Ubuntu Linux server and Windows Server both are well known, most preferred and majorly used operating systems especially in the business premises, that can be utilized to control singular machines or business server. Ubuntu Linux is an open-source operating systems famous with organizations of all sizes because of its lightweight and high adaptability. While Windows operating system is generally popular within the medium-sized organizations because of its simplicity of usage with conditions that utilize Windows applications, for example, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. windows vs ubuntu-os services in india PerfectionGeeks

Most Common Features and Differences

Ubuntu Linux and Windows Server both delivers fundamental features for operating, such as, GUI and supportive environment to peripherals, they likewise have some exceptional features that set them apart from one another.

Working under an open-source environment is the biggest advantage of Ubuntu, which means it's source code is available for users to access for free and is allows the native developer's community to work on. For organizations, Ubuntu Linux can be liberated up for cost-free and modified to address the issues of the association given an experienced team of developers. Moreover, Ubuntu Linux has underlying mixes with many open source programming choices. In conclusion, Ubuntu Linux is a lightweight working framework, requiring fewer assets than different arrangements.

While on the other side, Windows Server permits organizations to set up a server that runs merely on Microsoft oriented programming stages like Microsoft SQL without utilizing an emulator. Similarity with Microsoft technologies makes it simple for organizations utilizing Microsoft advances to execute Windows Server. Contrasted with open-source arrangements that regularly require order line scripting for an arrangement or extra features like remote working desktop, Windows Server is the finest server setup to deliver complete services in an outstanding manner.


Ubuntu Linux server and Windows Server are both are multi-features integrated operating system, yet they additionally have a few restrictions that are critical to consider.

Ubuntu Linux offers high adaptability and possibly free usage, still somehow provides a little bit troublesome execution process as a comparison to the Windows Server and requires skilled developers to work on. For organizations searching for a total and outstanding server solution, they can move with the other operating system. Furthermore, while Ubuntu Linux incorporates consistently with many open source technologies, it requires a Windows emulator to use software systems like Microsoft SQL.

Windows Server incorporates well with Microsoft oriented system, but for organizations utilizing other operating systems, an alternate operating system might be simpler to execute. Organizations that aren't utilizing fundamentally Microsoft Software may incline toward the adaptability of other working frameworks.


Ubuntu server provides an open-source working, hence its source code is accessible for no charge for organizations of every level that can implement it easily without taking ant proficient help. Usage and support can be bought from sellers, with costs fluctuating relying upon the merchant and the features requirements of the business.

While just opposite to Ubuntu, Windows Server offers three estimating bundles: basics, standard, and Datacentre with actual costing which is merely relying upon the particular requirements of the business.

Here is everything about Ubuntu Linux Operating System

ubuntu linux server services in UK perfectionGeeks

Ubuntu Linux is primarily revolved around the Linux portion. Since about 2 decades back the Ubuntu Linux developed Linus Torvalds in the year 1991. The primary capacity of Linux OS is to manage software assets and its productions.

Fundamental features

  1. It comes with multi-client ability support.

  2. One of the primary highlights of Ubuntu Linux is its portability.

  3. It has the capacity to deal with numerous examples and projects at a solitary point as expected. These performing multiple tasks include another layer of significance from the end-client point of view.

  4. It gives amazing native support to the end-client and furthermore towards its support and new executed adaptations.

  5. It gives 3 layers (Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption) security system approach.

Beneficial facts of Ubuntu Operating System

  1. Ubuntu Linux is incredibly asset effective in utilizing desktop system assets, especially when contrasted with my experience with any Windows item. Removing the loading and processing terms I generally experienced with Windows is enormous.

  2. The "open source" the universe is tremendously engaging, both due to excellent, free and compatible programming, as it permits a particular level of customization. Open-source frameworks and software implies no bloatware and no nosy projects springing up where you don't need them, and the opportunity to buy outside of a specific merchant.

  3. The nature of the Ubuntu operating system is really a is actually high quality. It works well, and, as compared to Windows, Ubuntu platform doesn't have the secondary passage security weaknesses Windows is continually attempting to fix.

The downing facts of Ubuntu Operating System

  1. Ubuntu did not believe to support as much software like the Windows OS people group. While it supports regular profitability programming, for example, Libre Office, numerous customer introduced games and applications won't run on Linux.

  2. Linux doesn't support all tools and peripherals. An inserted wifi connector that works in Windows may not work with Ubuntu.

Here is everything about Windows Operating System

windows operating system services in UK perfectionGeeks

Windows is a working framework planned by Microsoft. The operating system is the thing that permits you to utilize a PC. Windows comes preloaded on most new (PCs), which assists with making it the most famous operating system on the planet.

Windows makes it conceivable to finish a wide range of regular assignments on your PC. For instance, you can utilize Windows to peruse the Internet, browse your email, edit advanced photographs, tune in to music, mess around, and much more.

