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What Is GameFi and How Does It Work?

May 06, 2022 5:30 PM

How does GameFi work?

GameFi is a popular idea in the blockchain and gaming industries. Blockchain video games offer a better alternative to traditional video game players who have to pay to play online. Instead, they can get rewarded for their efforts.

This article explains what GameFi is, how it works, and what we can expect for the future.

What's GameFi?

GameFi can be described as a combination of decentralized finance (DeFi) and video games (Gaming). Blockchain technology is used to create this type of videogame. This technology allows players to be the only verified owners of virtual elements.

Traditional video games have a predominant model called " pay to win ". In which players pay to gain an advantage such as upgrading, reducing wait time, or purchasing a virtual object, GameFi introduces the "play to earn" model. This model sees players as the ones making money through their knowledge and time invested.

GameFi users must understand that winning in GameFi games requires more than luck. While the games that offer rewards may vary, in general, the reward strategy and skills.

How does GameFi work?

The game is the key to generating rewarding change, as we have already mentioned. The following are common characteristics of GameFi projects:

1. NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are digital assets that have been created with blockchain technology. NFTs, unlike fungible tokens and other digital assets, are unique, indivisible, and have an owner.

Users can also own avatars, animals, and houses. NFT is a representation of NFT. Users can then spend their money on digital assets, and later exchange them for cryptocurrency, generating additional profit.

2. DeFi - Decentralized Financial Institution

DeFi is an experimental type of finance that doesn't rely on banks or central financial intermediaries. Instead, it uses smart contracts built on blockchain.

Gambling is permitted in some GameFi projects. To earn interest, players can block certain tokens.

What are the requirements to play on GameFi?

Most games require you to follow these steps to play:

1. Make a wallet

Blockchain technology requires you to use a wallet to identify yourself.

You will need a different type of wallet depending on what game you are playing. A wallet compatible with Ethereum is required for the popular game Axie Infinity.

2. Add funds to your Wallet

To complete step 3, you'll need to add funds to your wallet. You will need to choose one or the other cryptocurrency depending on what game you are playing.

To play the Crypto blades game, users must download MetaMask and purchase Binance (BNB currency) to exchange it for SKILL, the game's native cryptocurrency.

3. To play, you can buy the digital assets necessary for basic gameplay

You can generate profits through your avatar in most GameFi games. You will need to purchase them before you can play. Axie Infinity, for example, requires that its players have at least three Axis in their pockets before they can start playing.

How is a game decentralized?

Except in some cases, traditional games operate in a completely centralized manner. The studio is responsible for designing, publishing, and updating the game.

In most GameFi Projects, the goal is to get the players involved in decision-making.

This is called DAO - Decentralized autonomous organization. The "governance token" is required to join a DAO. The player's power will be determined by the number of tokens they have.

How Does GameFi Work?

While we've covered the basics, there are still many details to be able to answer the question, "What is GameFi crypto, and how does it work?"

Play to earn Model

GameFi's core project is based on a play-to-earn model. This is completely different from the traditional pay-to-play model. This means that gamers must invest money before they can play. Traditional video games usually don't offer financial rewards. The gaming company owns all in-game assets. P2E players have complete control over their assets. They can also be used to make money.

Tangible Rewards for Virtual Achievements

You can receive your reward in many ways: cryptocurrencies, in-game assets, or weapons, land, avatars, and costumes. GameFi projects have different ways of building their game economies. The majority of in-game assets are NFTs, non-fungible tokens, on the blockchain. They are stored in personal wallets. Players can trade them on NFT markets. They may be required to convert the assets into NFT before they can make any transactions.

These assets can provide players with some benefits, which allows them to earn higher rewards. They can be used as visual decorations, but they do not affect gameplay or earnings.

Completing tasks, building monetized assets, or competing with others players can earn rewards. It is possible to earn income without ever playing the game, as we've already said.

However, GameFi projects may differ in the game design and model they use. The blockchain allows players to manage their in-game assets. However, this is not always true. Keep in mind, however, that not all GameFi projects can be started without initial investment in NFTs.

