaged as an app.

Although the Adobe PhoneGap framework is enough to perform basic tasks in the world of Android App Development, it doesn't require much programming, except for JavaScript. And since it needs a lot of work to create a decent app, it is better to use the other languages in this list if you want to be called an actual Android developer(Yes...That's a thing!). If you're comfortable working with Java and JavaScript, you could master React Native, an open-source framework that is becoming extremely popular. It is possible to create beautiful and efficient hybrid applications using React Native—your app will run on Android and iOS. Hybrid apps are becoming more and more popular, so understanding React-Native is a great way to make your mark in the field of software development. You can contact us as we are the best software development company.


Dismissing Dart as a programming language within the present situation is like not paying attention to the elephant on the other side of the table (because that elephant's name is Java). Dart is an open-source language that is the basis of the Flutter framework.


It's time to set out and beat Android now!!

Numerous applications like Chat Messenger, music players, games, calculators, etc. can be made with the mentioned languages. There is no such thing as a "correct language" for Android app development. Contact us for more information related to top languages. It is up to you to make the right decision based on your needs and goals for each project. Always remember that, regardless of your desire, it will only increase your skills and lead to your development to become an Android developer.

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