Basic features:

  1. Best supportive to all devices, though it's desktop or mobile.

  2. Switch between applications is exceptionally simple.

  3. Very little specialized information is needed to work windows.

  4. Windows OS is the predominant OS and appreciates over 90% of the Market share.

  5. Windows server platform have an extraordinary help and it likewise has the biggest number of utilizations

Productive facts of Windows Operating System

  1. Windows Server going about as a space regulator considers exhaustive services of PCs and workstations across an association, explicitly with regards to Active Directory and Group Policy.

  2. Active Directory all it to provide the complete management of clients inside any domain. Client gatherings can be made with various consents for different organization assets, and clients can be added to numerous various gatherings. Also, login contents can be made that are connected to every client granting for nuclear mapping of organization drives and printers (among different things) each time a client signs in. In that capacity, with the right login content, another client can log in unexpectedly and approach all the vital assets inside an association.

  3. Once a domain is finely created, adding PCs to it is much fast and simple. Any PC that is a piece of an area can be signed in by any domain client. Eliminating a PC from a domain, through Active Directory, quickly renounces all area clients capacity to login to that PC.

  4. Group Policy, an indispensable piece of Windows Server, is a tremendous and extensive device to push out settings to space PCs and clients. Settings can be anything from adding or eliminating mapped organization drives, adding or eliminating printers, turning on and off explicit Windows settings. Grouping Policy can be managed on both a PC basis and a client basis.

  5. Windows Server platform has underlying record sharing abilities permit it to be utilized as a powerful server. Authorizations for shared envelopes can be determined to a for each client premise or potentially through gathering enrollment. Utilizing progressed sharing feature, a document or envelope can be shared by means of numerous names with various consents for each shared name.

  6. Windows Server incorporates an incredible DNS worker that works related to the Domain Controller usefulness. The DNS worker underpins forward and turns around zones just as physically adding things into a DNS zone.

  7. Hyper-V is incorporated with the Windows server platform, delivering a powerful and first-party approach to make remote machines.

  8. Windows Server incorporates an inherent DHCP server that can be utilized instead of a standard organization switch.

  9. Windows server platform remembers a server for web worker facilitating usefulness through IIS (Internet Information Services)

Breaking disadvantages of Windows operating system

  1. Versioning plans could be more direct (IIS adaptations across OS renditions, MSSQL variants, and so on) and simpler to follow.

  2. Managing some security settings through the server vault is genuinely lumbering. Outsider applications and community made contents exist to facilitate these issues, but with the accentuation on security today, they ought to have their own control panel.

  3. Microsoft's experience homogenization between their desktop OS and server OS has added a ton of smoothness and graphical flair to the server OS that isn't actually required and feels like it disrupts everything.

Point to point comparison Ubuntu Operating System and Windows Operating System:

windows vs ubuntu services in UK perfectionGeeks
Main prospect

Ubuntu is actually an open-source server platform which is marvellously built and works around the Linux kernel. While Windows is a Microsoft developed product and hence its likewise a branded server operating server.


Ubuntu Operating System is a group of the form known as Linux distribution. While Windows is a set of operating systems introduces by Microsoft and the basic architecture is divided into user mode and kernel mode.


Being an open-source working platform, ubuntu is completely free of cost for all users, whereas, windows server platform as a user to purchase a plan in addition get access on all features.


As Ubuntu Linux server did not trust to provide full access to its clients thus with Ubuntu server platform, there is no risk of security violation, but being a user-friendly system Windows server platform can create an error. Thus, the selection of Ubuntu over windows is a more secure and better choice.


Ubuntu works under a huge community supportive environment while being a costly server, Windows has a great community and paid support. Although it is costly, they provide a larger range of community and paid support.


Ubuntu is not created on a familiar environment hence, its bit critical fr new users to work ok ubuntu operating system, while comparatively ubuntu, windows is more user friendly.

Entertainment perspective

For accessing the entertaining apps like gaming, streaming, etc, the Windows server platforms are providing a more favourable environment as compare to Ubuntu Linux.


The software can be modified hassle-freely with ubuntu, while with windows server it requires huge expertise and much efforts.

The result of Ubuntu server Vs. Windows Server

Well, making a careful overview of all facts, figures, advantages and disadvantages of both, ubuntu server platform and Windows server platform, the result is clear as Ubuntu is more userfriendly in all manners as though its about pricing, security, or everything else.

Reasons that make ubuntu more preferable than to windows

1. Free and Open Source

Ubuntu or GNU/Linux is a free and open-source server platform; you can see the source code used to make Linux. You can check the code to find bugs, investigate security weaknesses, or essentially study what that code is doing on your machine.

Also, you may effectively create and introduce your own projects into a Linux operating system due to various accessible software interfaces you need. With all the highlighted features, you can tailor a Ubuntu server platform at its most fundamental levels, to suit your server needs not at all like Windows.