Benefits of GameFi

Now that we know what GameFi is, let's focus on its benefits. Some of these may be obvious from the sections before, but let us name them.

  • Gamers can monetize their work. Gamers can make money playing games using NFTs and blockchain technology. Blockchain-based games could also open up new job opportunities
  • Gamers are the owners of their digital assets. Virtual costumes, weapons, and characters have real value, but they also have identified owners. Blockchain technology offers reliable methods to prove ownership. Additionally, gamers can securely and easily trade their assets
  • Gaming becomes more user-centered. Gamers don't always feel the same way about gaming companies. They are accused of encouraging sexist culture and inducing users to pay for extra content. The GameFi apps should be governed by the users, who decide on fees and other issues.

These advantages for users are a major reason why GameFi is growing in popularity. It is an attractive niche for investors and game developers. This industry is gaining popularity quickly and more companies are turning to it. New gaming platforms are available to assist individuals and businesses in creating their games using DeFi functionality.

How do GameFi Companies make money?

Gamers can make a living by using GameFi apps, as we have seen. What about game developers? What's in it?

We have written a blog about how to make money using NFT. These are the best ways to monetize your dApp projects.

  • Crowdsale and token release. This is a popular revenue model and business model. Crowdsale can help you fund your project and give you tokens to back it. If the game is popular and people trade the coins, the prices of the tokens will rise. Token-holders (including game creators) make more.
  • Transaction fees. A source of revenue is also possible by charging users for certain transactions.
  • Premium. By purchasing digital currency access, you can give players the chance to upgrade their games.
  • Subscription. Subscriptions or membership elements can be used to make sure that a particular function is only available to a limited number of users.
  • Create virtual goods. You can make a generation 0 of certain in-game items, and then offer them to users as part of their collections. You can make them functional and unique. If they are attractive enough, users will be more inclined to spend their money on them.
  • Advertisements. Although it is not the most common method of monetizing blockchain, it can still be used for money generation.
  • Donations. This option is also possible, even though it's not always easy to predict the amount of income generated.

Games are Gateways to the Metaverse Lands

The integration of the idea of a broadly interoperable metaverse into the GameFi concept makes GameFi even more sophisticated.

NFT games are becoming more popular following the lead of Decentraland, the Sandbox, and Upland who pioneered the on-chain metaverse.

The gameplay of the Big Game is a space-themed cooperative RPG that uses the Binance Smart Chain. It revolves around the ownership of virtual gaming environment land plots called SPACEs. These land NFTs allow players to add space to their time machines and unlock new game features.

Ember Sword, an MMORPG, is also creating a game in which the game map can be divided into four types of land plots. These plots can be used to build refinement stations, houses, and exchanges that allow players to trade their game assets. 50% of net revenue from lands owned by landowners is paid to them.

My Neighbour, Alice also includes a play-to-earn model that rewards landowners in many ways. Landowners have the option to rent or grow crops on their land and then sell it to other players.

GameFi Guilds Strengthen the Ecosystem

GameFi projects collaborate with gaming guilds and hubs to expand their reach to gamers. These hubs offer millions of gamers scholarships to test and play the games.

There are two benefits to this. The first is that scholars provide feedback which helps to improve partnered games. These play-to-earn hubs have a positive impact on the lives of scholars, who are often from low-income countries.

These guilds can also invest in the NFT assets of partnered games. The Good Games Guild is one of the most popular. It allows NFT owners to rent out their NFTs for scholars around the globe. You can also stake GGG, the native token of the platform.

GuildFi allows you to stake points.

Avocado Guild is an organization that operates similarly. Avocado Guild also owns its token AVG, which was made available for public sale via the Copper Launchpad on 27 December 2021. Merit Circle, AAG ventures, and other guilds are also working to decentralize the game-to-earn gaming environment.

Build your own GameFi project together with PerfectionGeeks Technologies

GameFi has huge potential due to its unique benefits. These projects, which are based on Blockchain technology allow gamers to have their in-game assets. They can also trade or use them to generate passive income. They also give users a greater degree of control than traditional games. These games are becoming more popular, which means that creators make more money.

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