5 Ways to Simplify eCommerce Delivery

5 Tips & Tricks to Simplify your E-commerce Delivery

September 09, 2022 12:15 PM

Ecommerce Delivery

A fast and efficient delivery system is essential for any e-commerce company due to the increasing number of internet-savvy consumers. Statista reports that India will enter 2022 with 932 million internet users. These tech-savvy consumers have updated, real-time trackers on smartphones and higher expectations than ever.

Due to the increasing competition in this sector, new terminology is quickly entering its vocabulary. The latest additions to the e-commerce vocabulary are express delivery and same-day shipping. This means that customers now expect faster delivery and want it within 24 hours of placing an order.

Speed of E-commerce Delivery is another critical differentiator that will give your business an advantage over other businesses.

Because all companies offer competitive prices, seamless deliveries are even more critical. Customers no longer choose a company based on its price points or offers. Instead, the difference is in the customer's shopping experience with the business (product journey from the order through delivery) and how she was treated in the event of cancellation or return.

A PWC study found that 32% of consumers will leave a brand they like after one bad experience. So how can you make your e-commerce company more competitive in today's fast-paced and competitive marketplace?

What does eCommerce mean by shipping and fulfillment?

Order fulfillment and shipping via eCommerce is a great way to get your customers' orders in their hands. Reasonable shipping makes the difference between satisfied customers and customers who will never buy from you again. Unfortunately, 53% of customers won't place orders if they aren't clear on their shipping details.

Shipping and fulfillment systems are complex from beginning to end. Each step must be optimized. These steps include:

  • It is essential to receive and store inventory in a rational way
  • To save time and money when placing an order, make sure you check the stock quality before it's put away
  • Calculating the shipping cost at checkout
  • The location of the customer and the order will determine the carrier that is right for them.
  • Quick pick-up and packing
  • Shipments to the customer

Refunds and returns without affecting customer relationships.

This takes energy and time. You need to make everything as easy as possible to process orders quickly. These are the five steps to help you find out.

1. Invest in a logistics service provider

Find a logistics company that can meet your supply chain requirements while maintaining the E-Commerce Delivery Experience standards set by your company.

PerfectionGeeks, a tech-enabled and all-in-one shipping platform for e-commerce companies, is available. It offers services from multiple courier companies and helps businesses scale quickly by streamlining shipping, order fulfillment, and shipping. In addition, it allows businesses to manage multiple carriers from one dashboard, allowing them to experience hassle-free and affordable shipping.

2. Expand to multiple storage places

Multiple storage points (warehouses and fulfillment centers) are essential for same-day shipping. This is a necessary requirement as e-commerce has rapidly grown its user base. For example, IAMAI predicts that more internet users will live in rural India by 2025 than those in urban areas.

Shipping to remote areas will help you expand your reach and take advantage of the high penetration of internet users in your country.

3. Offer personalized delivery options

Customers should be able to select the delivery date that suits them best. Many consumers will pay an extra price for before shipping. They should be able to choose the E-commerce deliveries date that suits them best.

4. Choose shipping options per your business

Establishing a shipping strategy for your business from the beginning of your business is essential. This is especially true if competitors constantly try to steal your attention with free shipping stickers.

Shipping costs can be prohibitive, and you should not limit your options to reduce customer drop-offs. These are just two of the other rates you should consider.

Flat rate shipping: Flat rate shipping does not consider the package's weight. This will help you save money if you send heavy items. However, this might not work if your products are small or constantly changing in size.

Variable-rate shipping (Variable-rate shipping): Shipping costs can be calculated using three factors: weight, order total (cost before shipping, taxes, and discounts), as well as a flat rate. Multiple shipping options can be made with variable rates.

You might be surprised at the number of shipping options available to you.

5. Select the proper packaging

Packaging can play an essential role in reducing delivery times and costs. However, your needs will dictate the requirements.

The packaging design matters if you're an e-commerce company that sells B2C products. Customers like personalized deliveries and a personal touch.

For B2B companies, sturdy and robust packaging is crucial. The size and weight of the package can also be affected by its material.

Both cases can be simplified by deciding on a budget. This will allow you to offer smoother delivery experiences to your customers.

Statista predicts that the e-commerce market will reach 73 billion U.S. Dollars by 2022. These suggestions will assist in optimizing your delivery process and keeping your e-commerce company ahead of the curve in the next year.


Consumer expectations are rising in an e-commerce world with a steady increase in e-commerce deliveries. As a result, businesses must focus on the details of the delivery process if they are to be successful in this highly competitive market.

E-commerce companies can offer customers greater insight and visibility into their purchases using an Operations Experience Management platform by PerfectionGeeks, the E-commerce app development company. This allows them to create an engaging customer experience with proactive communication and brand touchpoints. In addition, our powerful post-sales data analytics will allow you to maximize all opportunities for sustainable, scalable growth. Check out our customer success stories or book a demo to learn more.

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