2. Stability and Reliability

Buntu Linux is Unix-based operating system and Unix was initially intended to give an environment that is amazing, steady, dependable and simple to utilize. Linux server is broadly known for their stability and trustworthy quality, numerous Linux server on the Internet has been running for quite a long time without disappointment or in any event, being restarted.

The inquiry is the thing that really makes Ubuntu Linux server stable. There are numerous determinants which incorporate administration of system and projects' setups, measure the board, security usage among others.

In Linux, you can easily edit or update the software or program services record and impact the progressions without essentially rebooting the server, which is not even possible in the Windows server system. It likewise offers productive and dependable components of the process of the board. On the off chance that a process is carrying on strangely, you can impart it a suitable sign utilizing orders, for example, slaughter, pkill and killall, in this way managing any implication on the general performance structure of an operating system.

Linux is additionally secure, it profoundly confines impact from outside sources (clients, projects or frameworks) that can destabilize a server.

3. Security

Linux is, without doubt, the most secure kernel out there, making Linux based operating systems secure and suitable for servers. To be useful, a server needs to be able to accept requests for services from remote clients, and a server is always vulnerable by permitting some access to its ports.

However, Linux implements a variety of security mechanisms to secure files and services from attacks and abuses. You can secure services using programs such as a firewall (for example ip-tables), TCP wrappers (to allow and deny service access), and Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) which helps to limit the resources a service can access on a server.

SELinux ensures for instance that an HTTP server, FTP server, Samba server, or DNS server can access only a restricted set of files on the system as defined by file contexts and allow only a restricted set of features as defined by Booleans.

A number of Linux distributions such as Fedora, RHEL/CentOS, and a few others ship in with SELinux feature included and enabled by default. However, you can disable SELinux temporarily or permanently, if need be.

All in all, in Linux, before any system user/group or program access a resource or executes a file/program it must have the appropriate permissions, otherwise any unauthorized action is always blocked.

4. Flexibility

Linux is so amazing and adaptable. You can tune it to meet all your server needs, as it permits you to do anything you desire. You can introduce a GUI (graphical UI) or essentially work your server through a terminal as it were.

It offers many utilities/instruments (in-built tools) which you can look over to do such things as perform system open up and several other services, add clients, managed systems and circles, introduce programming, screen execution and by and large make sure about and deal with your server. It additionally empowers you to pick either to introduce binary files or build programs from source code.

Quite possibly the most remarkable standard projects present in Ubuntu Linux server is the shell, is a program that furnishes you with a predictable climate for running different projects in Linux; it encourages you to connect with the bit itself.

Critically, the Linux shell gives useful software builds that let you decide, execute orders consistently, make new capacities/utilities/tools, and robotized day by day server organization projects.

Essentially, Linux gives you supreme authority over a machine, assisting you with building and alter a server simply the manner as like you need.

5. Hardware Support

Linux has remarkable support for a blend of PC structure, on both current and respectably prior version hardware. This perhaps the main factors that improve Ubuntu Linux server than Windows, that is in the event that you have a low budget plan for hardware procurement.

Linux generally supports old hardware, for instance, the Slackware Linux site is facilitated on Pentium III, 600 MHz, with 512 megabytes of RAM. You can discover the rundown of support equipment and related requirements for a particular conveyance from their official sites.

6. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Maintenance

The complete expense of claiming and keeping a Linux server is lower contrasted with a Windows server, regarding permitting charges, software/hardware buying and maintenance costs, the system supports services and desired cost.

Except if you are running an exclusive Linux dispersion, for example, RHEL or SUSE server Linux which require membership, for you to get excellent help and services, you will experience reasonable expenses while running a Linux server.

Which hosting is best for WordPress: Linux or Windows?

windows vs ubuntu op services in UK perfectionGeeks

WordPress is bit older but still ruling the web development industry, hence when things come to buy the hosting for a WordPress site, then the users feels stuck again as Ubuntu Linux server or Windows server which OS platform provides the best hosting for a WordPress website? Well, With regards to WordPress development, Linux is the better choice. WordPress runs on PHP, which is a lot harder to design on Windows. The Microsoft Access information base isn't as powerful as MySQL, and it might slow down the speed of the website.

As there are no licensing costs related to Linux, you can find moderate and affordable hosting services without many efforts, Well managed WordPress hosting utilizes this OS. Additionally, most famous hosts will give an instinctive dashboard, making Linux simpler to use than it, in any case, would be.

Linux likewise profits by being an open-source stage. Like WordPress, numerous developers add to the system to guarantee it's stability and security.

Linux is adaptable enough for custom code and application development process. Nonetheless, in case you're wanting to set up the .NET structure or use applications like ColdFusion, ASP Classic, or Microsoft SQL Server, you should pick Windows services.


Linux has today become a strategic, productive and dependable server platform for business systems at any little, medium to large organizations. A bigger level of server driving the Internet run on a Linux-based operating system, and this has been credited to the above listed key facts.

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